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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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“One of the most ordinary weaknesses of the human intellect is to seek to reconcile contrary principles, and to purchase peace at the expense of logic. Thus there have ever been, and will ever be, men who, after having submitted some portion of their religious belief to the principle of authority, will seek to exempt several other parts of their faith from its influence, and to keep their minds floating at random between liberty and obedience.” - Hugh Hewitt

The IFISEEU Major Issues & Premises
Approximately 16 dozen Spiritual, Societal, Cosmological, and  Geo-physical
Updated: 07/09/2021

Note: Of the approximately 210 issue/premise titles below those that are in RED (14) are the ones that have NOT been addressed.  181 have and are marked (CJSM)

Foundational Premises - 18 of 208

General Premise New Paradigm Needed
Spiritual Access Proper Starting Point
Ordinate Spiritual Reality Ultimate Value Lies In Individuals
Word Definitions Focus for Belief
Global Confusion Defeatism
Truth Setting Us Free Internal Reference Point
Understanding Before Belief Worship Definition
Fear versus Worship Three Salvation modes
Purpose of IFISEEU Site Life Comes from Life

Theological Premises - 30

"God" Definition Self Continuity
FRAMING Yeshua Good News
Human Creator Cosmic Families
God the Father Paradim Sin Definition
Unity Salvation Believer Safety
Yeshua Not Messiah God Not Involved
Limited Foreknowledge Mission Failure
Empowerment Linked to Family Unity Limited Awareness
Forgiving and Forgetting The Unpardonable Sin
No Devil or Demons Guilt Is Unproductive
Martyrdom Is Wrong Miracle Categories
Judgment by God Punishment by God
Physicality Is Required Sanctification and Justification
Nature of the Holy Spirit No Obedience to God
Original Sin as Failure Yeshua Is Originator

Christendom Premises - 6

Disciple Unbelief Disciples Not Apostles
Not Following Instructions Early Christianity
No 2nd Advent Mission Failure

Bible/Canon Premises - 7

Old Testament Allegory TWO Eyewitness Accounts
Synoptic Gospels Extra-Canonical Accounts
Canon Development Bible Flunks Archaeology
English Translations Deeply Flawed  

Doctrinal Premises - 19 - 80

Baptism Not Ordained

Abortion Is Not Murder
Blessings Not of God Old "God" Is Dead
What Idolatry Is The "Lord's" Work
Twin Pillars of Christendom Not Weeping for Lazarus
What Went Wrong Why Not Christian
Prayer Fasting
God Does NOT Test Us No Eternal Damnation
Self-defense Rejection of Multiple Reincarnation
Unity Increases Perspective Comparative Method vs Science Myth
Originator Not the Author of Evil  

Philosophical Premises - 16

5 Knowledge Types Transaction Types
Axiomatic Metaphysics Time and Space Nature
What Is Love? Intellectual Responsibility
Volition Levels Belief versus Knowledge
Ethics versus Morality Freedom Versus Liberty
Reductionism Is Counterproductive Superstition Is Irresponsible
Believe the Best Diligence Purpose of Life Is Morale
Latitude versus Freedom/Liberty Rationality, Logic & Reason

Psychological Premises - 13

Sexual Categories Psychological Profiles
Mystical Experience Catastrophic Psychological Breakdown
Racial Amnesia/Denial Relentlessly Indifferent Reality
Ego Healing Human Sexuality Is Pronounced
Romance/Sex to Be Maximized Paranormal Experience Explicable
Hedonism versus Pleasure Seeking Addiction Issues
Internal Authority Spiritual Maturity  

Sociological Premises - 4

Scientism Replacing Religion Culturally Transcendent Values
Organization Value from Serving Leadership is Temporary Service

Belief Premises - 8

Existing Religious Paradigms Flawed Existing Systems Hoping & Coping
We NOT Design Ourselves/Reality Truth Above Intensity in Belief
Self Faith Precedes External Faith Truth Only Induced/Inspired
Belief System NOT an Option Organization/Structure Add Meaning

Miscellaneous Premises - 9

Meditation versus Critical Thinking Mammoths Frozen by Column Collapse
Catastrophism is Crucial Truth Discussion is Crucial
Good Philosophy is Crucial Renaissance Offered False Hope
Questions Better Than Answers Parables Hide Not Bury Truth
Translating Ancient Lit Problematical  

Paradigm Premises - 4-  137

Ground of Creativity Bicameral Brain/Mind
Holographic Universe Creation and the Fall

IFISEEU Group Premises - 4

Building a Cult? Building a Creed?
Building an Ecclesia Transfer of Responsibility

Catastrophism/Saturnian Reconstruction Premises - 21

Global Saturn Worship Early Saturn System
Saturn as Ancient Sun Edenic Golden Age
Birth of Venus Era of One Season
Saturn System Capture Polar Configuration
Polar Columns Saturn as Night Sun
Saturn as Basis for Sabbath Saturn Foundation for Religions
Saturn as Genesis 2nd Light Mars Align Catastrophes
Ancient Global Catastrophe Polar Alignment Breakup
Column Collapse New Solar Orbits
Orbital Flyby Catastrophes Orbital Circularization
Original Stupa Upside-down Model  

Cosmological Premises - 18

The Electric Universe Electric Stars
Growing Universe Galactic Birth
Electric Galactic Dynamics Galactic Axial Rotation
Electric Birkland Currents Electric Comets
Aether Composed of Neutrinos Planet-Star Birthing
Nature of Force Fields Redshift Not Equal to Distance
Energy is Matter In Motion No Dark Matter or Energy
Universe composed of 99% Plasma Relativity-Flawed Frame of Reference
No Religious Big Bang Automated Method for Universe Growth

Geophysical Premises - 10 - 190

Electric Geo-Dynamics Electric Discharge Scarring
Electric Weather Dynamics Electric Climate Dynamics
Electric Volcanoes Electric Earthquakes
Electric Comet Disasters Electric Meteors/Bolides
Gorges and Canyons River Channels

Chronological Premises - 6

Shorter BCE Chronology Shorter CE Chronology
Time in Ages The Ages of the Past
The Next Age Retrocalculation Fatally Flawed

Language Premises - 6

Original Telepathy Telepathic Breakdown
Oral Language Development Planet Based Word Origins
Language Not Precede Alignment "Night" Relates to "No Eight"

Alphabet/Script Premises - 2

Plasma Form Alphabets/Punctuation Plasma Form Based Hieroglyphics

Life Science Premises - 4

Human Creation Life development Sequence
Gravity Increase Dinosaur Extinction

2021-07-09  Tally of  (CJSM) - 181

Foundational Premises

General Premise - (CJSM)
The general premise of the site is that the world's religious thinking and belief is mired in an ancient yet FALSE and inadequate PARADIGM developed by people traumatized by global catastrophe. Thus in this foundational paradigm the principal assumptions–including those of Christendom–have missed dealing with some of the most important issues, have inculcated various amounts–sometimes vast amounts–of mythological material from these psychologically disturbed ancient authors of myth, and have simply failed to address adequately and therefore overcome the human condition. See: Human Context, Human Consensus

New Paradigm Needed - (CJSM)
The words "new paradigm" have been bandied about so much that they are now trite, having lost most of their impact. But there is no good substitute, for what is needed IS a DIFFERENT paradigm of God. It will not work to remodel the old paradigm, which is what has been happening for the last 1300 years, because it needs to be decommissioned and swept away!
     It is impossible to understand the history of the earth and humans without organizing the information into the proper paradigm. The current paradigms cannot handle and clarify our reality, and what we have is an unintelligible jumble. See: Paradigm Integration Gospel Paradigm

Direct Spiritual Access - (CJSM)
Another key premise is that since we have direct access to inner spiritual truth, for the intellectually responsible people the spiritual issues are actually EASIER to sort out than the scientific ones! AND doing so promises to deliver ever so much more benefit to the human race. See: Self as Starting Point, The Sound Philosophical Foundation

Proper Starting Point - (CJSM)
In an age when "muscular atheism" is pitted against "muscular religion" in hundreds of books, thousands of articles and lectures, what is needed is a more proper starting point. What is the MOST unusual and profound aspect of this site IS this different starting point, which is our own legitimate needs and desires. As the philosopher Schopenhauer said, "A human may very well do what he wants, but cannot will what he wants"
    First and foremost we should build upon what HAS TO BE PRIMARY, that which we KNOW directly; not upon "spiritual" material from some external agency, source or writings, but from what is meaningful to ourselves, what we intrinsically and legitimately need and desire. We did NOT design these aspects of ourselves, and they are not in controversy. Therefore, if the subject doesn't relate to these two facets of ourselves, it is NOT an important issue! This is the fundamental aspect of the site's approach that is different, and this point cannot be overemphasized! See: Self as Starting Point

Ordinate Spiritual Reality
Since every belief system must start with something, for this issue there are ONLY these 3 options: 1) Physical material is primary, existed first and the spiritual realities arose through a series of "happy accidents" as adjuncts and/or emergent properties of material structure, or 2) Physical material and the spiritual realities (intelligence, will, attitude, etc.) are somehow inseparable and both coexisted as "ordinate", or 3) Intelligence, will and spirit existed first in a creator who designed and created (projected?) the physical material universe. See:  Ground of being

Word Definitions - (CJSM)
A primary issue that CANNOT be overlooked is the matter of word definitions. Key word definitions are crucial. Words and phrases are the lenses and windows that we SEE through, not only in our own thinking and understanding, but also in expressing to others what we intend, and in receiving what they mean. When this channel of communication of meaning is inadequate, diverted or darkened because of opaque, distorted, foggy word definitions, we all lose part of the very essence of living in ALL areas: intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially, etc. Corruption of words and language is corruption of society in a primary way. Few realize that George Orwell's nightmare, in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, is the idea behind “doublethink” or "Newspeak", i.e., to alter the nature of language. See: Key Term Definitions

