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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Freethinkers are those willing to use their minds without
prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash
with their own customs, privileges or beliefs. This state of mind
is not common, but it is essential for right thinking; where it is
absent discussion is apt to become worse than useless. – Leo Tolstoy

What can be said about almost all human beings is that they
do not demand answers to the deepest questions nor success
and goodness to the highest level. - Michael Armstrong



The pen is mightier than the sword. - Bulwer-Lytton
But the question to be asked, is it mighty enough?

The site attempts to deal with most of the important information and issues that confront us as human beings in the human condition. Consequently, there is a lot of material on this site, all of which except for a few fun items is adjudged to be important and worthwhile. Yet, almost all who begin to read the site will encounter ideas and statement that they either don't understand or with which they currently disagree. The obvious advice is to temporarily skip over such, because further reading will make these issues clear, and hopefully palatable.

The very first issue that CANNOT be overlooked is the matter of word definitions. Since many of the two dozen crucial words have drifted from the original or truer meaning, and now have vague, misguided, or inadequate definitions, this site has put an emphasis on fundamental definitions that are more consistent with the real issues. It is strongly suggested that the reader go through the definitions and see that many have the substance of relating to what matters, the sustenance and enhancement of life.

Naturally some of the material is of greater importance than some other, and of course this evaluation of importance would vary from person to person according to where they are and what their current needs may be. Here are the salient points to help keep things in perspective:

First and foremost the thinking on this site has been built upon what HAS TO BE PRIMARY, that which we KNOW directly, not some external agency, source or writings, but ourselves and what we intrinsically and legitimately need and desire. If it doesn't relate to these two facets of us, IT IS NOT AN ISSUE! This is the fundamental aspect of the site and its approach that is different, and this point cannot be overemphasized!

Also, the creator of this site has with the highest priority striven to make the thinking and material intellectually and spiritually responsible, i.e., by focusing on the relevant issues, letting sound philosophical and psychological principles and sound science educate, influence, and constrain the logic and reasoning that are reflected.

The material in this site is not being written or presented from a "neutral" position like that of an arbiter in a dispute or a chairman conducting a debate, but from one who has his own "skin in the game", from the perspective that we NEED there to be a God WORTHY of the term.

One persistent rationale for the site is that our thinking about God needs to be demystified, and for certain important aspects of clarity needs to be decoupled from the term "Creator".

Another major rationale for the site is that with modern communicational technology—radio, television, and now the internet with widespread access to both uploading and downloading websites and email—the total number of erroneously-based philosophical and religious ideas and variations is exploding in magnitude, and yet there is no corresponding return to the foundation, no increase in dealing with the real issues, and no increase in clarity.

Thus the site has had to become a challenge to ALL extant religious thinking and represents a "starting over." It takes a radically different approach from religious tradition to defining God, because God HITHERTO has been defined in terms of the following seven different aspects, with none nor all together being adequate:

1) Pre-ordinate, pre-existent, infinite, eternal terms. Infinite is meaningless outside of being a useful mental, mathematical construct like zero, and the other aspects may be necessary but except for eternal are not particularly relevant to the issues that we face in the human condition.

2) Power, control, and invulnerability. God CANNOT properly be defined by power and control because power is neither good nor evil but a neutral thing and can be used either appropriately or abused. Generally anything but self control is not good and any other kind of control of people is a bad thing without freely given consent, and especially if it is heavy handed or misapplied. Power and control need to be set aside initially in our approach to defining God.

3) Originator, creator and designer.  These are issues that pertain to a creator, but a creator is not necessarily a God. A creator can be either good or bad, or neutral and non-involved.

4) Parent, father and provider. Our experience in the "human condition" makes a mockery of our being in a wholesome parent-child relationship with God at this point. Anybody that lives in this world can readily attest that something is woefully amiss here!

5) Mystical, vague and indefinite terms. Are we are supposed to be impressed by ineffability? Of course, to use these kinds of terms is the very opposite of DEFINING God.

6) Smarmy, maudlin terms. Often it is simplistically said that "God is Love"! Those that define God this way usually think that settles everything, but they themselves overwhelmingly have not developed an adequate definition of love.

7) Terms of being transcendent, ordinate and superior. These may be aspects of an overlord, dictator, ruler, or boss, but Godhood is something other than what these describe.

Therefore, a God worthy of the term cannot reasonably be defined by anything other than by having the mature, ideal human character, purpose, and values.

Being a challenge to much previous thinking, this site proposes that the world's religions—including Christendom—are fundamentally MISGUIDED in the way that they think about, relate to, and treat the concept of God, and do so in contrast to the Revelation of God. This is foundational!

The site takes a radically different approach from religious tradition to LEARNING the truth about God, because hitherto God has been presented through mythologies encoded in what are considered to be sacred writings. Consequently there is a huge amount of ancient mythology material on the site showing the development of planet worship and myth-based concepts of God that so very severely affect even modern theology even in the most advanced forms of Christianity.