Focus for Belief - (CJSM)
Question of focus: An easy issue to decide but often not thought about directly is whether spiritually it is more important to focus on WHAT to believe rather than on intensity of belief. The Truth is apprehended by the mind, and then affirmed by the heart. The written word cannot approach you, smile, and look you in the eye while conveying a sense of goodwill and respect. An article cannot exude a desire for fellowship, commonality, and greater bonding unity. Its pathway cannot address any of the senses except the eyes that channel information from the text to the mind. While this can be a disadvantage, it can be a very good thing in that it cuts out all the other sensory avenues that can influence the emotions to divert and swing the mind to go in a false direction. See: Faith and Belief,

Global Confusion --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
Through increased population and communicational technology, the total number of unworthy philosophical and religious ideas and variations is exploding in magnitude, and yet there is no corresponding return to the foundation, no increase in dealing with the real issues, and no increase in clarity. Along with the other religions, Christendom is hopelessly infused–contaminated if you will–with ancient mythology and "traditional" thinking, structures, ceremonies, idolatry etc., that have nothing to do with the real God or the real issues. See:

Defeatism --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
There is a false global psychological conclusion, buttressed by our experience, that has captured or captivated the human race; that we cannot have the full package of our intrinsic and legitimate needs and desires fulfilled. This is the message that comes from nature, history and our experience, and it is stolidly BELIEVED! See:

Truth Setting Us Free - (CJSM)
Few would be willing to say that anything else will set us free. The J-person not only said that it would set us free, but emphasized it by saying, "You will be free indeed! See: Freedom versus Liberty,

Internal Reference Point - (CJSM)
Our internal reference point is our idealism, the spark of God within us. Ultimately, reality and this idealism must be in perfect harmony for us to have peace and happiness. See: What to Do. Value of Idealism

Understanding Before Belief - (CJSM)
The site posits that we can only understand the Originator first of all by understanding ourselves, and his needs and desires BY SEEING AND UNDERSTANDING OUR OWN, and that furthermore, there is nothing about God that is mystical or that cannot be understood to the same degree that we can understand any other human being. A foundational premise is that this "understanding" ALWAYS precedes belief in the truth! A corollary is that it always precedes appropriate love and respect. See: Using the Internal Reference Point, The Value of Idealism

Worship Definition - (CJSM)
Life is what we have, what we want to retain; It's all about life. Therefore the true and proper definition of worship is to give credit for the sustenance and enhancement of life. Services, rites, ceremonies, liturgy, etc. are NOT worship, which takes place internally.
     Fear is the giving of credit for the lessening or reduction of the sustenance and enhancement of life, and is thus the opposite of Worship. See: Worship Definition

Three Salvation modes - (CJSM)
There are three ways that salvation can be effected: 1) Someone can save you directly with a "hands on" approach, or, 2) they can save you indirectly by giving you instructions or directions on how to save yourself, or, 3) some combination of these two. What part of God is NOT doing the first mode do we not get, and what part of we should be understanding the third way do we not get?

Purpose of IFISEEU Site
The purpose is to display the paradigm that Yeshua gave to us, and to revisit every important issue within its context, and to provide a basis for an ecclesia. See: Home Page

Life Comes from Life - (CJSM)
I cannot conceive this to not be true.  See: Life Comes from Life

Ultimate Value Lies In Individuals - (CJSM)
Does ultimate worth and value lie in the individual, or does it lie in something else, such as in organizations, institutions, sets of codes, physical and ethical laws, etc.?  Should individuals primarily serve the cosmos, the organization or the agencies, OR should these entities primarily serve individuals? Do organizations derive their value from serving individuals or do individuals derive their value from serving organizations?
     If the ultimate value does not lie in the individual, then is there a foundation for value in anything else?  How can an organization or any other structure–physical or spiritual–have any value outside of serving to sustain and enhance the lives of individuals? See : Where does ultinate value lie?

Theological Premises

Fear versus Worship - (CJSM)
Fear is the OPPOSITE of worship, in that it is granting that some agency or development may terminate or interfere with the sustenance and/more importantly the enhancement of life., because there is no point in living without enhancement and ultimately enchantment. See:  The Nature of Fear

"God" Definition - (CJSM)
The world's religions–including Christendom–are fundamentally MISGUIDED in the way that they think about, relate to, and treat the concept of God, and do so in contrast to the posited Revelation of God. The concept of "God" must be decoupled from that of a "Creator" because a "Creator" does NOT have to be good or loving, a creator can be only concerned with creating without being concerned about the sustenance and enhancement of life. A "God" worthy of the term may only be reasonably defined by having the mature, ideal human character, purpose, and values, and totally care about the quality of life. Ancient concepts of God were NOT based on this but rather on planet characteristics and behavior, resulting in false worship mythology. See: What Is a God?

Self Continuity - (CJSM)
To speak of having past lives is a fundamental negation of self identity and self worth. If I had a past life with a different name, family, personality, memory, gender, characteristics, etc., it wouldn't be ME, and likewise, any future life with such differences wouldn't be ME either. "I" am here NOW, with infinite and eternal value! The real "ME" MUST have seamless continuity. Even if this continuity is broken by death, in any "resurrection" or "reincarnation" it must be picked up exactly where it left off! All such spiritual paradigms that fail this criterion violate this fundamental principle of continuity and are spiritual rubbish!
It is necessary for the continuity of personal identity so that each person can be assured that they have not arbitrarily been altered in ANY way outside of their consent! Each resurrected human needs to be in personal charge of whatever changes that are made to them. Once resurrected exactly as they were, only then can they be rejuvenated, healed and remodeled up to THEIR OWN specifications, which will of course include gender and body features. See: Continuity of persona sovereignty

The site posits that the Revelation of God was purposed for this understanding, and is a clarification and confirmation of the above. However, for Christendom, Yeshua is currently FRAMED as God by the Old Testament Law and the Prophets, and this approach, although traditional, is NOT VALID. The proper FRAMING for the life and message of Yeshua as a revelation of the Creator would have to surpass and be uncontaminated by ancient mythology. This framing must be the "human condition" pursuant to the ULTIMATE ISSUES that affect us, and ONLY THEN letting knowledge of ancient culture and thinking educate us to lesser issues like exegesis and translation of the Gospels. See: Getting the FRAMING right

Good News- (CJSM)
This good news is FAR BETTER than what has been explicated by formal religion so far, and includes a great and desperately needed resolution of the human condition that must be imminent. Most importantly, one major premise is that we should NOT be waiting for God; because God is waiting for us! The resolution must be imminent. See: Gospel Criteria, Promise of Life verses,

Human Creator - (CJSM)
The original Creator that alone began the creation of the cosmos was, is, and always will be totally and only human. There is no higher life form such as demons or angels, which are only human messengers. Even in both the Old Testament and the New, angels are referred to as men. All humans are children of God and were meant to have personal sovereignty and be co-equals with the original. All were meant to share in the creation process, though some are are now fallen and less than fully human. See: Paradigm Nature of Yeshua, Children of God

Cosmic Families - (CJSM)
The corpus of humans in the universe are organized into families with familial sovereignty. Just as in our societies, one family and its members have no right to meddle in the affairs of other families. This reality puts severe restraints upon the unfallen, the Father, and what this agency can do.
     Even though neither the Gospel writers nor Yeshua said anything about cosmic families, he did say "Other sheep do I have". We have enough evidence from our own corporate structure to believe this important premise. See: The Awareness of "God"

God the Father Paradigm - (CJM)
The premise is that the Originator turned over the management of the universe to his children, When some of the children embraced a wrong, negative concept of the Creator and infected a whole family with Sin, they separated themselves from the larger family community and set out to install a perverse set of values and way of life in their domain. They ultimately created a system of predatory competition, and became so fallen that there was no hope that they would turn around and repent on their own of their false and mean concepts. The time came when the originator volunteered to come to earth with a saving mission. In order to be born a human on earth, he had to stop existing as his self at that point. The united unfallen humans of the universe miraculously caused Mary to become pregnant with a son, and that is why Yeshua referred to this agency as the Father or My Father. See: God the Father, Children of God

Sin Definition - (CJSM)
The word usually used by Yeshua translated as "sin" means as a verb to miss the mark, and as a noun it refers to the distance of the miss. Yeshua made it very clear that he was referring to missing the mark in terms of concept of God, and NOT to behavior or transgression of any law. See: Paradigm of Sin, Fasting and Praying Bring Sin, Original Sin as Failure

Unity Salvation - (CJSM)
Real, effective unity requires unity of purpose, values, and of our paradigm or our framework for our understanding of reality. This is unity on the belief level, just what J called for. Effective unity of purpose, values and paradigm is ESSENTIAL for peace and goodwill to flourish in human affairs and to engender great societies. BUT all this efficacy is ENTIRELY predicated upon unity in the TRUTH! Living freely, happily and flourishing forever in eternity would be impossible without this level of unity. See: Salvation through unity, Power in unity

Believer Safety - (CJSM)
It makes no sense, if literal salvation of the world comes through the unity of believers, and that starts happening through the development of a "seed crystal" of intellectually responsible believers, that those believing and following the directions to come into unity should die, be incapacitated, or be wiped out in any way. The pre-empowerment truth believers should be protected by the unfallen agency called God the Father. This is the MINIMAL amount of involvement by God that it is most reasonable to expect.

Yeshua Not Messiah - (CJSM)
The best place to start is to look at the very term itself. The underlying thinking and the term "Christ" are simply the wrong construct and word to apply to the J-person, yet this concept of a Christ is built right into the word Christian! The term is tactually the Greek word that stands in for the Hebrew "Messiah".
     Central to the idea of a Messiah is that such a person is a powerful sovereign raised up by God and destined to rule first over the Israelite people and then the wider world. Granted that a Messiah does great things, restoring law and order, reclaiming the geographical territory of Israel, rebuilding the society, reestablishing the hierarchy, etc., these are accomplished through the use of pressure and force, and the direction of regnal power instead of through inspiration and freedom. Messiahs and democracies are actually antithetical to each other. See: Why I am not a Christian

God Not Involved - (CJSM)
Given that our human family on earth has familial sovereignty like we extend to each other family, the rest of the universe does NOT have the right to interfere with impunity in our affairs. Such interference that is accepted in most mainstream theology would open up a nightmare to justify. Most acknowledged involvement by God in human affairs is an unwarranted assumption and just wishful thinking. The premise is that even with a certain degree of supra-normal elements–these can be vestiges of earlier empowerment–God is not involved in human affairs. See: God Not involved

Limited Foreknowledge - (CJSM)
One of the most pernicious doctrines in Christian theology is the teaching that God knows everything down to the minutest detail that will ever happen in the future, including human decisions and choices. Not only does this idea make a mockery of human will and volition, but it makes a mockery of God by making him the author-initiator of evil and suffering. Some of the future may be predicted, but it cannot be totally known, because it has not been created yet by the citizens of the universe with volition or free will. Down through the centuries this doctrine has caused a lot of confusion and wasted a lot of theological discussion and effort. See: God's foreknowledge. Calvinism Theology

Empowerment Linked to Family Unity
There may be different levels or domains of empowerment, but it is clearly linked to some level of corporate unity.  The principle is that empowerment can never be used in any way that affects others without their permission, if not their involvement. There would at least be the domains of family and cosmic family.  I have talked with Sean, and he sees the sense of this premise:

The creator tied the sharing of his empowerment to intellectual/spiritual unity. The unthinkable would be to have empowered human-gods that were NOT in unity of purpose, plan and values. Thus as unity diminishes, so does the empowerment. “God” did NOT take empowerment away from the human race—we lost it on our own by being intellectually irresponsible and ultimately fragmenting down into the competing, quarreling egomaniacs that we find today. The unfallen may agonize over our condition of suffering under the human condition, but they cannot be in the business of enablement for irresponsible people. See: Jesus on Unity

Limited Awareness - (CJSM)
The individuals in the universe are living their lives with about the same level of awareness that we experience. They are NOT aware of what is going on for individuals in other cosmic families, except in a general way. To think any one person, like Yeshua, is aware of everything is nothing short of absurd. They CAN access any information from the collective consciousness but have no desire to breach anyone's privacy. See: The Awareness of "God"

Forgiving and Forgetting - (CJSM)
When it comes to forgiveness, it is not an extreme demand from an otherwise unsympathetic God, but is simply good advice. Forgiving is only a requirement BECAUSE it is always associated with "getting", as in ":for getting" or "in order to get". If you cannot forgive others, you cannot forgive yourself and vice versa. If you cannot forgive yourself, you cannot believe that God forgives you and vice versa. It is then that you retain debilitating sin, the ultimately evil concept that the heavenly father cannot forgive you, and that is what cannot be dismissed as inconsequential as long as it is held. Forgiveness is first and foremost for yourself! See: Forgiveness: A New Understanding

Nature of the Holy Spirit - (CJSM)
The "Holy Spirit" is the "I am a God" mindset, the supreme spirit, the adequate, all-sufficient attitude of the unified family of human beings including that of the Originator. There is no deistic trinity of persons. That concept is rooted in the trimurti, the three aligned planets of Mars, Venus and Saturn that loomed overhead in the ancient sky; and it is buttressed by and defended with a misunderstanding of the phrase that Jesus used, "In the name of the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit." "In the name of" means consonant with, aligned with, in the spirit of, with the authority of. The role of the "God spirit" or attitude of seeking the truth will lead us into all the truth. See: Paraclete and Holy Spirit

Unpardonable Sin - (CJSM)
The unpardonable sin is NOT an indiscretion or violation of principle that puts one "over the limit", but rather an intellectual or spiritual state that makes one unreachable through inspiration. It makes people impervious to the truth  In other words, having a total commitment to the wrong concept of the Creator. See: The Unpardonable Sin

No Devil or Demons - (CJSM)
"Diabolos" (the Divider), known in Christianity as the Devil, is NOT a fallen being but is the original lie of Sin that was personified by Yeshua in his speech. There are no demons or devils nor any other variety of exotic empowered fallen beings. These are the invention of superstitious mythmakers that anthropomorphized the planet gods, especially Venus as Lucifer, the light bearer.. See: The Devil and Satan, Lucifer Etymology

Guilt Is unproductive - (CJSM)
Yeshua never IMPLIED guilt. He cast the religious leaders as guilty and railed at them when they confronted or challenged him for these things ONLY: 1) Hypocrisy, 2) Promoting a false religion and keeping the people subject to it, and 3) Burdening and oppressing the people with unnecessary guilt, sacrifices, tithes and reliious  requirements. See: Guilty of What?

Martyrdom Is Wrong - (CJSM)
A man who is utlimatey not willing to die for the values and/or beliefs that he has CHOSEN is already as good as dead. He then becomes a pawn. This is quite different from dying for some other person's agenda, plan, will or other external value or factor, AND it is different from dying for that which you have been programmed. Dying for these latter is misguided martyrdom. Martyrdom NEVER glorifies God See: A Critical Look at Martyrdom

Miracle Categories - (CJSM)
A miracle is an outcome that is inexplicable without resorting to some kind of extra-normal intervention. There can be miracles of: 1) Timing: Where the timing is perfect and crucial, 2)
Where the situation, position or place is crucial and perfect 3) Substance: Where the content, makeup or substance is crucial and perfect, 4) Creation: Where physical material is either changed or created outright 5) Combinations: See: The Gift of Miracles

Judgment By God - (CJSM)
One of the primary dogmas in Christendom that is almost universal is that in the "last days" we will come before the mysterious judgment of God, In reality the  present judgment on us, the judgment of death, is already automatic and cannot be further imposed. Is the Creator capable of hate? Oh, yes! He hates the idea of losing ANY of his children. The future judgment takes place in the next age, the age of justice, where all will be revealed and made plain with minimal volition to believe being involved. It will actually be the judgment of God by his children, not the judgment of the children by God. See: The Judgment Dogma

Punishment By God - (CJSM)
I have some good and bad news. God is NOT in the punishment business. That is the "good" part of the news. What is the bad part? God is NOT in the punishment business! Let me explain. Jesus DID talk about the punishment of the ages, yet this does NOT mean LASTING for all time but just means the GREATEST of all time. It takes place after the resurrection at the end of our age, and is the time when, in the full light of truth and understanding, people will judge themselves and suffer the intense agony of regret and remorse according to the full measure of their behavior and impact in this life. See: The Punishment of God

Physicality Is Required - (CJSM)
In certain circles of spiritual thought, it is fashionable to think that the problems of the human race are tied to our being physical. In this mindset the physical, material realm of matter, dimension and form was a mistake by man, which caused the fall. You CANNOT connect Yeshua  to this concept, because he affirmed physicality by having a body that he cared for, by healing others, and ultimately by the resurrection of his body.  See: Physicality is Necessary

Sanctification and Justification - (CJSM)
One of the great, ongoing battles in Christian theology is over the merit of focusing on or concentrating on "Justification" (accepting the merits of Christ as a substitute for your own) versus "Sanctification" (the process of spiritual growth.
     Of course this is further confused by being set in a wrong paradigm. We do not receive either inferred or infused "righteousness" from the Life and Death of Yeshua, but rather we can see the sense of it and can receive the message of good news, which infers value and promise.

No Obedience to God - (CJSM)
The Father is NOT in the business of giving moral laws or demanding obedience. The Spiritual universe is fashioned to operate in freedom and liberty within principle and through inspiration. See: Thoughts on Obedience

Original Sin as Failure - (CJSM)
The fall of our family was not initiated by any act of disobedience or conscious violation of God's will, but by NOT doing something. Since you cannot inject equality into another being without them remaining unequal, equality can only be offered or extended, not imposed! An equal must be involved with their own creation as an equal by CHOOSING to be equal in rights and value amidst an otherwise ocean of inequalities. No two human beings are identical in any specific dimension or aspect, but we can see ourselves and treat each other as equals.
     The Originator and the existing families extended equality to our family but the original ancestors of our family FAILED to choose to be equal. This failure festered in the hearts of beings designed to not be inferior, and led to the downward spiral of separation and degeneration. All the while, this fallen family was attempting to be superior by creating an alternate system, one of predatory competition that crossed the lines of the eternal values. The French have put these this way: Verité, Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.  See: Personal Conclusions

Yeshua Is Originator - (CJM)
This was his claim when he said, "Before Abraham, I am." Or "Yeshua said to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you{pl}, I AM THE ONE before Abraham came into being."  See: John 8:58

Christendom Premises

Mission Failure - (CJSM)
Early in the writing of his Gospel (chapter 3) John gives four laments. These laments are of crucial importance, because John is actually lamenting that the mission of Yeshua to our world was a failure of what was hoped for and expected beforehand by the unfallen hosts of heaven. The premise is that at some point in his ministry, Yeshua had to turn his face from plan A–saving the world at that time–to plan B–leaving the world in misery until some people awakened  enough and could see and understand the true meaning of his life and death demonstration. See: Gospel of John Laments

Disciple Unbelief - (CJSM)
The disciples of Yeshua didn't listen well, didn't pay enough attention, were intellectually dense and irresponsible, and didn't understand and catch the vision. John laments that the revelation of God to the earthlings was a failure. See: The 12 Disciples, What Went Wrong, Gospel of John Laments

Disciples Not Apostles - (CJSM)
The word "apostle" signifies something like a business partner with full authority to represent the business or organization and to make legally binding deals. None of the followers of Yeshua during his ministry or later ever rose to the level of being an spostle. See: The 12 Disciples, The Twin Pillars of Christendom, What Went Wrong

Not Following Instructions - (CJSM)
The desires of Yeshua were for his followers to love one another and come into unity on everything that matters. The disciples that founded Christianity not only didn't understand the nature of the "kingship of the heavens", but they also failed to winnow out sin by coming into the saving unity. Not even John and Thomas followed these guidelines and stayed together; John went off to Egypt and started the Coptic reliion, and Thomas went off to Ceylon and started a religious community there. See:

Early Christianity - (CJSM)
The faulty foundation for Christianity was laid by ten disciples led by Peter, and Paul. Christendom did NOT go off the track, because it was NEVER on the track.
     The early "church" lived in a fanciful bubble of expectation and confidence that Yeshua would return very soon–we are talking days, weeks, maybe months but not initially years–and grew rapidly with an attitude of joyous loving, sharing, and celebration. At least until the persecution set in. Even then the numbers continued to increase. All of this is unique and impressive, but it didn't last. It was and is not enough. See: Christianity Analyzed, What Went Wrong, The Twin Pillars of Christendom, Molech's Tent

No 2nd Advent - (CJSM)
The doctrine of Yeshua returning to earth, especially in some Hollywood grandstand style with ranks of angels in the sky, is based on a faulty paradigm, faulty translation, and misunderstood passages. Such an advent development is contrary to the Creator's style, and Yeshua proposes a different end of the fallen world scenario. See: "Second Coming" Study, Waiting for Godot, No Second Coming?