The site posits that we can only understand the Originator first of all by understanding ourselves, and his needs and desires BY SEEING AND UNDERSTANDING OUR OWN, and that furthermore, there is nothing about God that is mystical or that cannot be understood to the same degree that we can understand any other human being.

The site posits that the Revelation of God was purposed for this understanding, and is a clarification and confirmation of the above. For Christendom, Jesus is currently FRAMED as God but by the Old Testament Law and the Prophets, and this approach, although traditional, is NOT VALID. The proper FRAMING for the life and message of Jesus as a revelation of the Creator would have to be the "human condition" and the ULTIMATE ISSUES that affect us, and then letting knowledge of ancient culture and thinking educate us to lesser issues like exegesis and translation. Every piece of our picture needs to be examined critically from the ultimate perspective, the human internal reference point.

The site claims that this radical approach has not been taken before and yet is the ONLY proper one, and that WHEN taken will engender a FRESH UNDERSTANDING, a spiritual reawakening, and a different and proper understanding of "The Good News". This good news is FAR BETTER than what has been explicated by formal religion so far, and includes a great and desperately needed resolution of the human condition. Most importantly, one major premise is that we should NOT be waiting for God; God is waiting for us! Even though the world is seemingly at its darkest hour, the site proposes that these positive developments are now under way and are imminent in fruition.

Site Introduction articles  Most of the articles under this heading are foundational.

Definitions  Most of the relatively short items under this heading are crucial, because proper definitions are the foundation for valid understanding.

IFISEEKUS  These short articles linked in the heading lay out in general the sum total of what humans want and need to be completely satisfied.

For correcting egregious misunderstandings see: The Bible Canons, Christendom Analyzed, Christian Issues, What Went Wrong, Common "Hidden" Theological Assumptions, Molech's Tent, Confused Christian Terminology, The Twin Pillars of Christendom, Life Development Sequence on Earth, Human DevolutionIntroduction to the Gospel of John, The Gospel of John, The Fall of Man, Human Context, The Purpose of Life, Change, Religious Diversity and Instability, The Third Story, Perspective on the Non-Christian Jesus, Linguistics: Aspects of the Origin of Oral Language, The Importance of Catastrophism, Critical Issues, What is a prophet?, Source of Visions and Dreams, The Bicameral Brain-Mind Paradigm, Creation and Descent into Evil, Paradigm Philosophy, Thought Laws, The Problem for Modern Philosophy, The Nature of Fear, Foundation of Hypocrisy, Life Comes from Life, Pre-Existence and Self-Creation, The Sound Philosophical Foundation, Superstition versus Intellectual Responsibility, Emotional Impact of Disaster, Thoughts on the Ego Problem, Cosmology and Psychology, The Terror of Death, Ancient versus Modern Mindset, Sacrifice and Amnesia, Personal Integrity versus Authority, Self-Deception, The Trivialization of Good and Evil, Jesus' Teaching on Kingship of the Heavens, Promise of Life Verses, Jesus on Understanding God, Who is to Blame?, The Case for Unity, God's foreknowledge, Physicality is Necessary, Who WAS Jesus?

Suggested Article Reading Sequence

To access a list of all the articles, use the Site Section links in the left column, the article synopsis list in the header, or the Site Article Map in the footer below. If you want to approach the aspects by subject, use the Subject List in the header.



1. Neither the material nor ideas promulgated on this site has been delivered or revealed by any supernatural agency, supra-normal process nor supra-experience such as visitations, voices, dreams or visions.[*]

2. The site is not being promoted in any systematic way, but only by word-of-mouth networking and email to friends and colleagues, and the material is for those that have been exposed to it in this way or find it on their own.

3. Every single idea, concept or facet proposed on the site, outside of articles authored by others, has been vetted by extensive discussion with at least one other intellectually responsible person who understands it and agrees with it.

4. ALL of the material and conceptual content judged worthy for inclusion is deemed to be understandable, sensible, compatible and coherent with ALL of the other aspects of the proposed paradigm, and seems good TO and good FOR the author.

5. In order to fully appreciate the material on this site, a person must have already internalized authority, must have taken total personal responsibility for their own belief system, must have a thriving hunger for the truth, and must have made an unequivocal commitment to being intellectually responsible, that is to be honest, attentive, rational, logical and reasonable.

6. The site is not promoting, nor is it associated with any grand theory of intrinsically evil, world dominating conspiracy, such as by Satanists, Zionists, Bilderbergers, Khazairian Mafia, Rothschilds, Masons, Federal or national banks, etc.

7.  The "tone" of this site may seem negative at times, but that is deemed inevitable when objecting to widespread, systemic and fatal error. The overall message of the site couldn't be more positive.

8.  Throughout the site, the Term "God" is usually meant to imply a being that is ultimately ideal for us as human beings.

[*] Why is it important to lead off with such a statement of denial? Because, not only is it true, but to claim otherwise is tantamount to being discrediting.


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