Bible Canon Premises

Old Testament Allegory - (CJSM)
The Old Testament is composed of three sections: 1) the Law, 2) the Prophets, and 3) the Literature Writings. Most of the Old Testament Law section is fabricated allegory to give the Hebrew people a fabulous historical heritage. The stories of Adam and Eve, Abraham, and Moses are "big picture" or framework allegories, without material evidence for their actual historicity. The Book of Esther is a dramatic allegory without even the mention of God in it. The many allegories frame God as the male lover and the Hebrew people as his bride. The other two sections endorse and enhance this picture. See: Fabulous Old Testament Allegories

TWO Eyewitness Accounts - (CJSM)
I can find only TWO accounts of what Yeshua did and said in his adult life and ministry that can be authenticated beyond a reasonable doubt. Only ONE of these is included in the traditional biblical canon, the Gospel of John. The other, the Gospel of Thomas, has been authenticated beyond that of most other books in the canon. See:  Introduction to the Gospel of John, and the Gospel of Thomas

Synoptic Gospels - (CJSM)
The Synoptic Gospels are NOT eyewitness accounts but compilations of second, mostly third, or later hand accounts that were gathered together some twenty to forty years after the fact. This was done because not only had Yeshua not returned as expected but the information about what Yeshua had done and said was being lost with the passage of time and the loss of living disciples and other people with the memories of either the events or the stories of the events.
     These Gospels are contaminated with embellishments, fabrications and extraneous material, and they do NOT reflect the Good News that is so prominent in the eyewitness accounts. Nothing in John and Thomas should be overridden by what is in the synoptic gospels. See:  Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels, Theological Bias of Synoptic Gospels, 20 Important Bible Content Comments

Extra-Canonical Accounts - (CJSM)
Generally, a document, letter, or other piece of writing being included in the canon has little significance other than being an endorsement that it was a sincere attempt to explicate truth, and that it was taken seriously by the Christian community. These two criteria have nothing to do with whether the ideas espoused are true and valid. Extra-canonical material didn't measure up to these two somewhat superficial standards, and may have even been total fictions or fabrications, sometimes even written with a perverse or nefarious agenda. Of course, the canonization process was flawed, because the Gospel of Thomas was not included. See: The Two Bible Canons

Canon Development - (CJSM)
Canon development for both the Old Testament and the New, happened organically, from the public usage in their religious meeting and ceremonies. Eventually some committee gets organized to pass judgment on the most popular and widely used texts. God has NOTHING to do with the canonization process, and it is a form of idolatry to think of ANY canon as the word of God. See: The Two Bible Canons, Four Proposed Sources for the Pentateuch

Bible Flunks Archaeology - (CJSM)
What if the Bible's account doesn't fit the evidence in the ground? What if David's Jerusalem was really a rural backwater–and the greatness of Israel and Judah lay far in the future? Lately, such assertions are coming from some authorities on Israel's archaeology, who speak from the perspective of recent finds from excavations into the ancient past. a number of archaeologists understand Israel's past. Their interpretations challenge some of the Bible's best-known stories, like Joshua's conquest of Canaan.  See: The Bible Flunks Archaeology

English Translations Deeply Flawed- (CJSM)
Translation is far from an exact science. FOA, every translation is heavily influenced by the paradigm of the translator, and if sacred text conflicts with deeply held positions, there is no way the translator will not find some way to obscure or counter the meaning. The King James Version of the Bible was "authorized" by the king, and yet the translators did not even bother to consult the  Hebrew, Aramaic, Sumerian and Greek scholars. They translated the text to be compatible with the Church of England doctrines. Beyond that market factors have influenced every other following translation, since the new translation would not sell well if it was too much in conflict with KJV text. The new translations have made incremental improvements, but do not reflect the real paradim given by Yeshua  See: Ancient Literature TranslationParadigm Translation Dependency

Doctrinal Premises

Baptism Not Ordained - (CJSM)
Being dunked in water relates back to the baptism of the world by the great deluge. Although Yeshua allowed himself to be baptized, he never baptized anyone, and was only interested in our being baptized with the triumphal attitude (Holy Dpitiy). This is a carryover rite from Judaism, and is no more efficacious than circumcision. See: Major Differences

Abortion Is Not Murder - (CJSM)
As far as the abortion moral issue goes, the "life value" of the embryo or fetus form would seem to be related to the nurture investment made by other humans, and also related to the ramifications of whatever circumstances exist for that particular parental situation. Just because the mother gets pregnant, that does not obligate her above all other factors to bear the child.
     In an ideal world there would be no such troubling issue, no dilemma, no line would need to be drawn in general or in particular cases. See: Life and Ethics

Blessings Not of God - (CJSM)
The most unproductive thing that God could do would be to affirm us in our insanity by "blessing us." On top of that is the issue of "God" not wanting to show favoritism. The unfallen humans can't ever afford a legitimate complaint over any action that cannot be ultimately justified. This means that God is generally not in the "blessing" business, at least not until there is a genuine ecclesia on its way to total healing and resolution of the human condition. See: Blessing from God

Old "God" Is Dead - (CJSM)
The "God is dead" movement, which is being given impetus by some of the very most sensible, honest, critically thinking and courageous theologians of our time, is making a legitimate point bout the God of Judeo-Christianity. They "God is dead" people tend to see what is wrong, but not what should be, what is right. See: The "God is dead" movement

What Idolatry Is - (CJM)
The dictionary definitions generally go something like this: 1. the worship of idols, icons, images, rites, ceremonies, etc. 2. the excessive or immoderate respect, attachment or veneration for some person or thing.
     Since the given definition is described in terms of worship, attachment, veneration, and adoration, we need a clear understanding of what these terms imply. These are all terms that  refer to a STATE OF MIND that imputes some level of sacredness to the idol, and only secondarily to some action or behavior. It is the state of mind that always distinguishes levels of worth and values. Modern idols are not carved out of wood and stone, but the new ones are formal religions, the Bible, the Clergy, etc. See: Christian Idolatry

The "Lord's" Work - (CJM)
The focus of the Protestant Christian thinking is making the Bible to be the word of God, and then on the mundane level–making things better in this world until "God" comes or takes over in some way. This does NOT address the Sin problem nor resolve the greater "human condition". In the "Lord's Prayer" the J-person does teach us to pray for the inauguration of the Kingship of the Heavens, and this alone should be telling us something. Did he not say to his disciples at the well in the context of doing the will and work of the Father, "I tell you, raise your sights!"? See: Doing the Lord's Work

Twin Pillars of Christendom - (CJSM)
The structure and theology of institutionalized Christianity are not founded upon the teachings and message of Yeshua, but are based primarily upon the thinking and understanding of Peter and Paul with a great deal of Judeo or Greek tradition and mysticism mixed in. This largest of the world's religions uses Yeshua as the masthead, but the ship is built and powered by the dogmas and doctrines laid down by these two men, and carries a load of misunderstanding as cargo. No wonder it has never delivered much more than being just another oppressive coping mechanism for the human condition. See: The Twin Pillars

Not Weeping for Lazarus - (CJSM)
It should be clear that Yeshua, using the sickness of his dearest friend Lazarus, was setting up this whole scenario. Upon hearing the news that his friend was seriously ill, he deliberately stayed away until Lazarus had died. When he talked with both Martha and Mary, it was obvious that they didn't have a clue.
    So Yeshua himself wept. BUT Why?! WHY?! WHY?! He can't have been weeping for Lazarus, for not only was Lazarus not suffering any more but he was a couple of minutes away from being resurrected and reunited with his family. He can’t have been weeping for the pain of the sisters and the other mourners, for they were a couple of minutes away from being thrilled and overjoyed. Could it be that he was weeping because it was now apparent that even with his closest friends, they were not going to believe what HE said about some of the ultimate issues,  See: Weeping for Lazarus

What Went Wrong - (CJSM)
There is no question that Yeshua had a significant impact on his society at the time, an impact that came to be an ongoing major influence in the world, and that Christianity was born and proceeded with fervor. The disciples were inspired by their time with the great teacher and the early group of Christians grew.
     The early "church" lived in a bubble of expectation and confidence that Yeshua would return very soon–we are talking days, weeks, maybe months but not initially years–and grew rapidly with an attitude of joyous loving, sharing, and celebration. At the time of Yeshua on earth, the Jews were looking for a savior of the nation, NOT of the cosmos nor even of the global world.
 Nobody listened well enough, discarded enough error, challenged the paradigm, ad nauseam. See: What Went Wrong?

Why Not Christian - (CJSM)
It should be obvious that Christian theology is deeply flawed. The underlying thinking and the term "Christ" is simply wrong to apply to the J-person, yet the concept of a Christ is built right into the word Christian! This religion in general is saturated with the concept of God the Creator forever being the benevolent sovereign dictator and director of universal affairs, rather than the good father of the family who sets the stage for his children to blossom and thrive with equality and personal sovereignty. See: Why Not Christiuan?

Prayer - (CJSM)
Upon close thoughtful examination, Yeshua's model prayer make perfect sense. The content, its limitation, and even the format of this prayer, have significant implications and ramifications.
    One major implication, along with the fact that they are not honored or fulfilled by God, is that the vast majority of prayers are misguided and meaningless. They generally ask for things or developments that are premature to understanding the Gospel truth, things or developments that are not authorized, developments not under God's control, or things or developments that would be counterproductive, or things or developments that God cannot do without violating the eternal principles and ethics.
     There is no call or encouragement for routine prayer, and such would be demeaning. See: The Lord's Prayer

Fasting --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
There is no call or encouragement for fasting, routine or otherwise, because the idea of fasting to please God is ridiculous and demeaning. Any efficacy of fasting is restricted to whatever health benefit it may bring.  See:

God Does NOT Test Us --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
The third request in the model prayer can be translated as "And do not bring us into being tested." Of course the Father does NOT design tests for anyone, but the world we live in inevitably provides more than enough tests and temptations. Temptations to doubt or for being distracted or sidetracked are always there, as well as temptations of being unethical or profligate. Thankfully, these lose their allure in the light of what is being imminently offered. What is of more moment is the aspect of being tested to such an agonizing degree that we just lose it. We don't want to face that, nor should we. See:

No Eternal Damnation --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
There is nothing that cannot be changed, healed, or cured with the full understanding of the truth about God. The idea of eternal punishment is barbaric and macabre, and one of the ultimate vicious manifestations of sin, that being missing the mark by holding a wrong concept of the character and psyche of God. See:

Self-defense - (CJSM)
Turn the other cheek
? When Yeshua advised his followers to turn the other cheek, that was in the context of dealing with the Roman soldiers in defusing an insult situation that could escalate into more serious violence. The thinking that Yeshua taught or fostered martyrdom and victimhood is ludicrous. There is nothing wrong with self defense, and Yeshua advised it for his followers after he was no loner present. See: Preparation for Trouble

Rejection of Multiple Reincarnation - (CJSM)
Reincarnation, sometimes referred to as "multiple reincarnation" (MRI) is the idea that the soul reincarnates through death and birth into different forms and bodies until the soul becomes perfect and then can become one with the great undifferentiated divine God.
    Who set up this system? What is the purpose of this system? And am I caught up in some ineluctable, eternal cycle of being reincarnated whether I want to or not? Will I ever be reunited with the ones that were so meaningful to me in my life? See: Multiple Reincarnation

Unity Increases Perspective --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
Unity surpasses limited individual perspective like Binocular vision gives depth perception, greater perspective and surpasses monocular vision. This delivers greater understanding. We NEED each other for the adequately complete perspective. See:

Comparative Method vs Science Myth - (CJM)
The "comparative mythology" approach in the hands of an intelligent truth seeker has proven to be more reliable than popular science theory. The comparative method tells us what really happened and what the ancients saw and experienced.  See: A Perspective On Myth

Originator Not the Author of Evil - (CJM)
In order for "goodness" to be meaningful, it has to have a contrast. Yeshua did not create evil, but the possibility of evil. The Creator did not expect evil to blossom, but was prepared to deal with it IF it should arise. You and I had NOTHING to do with it.  See: The Argument of Evil Against God

Philosophical Premises

5 Knowledge Types - (CJSM)

  1. Intrinsic knowledge is internal, and is the most reliable or trustworthy knowledge that we have.
  2. Sensory knowledge is personal, dependent upon intrinsic knowledge, and usually takes a minimum of interpretation.
  3. Evidential knowledge is composed of personally experienced evidence, has an external source, and is significantly less reliable than intrinsic or sensory knowledge.
  4. Experiential knowledge is composed of perhaps prolonged personal life experiences, and the validity of this knowledge is conditional on  personal interpretation.
  5. Consentual knowledge is composed of knowledge that others have shared that we consent to hold. This externally derived knowledge. Often the consent is given based purely on the lack of any reason not to trust and should always be held with skepticism.

Transaction Types - (CJSM)
INVOLVEMENT versus RELATIONSHIP: There are three types of human involvement or social transaction–taking giving and trading, and one type of morale building human relationship, sharing. People can be generally categorized into four types based on their primary way of interacting with others–takers, givers, traders, and sharers. See: Paradigm-Love Issues

Axiomatic Metaphysics - (CJSM)
There are at least five axiomatic principles:

1. The Fundamental Fact and Fundamental Conclusion: "I" think, therefore "I" exist.
2. Essence of Reality:
All reality, both spiritual and physical, is sensed or apprehended through contrast, change or difference.
3. There is no such thing as nothing: Nothing is no thing, does nothing, and the concept of nothing is just and ONLY a mental reference point or a mental construct, like zero
4. Sequence is Inviolate: One of the basic cornerstones of reality in general is that of sequence of events, both physical and spiritual. The sequence of events cannot be reversed or otherwise altered
5. Restrictions of Infinity: The application of the concept of infinity is excluded from anything even theoretically countable, such as particles of matter, and even from intangible facets like thoughts, ideas, memories, etc. See: Axiomatic Philosophy,

Time and Space Nature - (CJSM)
What we mean by the word "time" is a sequential event or a sequence of events. Time is used in physical formula or equations as a series of sequential events.
     The universe has a finite volume, but does not have infinite space. Space is a mathematical construct from using the Cartesian coordinates. Both Time and Space had a beginning, and are eternal. Time and Space are in the universe; the universe is not in Time and Space. See: Axiomatic Philosophy, The Nature of Time, Nature of Time video, The Nature of Space

What Is Love? - (CJSM)
We all know that the word "love" in the English language has multifarious meanings, a fact which engenders many confusing issues and situations. To better understand this most important subject it is helpful to go to the Greek language, because they had at least four different root words that addressed different aspects of what our usage of the word means. The bottom line is that REAL love is delivery of what someone wants and needs. See: Paradigm of Love, What Is Love

Intellectual Responsibility - (CJSM)
In seeking truth and building a new belief system, there is only ONE building site: our own minds. If we find our current belief system flawed or inadequate, we cannot go to a new site and build a completely new structure. We must perforce remodel or rebuild, and that requires de-construction or destruction before the construction can begin. See: Intellectual Responsibility

Volition Levels - (CJSM)
Volition is a three tiered structure of potential in the Homo Sapien, which like language and other abilities and facets can be awakened to nurture the spiritual growth of a Human Being. It can be simplified in this way: 1) On the deepest level we can exercise our personal sovereignty, stop letting ourselves be programmed by the existing agencies, and CHOOSE to seek the truth of what to believe and CHOOSE our purpose, 2) Based on our belief and purpose we CAN affect our attitude and our WILL on how to be and feel, and 3) We DECIDE what to do. The operation of the latter depends almost TOTALLY upon the first and second levels and external and internal factors outside of our conscious control. See: 3 Level Volition, Free Will

Belief versus Knowledge - (CJSM)
Volitional Belief comes from choosing; knowledge comes from learning. Knowledge takes a minimum volitional involvement; Belief takes a maximum. See: Faith and Belief

Freedom Versus Liberty - (CJSM)
We can say that Freedom and Liberty may seem to overlap, but actually may point in different directions as do up and down. Freedom focuses on being subject to evil and free FROM evil results that would reduce the sustenance and enhancement of life. Ideally, our freedom from evil should be total and complete. Freedom relates to eliminating fear, and Liberty enhances worship.
     Liberty focuses on the latitude that we have to pursue fulfillment of the sustenance and enhancement of life. It refers to the extent for which our actions and behavior are unrestrained. Liberty should be naturally constrained only within our humane and ethical principles. See: Freedom versus Liberty

Ethics versus Morality - (CJSM)
ETHICAL relates to how we treat OTHER people in a way that is good, fair, supportive and constructive for THEM; UNETHICAL would signify actions that are bad, harmful, unfair or dangerous for OTHERS.  MORAL relates to how our actions affect US, whether they ultimately increase our morale and self respect., or whether they are demoralizing. See: Ethics versus Morality, Adultery, Life and Ethics

Reductionism Is Counterproductive - (CJSM)
One of the cardinal intellectual sins is that of reductionism, the practice of analyzing and describing a complex phenomenon in terms of phenomena that are held to represent a simpler level, especially when this is said to provide a sufficient explanation. One problem with reductionism is that it misses emergent properties of the system.[*] Reductionism says that emergent properties are nothing more than the sum of the reduced properties applied over a very large scale. Another, greater problems is that it ignores or denies higher-level and more meaningful and rewarding realities, usually but not entirely, spiritual realities.
     Examples of reductionism in psychology include: Behaviorism. This assumes that all behavior is broken down into just two components of stimulus and response. Biopsychology as a discipline is reductionist. Existentialism, evolutionism, and scientism are decidedly reductionist philosophies. See: Reductionism

Superstition Is Irresponsible - (CJSM)
A superstition is an idea or belief that is unscientific or of  unsound logic that sets up a false understanding that bypasses the truth or proper action, and often sets up a context of fear AND FAILURE. See: Superstition vs Intellectual Responsibility,

Believe the Best Diligence - (CJSM)
Ultimate due diligence is taking an active role in terms of belief, and choosing to believe the best of what makes sense and is reasonable. See: The Agenda Dichotomy

Purpose of Life Is Morale - (CJSM)
Life is lived and goodness experienced on the level of feeling. Feeling good is the final end result that is universally desired by every sentient being in the universe, including God, and is the final factor that determines whether a development is really good or not. This is so basic that we almost never if ever think about it, and yet we can't imagine otherwise.
     Therefore, the only defensible purpose of life is the increase in morale.   See: The Purpose of Life

Latitude versus Freedom/Liberty - (CJSM)
If you are in a prison cell, you have certain latitude but you are not free. If they let you out of the cell but restrict you to the prison, you have ever so much more latitude, but you are still not free. Man can not be free until his latitude surpasses his need and desire, and therefore he is never restricted by the boundaries. See: Freedom versus Liberty

Rationality, Logic & Reason
Rationality pertains to apprehending the facts, logic pertains to assembling the facts into structure and conclusion, and that reason incorporates both of these and adds purpose and values. The truth never violates valid rationality, logic, nor reason? See: 

Psychological Premises

Sexual Categories - (CJSM)
In terms of level of interest, there are four general categories of Sexuality:
1) Neuter, representing no substantial interest, 2) Sexual, representing a low range of interest and appetite where marriage and having children can still be part of life,  3) Sensual,, representing a high level of interest and appetite where sexual satisfaction is important, and 4) Erotic, representing the highest range or level of interest and appetite where sexual activity is crucial for their satisfaction  See: Sexual Activity Analyzed, Romance and Courtship Analyzed

Psychological Profiles --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
There are evidently 12 psychological categories for human beings. Some philosophical psychologists have three major categories each with four sub-categories, and some have four major each with  3 sub-categories. Historically, some people have thought of themselves as belonging to one of twelve categories. Probably there is a useful reality reflection here. See:

Mystical Experience - (CJSM)
So-called mystical experiences have natural if not fully understood explanations, and God is not in the business of delivering mystical experiences to us. Any such delivery by God, short of empowerment, would be a counterproductive action.  See:

Catastrophic Psychological Breakdown - (CJSM)
IN a major catastrophe, experts say, the psychological world collapses just as resoundingly as the physical one. People lose their bearings.
     The most prominent psychological casualty is the sense of invulnerability with which most people manage to face the risks of daily life. Also shattered, psychologists are finding, are a person's sense that his or her world is comprehensible and has meaning, and for many years after the trauma a person's very sense of worth may be damaged. See: Emotional Impact of Disaster

Racial Amnesia and Denial - (CJSM)
In a world where we constantly live in a reality that implies that we don't matter, our favorite, most common method of making ourselves feel good is to compare ourselves with those that are less fortunate! This should make a person feel good, to compare to others not as well off? What kind of psychologically sick ploy is that? See: Catastrophe, Collective Trauma, and the Origin of Civilization, Mankind in Ignorance and Denial, Schizophrenia and the Fear of World Destruction, Phobia, Amnesia, and the Psyche

Relentlessly Indifferent Reality --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
The physical universe and the laws of nature are relentlessly indifferent to the context of the human condition, and to human need and desire. They NEVER give us a break or a pass because we are wonderful, good or bad. See: Relentless Indifference

Ego Healing - (CJSM)
Do I have an ego problem? Oh, yes! But the premise here is that having an ego problem is NOT my fault. I didn't ask for or sign up to have an ego problem. So, why do I have it?
     We all legitimately have an ego, the self, and it should not and can not be eliminated! Our egos need healing through the reassurance that we have value, that we matter, while living in a world of relentless indifference. See: Thoughts on the Ego Problem

Human Sexuality Is Pronounced - (CJSM)
Human beings are purposely endowed with prominent sexual features. Women are the only female primates with relatively large, protrusive breasts. Men are the only male primates with an elongated penis. Both sexes have a plethora of pleasure nerves, and both have prominent and cushion-like buttocks.  Man is also unique in his order for performing predominantly ventral or frontal coitus and always being available for sexual activity with no seasonal restrictions on mating. Mankind is UNIQUE for having the psychological dimensions of sensuality and maximized erotic fervor. See: Romance and Courtship, Sexual Activity Analyzed, Sexual Intimacy

Romance/Sex to Be Maximized - (CJSM)
The intention of the Creator is that romance and sexual fulfillment should be maximized in a responsible way. Puritinism, prolonged chastity, and suppression of intended natural desires is in contrast to what is intended. In real experience we either use our sexuality or lose it. See: Romance and Courtship, Sexual Activity Analyzed, Sexual Intimacy

Paranormal Experience Explicable - (CJSM)
Given that there ARE paranormal experiences that many or most people have during their life time, this subject should be dealt with. There IS a wide variety of experiences that fall on a spectrum that runs from the extremes of schizophrenia to partial complex seizure syndrome visions to speaking in tongues to the occasional mild hallucination that can occur while under a heightened emotional state or distress. The bicameral brain/mind paradigm along with a dis-functional collective consciousness lay a foundation for understanding how one brain/mind can concoct an "experience" and deliver it to the conscious or semiconscious mind.
     Since every experience must involve SOME interpretation, the intellect must be prepared and empowered to interpret or override any false interpretation of these experiences. It is the position of this site that God has nothing to do with these phenomena: they are at best  residual vestiges of our erstwhile and dysfunctional empowerment, and at worst, fraudulent. See: The Paranormal Experience https://infogalactic.com/info/Mass_hysteria 

Hedonism versus Pleasure Seeking - (CJSM)
Hedonism can be characterized as irresponsible pleasure seeking, where an unrestrained or out of control yen for pleasure overrides more important factors and issues. Of course, one hallmark of maturity is the capability to postpone fulfillment to a more appropriate time and situation.
     The problem with hedonism is that it is at the very least unbalanced and therefore irresponsible in that the focus is too restricted at the expense of other concerns. Thus it becomes unhealthy to the wholeness of being human. At worst this focus can easily cross the line into becoming dishonorable and/or unethical, and destructive of both the individual and others. It is then a form of devaluation of ourselves and others. See: Hedonism versus Pleasure Seeking

Addiction Issues - (CJSM)
Addictions run the gamut from little more than habit to full-blown physiological dependency. The definition of an "addiction" would be something somewhat artificial that is compelling or controlling us in a deleterious way. Addictions can be seen as ALWAYS having a cause rooted in the lack of fulfillment under the human condition. See: Annals of Addiction

Internal Authority Spiritual Maturity - (CJSM)

Sociological Premises

Scientism Replacing Religion - (CJSM)
One way out of the religion versus science dilemma has been to embrace a kind of deism: This says the Almighty created the universe according to certain specifications and then left it to run on its own. "God" becomes a metaphor for the laws that science tries to uncover. See: Science and Religion

Culturally Transcendent Values - (CJSM)

Organization Value from Serving - (CJSM)

Leadership is Temporary Service

Belief Premises

Existing Religious Paradigms Flawed

Existing Systems Hoping & Coping

We NOT Design Ourselves/Reality

Truth Above Intensity in Belief

Self Faith Precedes External Faith

Truth Only Induced/Inspired

Belief System NOT an Option
The “no-belief belief system”, the "no-concept concept", and the "no-doctrine doctrine" are each oxymoronic, and that it is NOT an option whether to have a belief system, concepts, and "positions". The best option is to be careful and intellectually responsible in what comcepts we hold, what positions we take, what we commit to as belief? See: 

Organization/Structure Add Meaning

Miscellaneous Premises

Meditation versus Critical Thinking - (CJSM)
Whatever meditation does, it doesn't improve critical thinking and intellectual responsibility. Simple contemplation with an open mind would seem to be superior, also.  See: Meditation: True vs Feaux

Mammoths Frozen by Column Collapse - (CJSM)
When the Polar columns collapsed, the material had spent enouh time in space to have radiated away almost all the heat; thus the material was close to absolute zero and quick-froze whatever was engulfed. The column in the south was essentially distilled water, and the collapse deposited the pure ice of Antarctica. The column in the north had sucked up whatever was below, which included lots of mud, sand, gravel and life forms, and ground them up somewhat.  See:

Catastrophism is Crucial Truth - (CJSM)
Without an understanding of ancient planetary catastrophism one just CANNOT get the context for the truth in so very many areas.  Understanding the Saturnian Reconstruction is CRUCIAL. See: The Importance of Catastrophism:

Discussion is Crucial - (CJSM)
One astute person claimed, "If I knew what was wrong with my beliefs, I would change them." Exactly! Except most people are too programmed, or too proud, or too committed to their belief package, or too apathetic to care, etc. Even if we care, how would we know without a challenge? How, without open, honest discussion  would we progress in our spiritual growth? Wouldn't discussion be an easier, faster way?  See: The Crucial Role of Discussion

Good Philosophy is Crucial - (CJSM)
The world continues to be contaminated with remanent Nazism, Zionizm, Marxism, Communism,  Fascism and various other flavors of political philosophy that lead to dictatorship.
     Meanwhile our “sacred” institutions, both secular and spiritual, academic and religious, are fast going off into irrelevancy. The world of academe has repositioned philosophy so as to make it peripheral, remote or irrelevant. This arena is full of nonsensical cosmology, a thoroughly false understanding of ancient times, and has an atheistic, evolutionistic, gradualistic foundation for the life sciences and geology. Not to mention it is bloated with politically oriented, ivory-tower academic apparatchiks, and is excessively expensive and increasingly irrelevant.   See:  EU, Catastrophism, & Philosophy

Renaissance Offered False Hope
Ultimately, the Renaissance stands with the Roman Catholic Church. This should not be surprising since both pursue an earthly perfectionism. Such perfectionism is the ideal of fulfillment on this earth. Catholicism pursues this ideal through the sacraments and institutions of the Catholic Church; the Renaissance seeks this same ideal through the secular wealth and energies of humanism. The Renaissance promised men that through the untrammeled pursuit of science and the humanitarian arts, the race could find answers to all its problems, whether political, social, medical or psychological. It was an age of great promise. It was the great hope held out to mankind.  See: Spiritual versus Material

Questions Better Than Answers
The right questions always precede the right answers. In dealing with other people,  much if not most of the time it is better to ask them the right questions and draw the truth from THEM. See: Questions Are Better Than Answers

Parables Hide Not Bury Truth
When asked why he taught the people with parables, Yeshua replied, "So they will hear and not understand." Some people are not ready for the truth and will react vehemently or violently, but they won't get too exercised by a parable.  See: Question About Parables

Translating Ancient Lit Problematical - (CJSM)
The average person has no good feeling for the enormity of translation issues and problems inherent in bringing into a modern language a fairly good  representation of what the ancient writer was trying to convey. Something is ALWAYS lost: sometimes that is inconsequential, but many times it is not.
     What HAS to be lost is part of what the author is feeling, his purpose and intention, and part of his personal context and the general context. There is no way to recover all the innuendos of either an ancient language or the context of the specific time in which the literature was written. See: Ancient Literature Translation

Paradigm Premises

Ground of Creativity - (CJSM)
Literally, figuratively, any way you want to look at it, creativity comes from the human mind. The paradigm says that is where it came from originally See: The Ground of Creativity

Bicameral Brain/Mind - (CJSM)
The bicameral brain/mind implies some kind of dual consciousness, and our experience confirms it. The non-self-conscious brain/mind would be the seat of the collective consciousness and would have the capability of astral projection, telepathy, accessing the universal holographic record to see what happened in the past. See: The Bicameral Brain-Mind Paradigm, The Bicameral Mind, Bicameral Mind Afterword

Holographic Universe - (CJSM)
The practical merit of a holograph is that it can store an enormous amount of data in a greatly condensed form. The paradigm has it that the explicate realm of experienced reality is "projected" from an implicate or spiritual realm that is composed of all the human non-conscious bicameral brain/minds in the universe. See: Holographic Universe Paradigm, A Holographic World

Creation and the Fall - (CJSM)
We believe in an original creator with purpose, plan, values and intelligent design and production capability. We accept that will, spirit and intelligence are ordinate and preceded the creation of the material realm.  See: Creation of Nature

IFISEEU Group Mission Premises

Building a Cult? - (CJSM)
A cult is defined as a certain group of people that are unduly influenced and controlled by a dominant leader who maintains personal spiritual/psychological control over the members. We are NOT in the business of building a cult  because there will be neither formal or permanent leadership nor intellectual oppression. Individual value, freedom, and sovereignty are emphasized. See: Assessment Criteria for Cults

Building a Creed? - (CJSM)
Of course we are building a creed, but one that is valid and defensible, one that is uncontaminated by falsity. See: Major Differences

Building an Ecclesia - (CJSM)
In ancient Greece it refers to a group of people who are selected or called out because of their wisdom and insight, and come together to do something about the ultimate or extreme issues which they find themselves facing. NOT the same as church, denomination, or any other multitude of people. See: Ecclesia definition

Transfer of Responsibility - (CJSM)
When we have finished agreeing on the listed issues, we will have followed the instructions to the best of our ability. The ball will be in the Father's court to either support us in a clear, tangible meaningful way, OR to make it clear to us what we have missed.

Catastrophism/Saturnian Reconstruction Premises

Global Saturn Worship
ALL ancient cultures worshipped Saturn as god! Moloch is identified as the planet called by the Romans, Saturn. The chief Saturnian gods of various ancient cultures include Brahma, Ra, Surya, Shamash, Kronos, El, Raphael, Thor, Huang Ti, Chemosh, and a host of others including those of the American continents. Ancient cultures developed the seven day week named after major planet gods, and assigned and dedicated one as holy, called Saturn's day or the Sabbath? See: Saturn Worship, Velikovsky on Saturn Worship Bull of Heaven

Early Saturn System --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
At the earliest point in time for which we have information Earth was born as a molten core coming out of Saturn, At some point in the Golden Age, Earth and Mars were in phase-locked orbits around Saturn and inside its glow event horizon. Inhabitants of the Earth could not see out into the wider universe. All points on the Earth received equal amounts of reddish light energy. See:

Saturn as Ancient Sun - (CJSM)
In the early Saturn System and through the Golden Age until the alignment, Saturn was the sole source of the light and energy to sustain life on the earth, and mankind worshipped the orb as such. See:  The Central Polar Sun

Saturn System Capture - (CJSM)
The Saturnian System was captured by the Solar System. Venus was born upon encountering the double-layer Heliopause, and then with Mars and the earth came into alignment. The aligned system spent a couple of thousand years spiraling around the solar axis while drifting in toward the plane of the ecliptic. It was this configuration and experience that gave rise to the bulk of the mythology. See: Why the Saturnian Scenario

Saturn as Night Sun - (CJSM)
During the Polar alignment end of the Golden Age, the north pole of the earth pointed toward Saturn while the Saturnian system orbited the sun. Such a configuration by rotation of the earth divided one rotation cycle into a bright part and a dim part, the morning and the evening.  See: The Sun of Night

Edenic Golden Age --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
During the Golden Age before the capture and the alignment, the earth's orbit was enclosed within the glow-event horizon of Saturn. This provided a steady, unvarying amount of radiation that fell uniformly on all parts of the earth. This was before the oceans as we now know them, and before the ice dumps over the polar regions. This was also before the terrain was torn up into mountains, canyons and valleys  See:

Saturn as Basis for Sabbath - (CJSM)
The days of the week were named after the seven astral bodies visible at the time: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mats, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn .At some point, the seventh day, named after Saturn, was made into a holiday. See: The Immobile God "The Sabbath star"

Saturn Foundation for Religions - (CJSM)
Some of the aspects of Saturn have been imposed on our concept of God, and Saturn worship is the foundation of the world's major religions, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc. See: The Foundation of Religions

Saturn as Genesis 2nd Light - (CJSM)
The planet Saturn was designated as Shamash or "sun" by the Assyro-Babylonian astrologers; and as far back as 1910 M. Jastrow (Revue d'Assyriologie, Vol. 70, p. 171) proposed "the idea that Saturn was a 'steady' or 'permanent' mock-sun - performing the same function of furnishing light at night that Sama's [Shamash - the Sun] performed during the day." See: Saturn and Genesis

Birth of Venus --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
Venus was born when the Saturnian System drifted into the Heliopause. That overloaded Saturn's charge carrying capacity, and Saturn expelled a highly charged "Flyer" globule, which got pulled into the alignment between Saturn and Mars. See:

Era of One Season - (CJSM)
During the Golden Age, there were no seasons, not even in the end phase or the alignment period since Saturn was over the North Pole See:  World of One Season 1, World of One Season 2

Ancient Global Catastrophe --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
The earth experienced series of astral catastrophes. First came periodic Martian approaches in the alignment, then post-alignment there were series of flyby interactions with both Mars and Venus. See:

Polar Configuration - (CJSM)
Earth, Mars, and Venus got pulled into alignment with Saturn upon the Saturnian System encounter with the Heliopause. See: The Central, Polar Sun 1, The Central, Polar Sun 2, The Central, Polar Sun 3, The Central, Polar Sun 4

Mars Align Catastrophes --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
In the polar alignment Mars was overhead for the Northern hemisphere, Mars bobbed up and down, and at times approached the earth close enough to establish  connection that pulled up material from the earth and down from Mars. When the connection broke, material rained won on the earth catastrophically. These approaches were periodic.  See:

Polar Columns --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
A column of Material extended down from Saturn toward Venus, and a column of material extended down from Venus towards Mars, and a column of material extended down from Mars toward the earth. The planets in the alignment had some natural lateral movement. When the earth got out of perfect alignment, theses columns looked like stepped pyramids. See:

Polar Alignment Breakup --ADD TEXT - (CJSM)
When the polar Saturninan System drifted into contact with Jupiter in the plane of the ecliptic  the forces changed, and the alignment broke up, with the various members being flung into solar orbits, more or leass in the solar equatorial region. See:

Column Collapse --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
When the forces changed upon the alignment encountering the solar equatorial plane--an electrical feature--the columns collapsed, with devastating results to the earth. This was the Great Deluge. The collapsing material was close to absolute zero degrees, and formed the permafrost region in the arctic north, and the ice cap in the Antarctic south.. See:

New Solar Orbits --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
When the alignment broke up upon encountering the plane of the ecliptic, the planets of Saturn, Venus, earth, and Mars went into parabolic orbits around the sun, orbits that were either above or below the electrical attractor, the plane of the ecliptic.  See:

Orbital Flyby Catastrophes --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
The bodies in these new parabolic orbits periodically came close enough to each other to interact catastrophically by exchanging discharge. Such interplanetary discharge sculpted the surface of the earth. See:

Orbital Circularization --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
The exchange of charge between interacting planets helped to circularize the orbits until their teardrop-shaped double-layer sheaths would no longer touch another planet upon closest approach. See:

Original Stupa Upside-down Model--ADD LINK - (CJSM)
The original Stupa had a golden hemispherical base, with a pyramid leading up to a blue-green ball with a pyramid leading up to a reddish ball. These spheres were sized to reflect the actual size ratio of the planets Saturn, Venus and Mars. See:

Chronological Premises

Shorter BCE Chronology - (CJSM)
Since the breakup of the Saturnian polar column system, centuries have been surmised and added into the prevailing chronology. Probably the post breakup BCE era was around 2000 years. See: Did the early Middle ages really exist?, The Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient Israel

Shorter CE Chronology - (CJSM)
Gunnar Heinsohn and others have made a convincing case that approximately 730 years have been padded into the first millennium CE. Other, later inclusions may also exist The bottom line is that the current year is no more than about 1300 AD, and that all "prophecies" based on the number of years are perforce false. See: Doubtful CE Chronology, AD Chronology and 8th Century Palestine,

Time in Ages - (CJSM)
On the macro scale the ancients divided time reality into ages (eras, eons), periods that were determined by meaningful qualities versus just a quantity of smaller cyclical increments.  An age ended and a new age began with a climactic event or events that substantially changed the paradigm, flavor, and/or the experience of the world's reality. In the earliest remembered times ages were demarcated by changes in "solar", gravitational, and electrical environments. These changes were overwhelming and inaugurated species extinctions, ice ages, and major ecological disruptions. See:  The Human Experience of Time

The Ages of the past - (CJSM)
In the time of LOGOS, his life, death, and resurrection gave humanity the best and ultimate basis for profoundly shifting our spiritual paradigm from the one universally held previously to one offering a radically different living and spiritual experience.  LOGOS ended one spiritual age and began the next one, within which we now live.  The Greek word AIONION used by LOGOS, traditionally translated as eternal or everlasting, means belonging to the all-inclusive ages, and, as usually used by LOGOS, implies a never ending sequence of macro increments of corporate life experiences with ever changing meaningful colors, flavors and qualities.

The Next Age - (CJSM)
The final resolution of all issues for every individual will be accomplished in the next spiritual age, which we can call the Age of Judgment Justice.  This age of judgment will be inaugurated when the final issue regarding the human race has been resolved, that being our ability to ultimately believe in the goodness of the unfallen and to trust the creator and them fully.

Retrocalculation Fatally Flawed - (CJSM)
Retrocalculation of planetary orbits assumes the "gravity only" paradigm, and the attendant uniformitarian assumptions. The electrical interactions completely subvert these assumptions. See:

Cosmological Premises

The Electric Universe - (CJSM)
The EU has been primarily focused on the things that we can apprehend with our senses from the microscopic level to the telescopic level, but mostly on the directly tangible level. On just these three levels, there is an overwhelming abundance of phenomena and structure that show the universe–galaxies down to cells–works electrically.
     The electric force structures, powers and controls the operation of the physical Cosmos  Galaxies and stars are fed and are powered by Birkeland currents delivering the energy for their operation. See: The Electric Universe, Wrong or Blind, Impossible Cosmology, The Other 99.9%

Electric Stars - (CJSM)
Stars are NOT powered by internal nuclear fusion but externally by impinging Birkeland currents. These currents engulf the star, and are aligned with the poles. Stars are highly negatively charged, and the amount of power output depends largely on the power used from the Birkeland current that is diverted to making radiant energy. See: Stars: Nuclear or Electric?

Growing Universe - (CJSM)
Certain galaxies with active galactic nuclei charge up and expel quasars, most often in opposite directions along the galactic axis. These huge globules, over time, differentiate into other galaxies or galaxies with stars. The universe is not expanding like a balloon, but growing like a two-lobed bush. See: Evidence for Quasar Ejection

Galactic Birth - (CJSM)
Galaxies are born in pairs from "mother" galaxies with active galactic nuclei. These eject quasars that differentiate over time into either multiple galaxies and/or galaxies of stars. See: Evidence for Quasar Ejection

Electric Galactic Dynamics - (CJSM)
The intergalactic Birkeland currents impinge on, structure, power, and control the rotation of the galaxies. The overall charge of the galaxy and the power of the incoming current determine the galactic properties like shape and redshift. No dark matter or energy needed. See:

Galactic Axial Rotation - (CJSM)
Galaxies rotate as a whole structure around the galactic axis, which is a kind of electrical feature. Individual components of a galaxy (stars and globular clusters) do NOT revolve around a center of mass, but revolve around the axis. No dark matter or energy needed. See: Galactic Rotation

Electric Birkeland Currents --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
Electricity in the Cosmos is carried through fluid media by ropelike Birkeland Currents. Two or three "filaments" twist around an axis. Although the current density in the filaments is low, the volume of these filaments is enormous in space, and enormous amounts of current can be flowing  Thus we have intergalactic currents, galactic inter-stellar, etc.  See:

Electric Comets - (CJSM)
Comets are those pieces of material–torn out of the rocky planets by ancient interplanetary discharges–that have highly elliptical orbits in which they spend lots of time in a different electrical environment and collect high amounts of charge. When they come into the more intense solar electrical environment, they discharge with a glow. If they come too close to a planet, they can discharge energetically and even arc discharge.  See: Electric Comets

Aether Composed of Neutrinos - (CJSM)
In the EU paradigm, there are two basic particles, positive and negative neutrinos that are empty of mass and charge. When these particles are infused with energy/mass/charge, they form the higher or heavier particles, including the atomic particles. See: The Nature of Neutrinos and Aether

Planet-Star Birthing --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
Planets and moons are birthed from stars charging up beyond the charge carrying capacity. See:

Nature of Force Fields - (CJSM)
The great mistake that is being consistently made is the failure to recognize the existence of dipolar aether particles and their role in physical phenomena. More clarity starts with better conceptions and more useful definitions. Is not a field a certain volume of dipolar aether particles that are effected electrically to stand ready to transmit one of the two forces–attraction or repulsion–upon any object that makes contact with them? See: The Nature of Force Fields

Redshift Not Equal to Distance - (CJSM)
Only a very small component of redshift is caused by recessional velocity. The overwhelming majority component called "intrinsic" is related to the newness of the galaxy which is related to the charge-balance--increased positive charge means lower redshift. See: Redshift Rosetta Stone, Seeing Red Review, Quasar In Front, The Search for Two Numbers, The Fingers of God

Energy is Matter In Motion --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
Energy is not a thing in and of itself but is always the combination of matter in motion, Potential energy is the potential for matter to be triggered into motion. Energy cannot be reified into some more fundamental or esoteric aspect of reality like "dark energy". See:

No Dark Matter or Energy - (CJSM)
Since there is no experimental or observable evidence that dark matter exists, it is just a prop for the beleaguered big bang theory. This highly speculative construct is now combined with one just as fabulous–dark energy–to shore up current cosmological dogma. See: In the Dark on Matter, Dark Energy Imbecility

Universe composed of 99% Plasma - (CJSM)
Over 99.9% of the universe is made of plasma, including the Sun and all stars, and most of the space in between. See: Plasma: The Other 99.9%

Relativity-Flawed Frame of Reference - (CJSM)
The Theories of Relativity are flawed by assuming there is no absolute frame of reference. The FINITE universe as a whole is the frame of reference for everything inside. See: The Personal Tragedy of Albert Einstein

No Religious Big Bang - (CJSM)
Georges Lemaitre who, in 1927, was the first to propose that a hot, dense, primeval "atom" had exploded, flinging its contents outward to create the universe. With the advent of the theory in question, Pope Pius XII himself had it stated that "scientists are beginning to find the finger of god in the creation of the universe." Lemaitre, who was a Catholic priest besides being a physicist, was later decorated by the Vatican for his scientific achievements. The Big Bang is a shallow and false prop for creationism. See: The Religious Big Bang

Automated Method for Universe Growth --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
Why would the unfallen Creators be involved in the constant creation of new raw materials for galactic, star and planet increase?  Wouldn't they set up an explosive automated system to produce some surprised for raw material to work with to develop new worlds and environments? See:

Geo-physical Premises

Electric Geo-Dynamics - (CJSM)
"If the electric field within the Earth changes, the degree of this dipolar distortion will change and its mass, moment of inertia and gravity will change. There is evidence of this effect in rotational ‘glitches’ of the Earth immediately following the arrival of a solar storm at the Earth. The day-length returns exponentially to its previous value as the charge on the Earth returns to normal.”  See: The Electric Earth,

Electric Discharge Scarring - (CJSM)
When highly charged planets come close enough for the teardrop plasma sheaths to touch, the higher charged one discharges to the other. Material is EDM'd from one planet and lofted into space with some of it deposited on the other. See: Craters, Trenches and Arcs

Electric Weather Dynamics - (CJSM)
Electric charge differential drive the winds and the currents in the oceans. Tornadoes and waterspouts are driven electrically and are electric discharge features. Cyclones and hurricanes are also driven electrically and are electric discharge features. See: Electric Tornadoes, Electric Waterspouts, Electric Hurricanes.

Electric Climate Dynamics --ADD TEXT - (CJSM)
See: Global Warming Models, Global Warming Ignorance, Restricted CirculationGW Questions & Answers, Climate Change in History, Climate Alarmists Wrong Twenty Years

Electric Volcanoes - (CJSM)
Given the "Ring of Fire" volcanoes around the Pacific rim, volcanoes are probably the result of water leaking down to react violently with silicides, but the material comes out highly charged, as is indicated by significant lightning discharges See: Global Volcanic Activity,

Electric Earthquakes --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
The earth has huge areas of plates of strata that act like PNP or NPN semiconductor transistors that collect charge and charge up. Sometimes the discharge is sudden with strata slippage and displacement, Earthquakes are electric discharge events.

Electric Comet Disasters - (CJSM)
Comets are those pieces of material–torn out of the rocky planets by ancient interplanetary discharges–that have highly elliptical orbits in which they spend lots of time in a different electrical environment and collect high amounts of charge. When they come near the earth, comets always disrupt the earths electrical fields, and sometime discharge and rain down electrified material in a serious disaster. See: Electric Comets, The
Great Chicago Fire
, Tunguska–the Fire in the Sky

Electric Meteors/Bolides --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
Meteors and bolides come into the earth's electrical environment with varying degrees of charge differential. Many time meteors begin to glow at 60 mile altitude, way too high for friction to heat them up. Sometimes bolides come in at a low speed and traverse the sky leaving a smoky trail before they burst with excessive charge. See:

Gorges and Canyons --ADD TEXT - (CJSM)
Gorges and canyons are overwhelmingly the result of EDM discharges. See:

River Systems - (CJSM)
River systems are generally the result of precipitated water or ice melt finding an existing canyon or rille, and then flowing down that new EDM'd channel. Many rivers have NOT eroded much of their channel, at least for most of it. Examples are Colorado River in the Grand Canyo and the Crooked River in eastern Oregon. See: Rivers and River Canyons,

Linguistic Premises

Original Telepathy - (CJSM)
It is the this site that before and during the Golden Age on earth humans had the faculty of telepathic communication, one to one and one to many; and that this facility precluded the necessity of verbal sound symbol language. During this era, the voice would have been used primarily in the production of music and in intimate relationship as emotional signals.
     There are various levels of telepathy extant today, but they seem like they are vague or indistinct, and are not well understood.  See: Telepathy

Telepathic Breakdown - (CJSM)
When the Saturnian Polar system broke up, the attendant catastrophe overwhelmingly traumatized the human race and also changed the electro-dynamic environment. Probably through some combination of these two developments the race lost most of this telepathic functionality. Certain cultures like the aborigines of Australia retain a limited form of it. Outside of that only various vestiges of the ability remain today in the balance of human society, and there is a strong correlation with close familial relationships like siblings, especially twins, and mother and daughter. There are strong clues concerning its nature and development in individuals, but these clues make no sense in today's modern scientific paradigm. See: Further thoughts on Telepathy

Oral Language Development - (CJSM)
Various cultures around the world of necessity had to simultaneously and rapidly develop sound-symbol languages to communicate beyond the usage of mere signals. THIS was the origin of the approximately 100 different verbal languages we find around the world today. The evidence from around the world indicates that these original languages sprang up simultaneously. This would have been a necessary form of communication to replace the loss of telepathic ability. See: Origin of Oral Language, Saturn Theory of Language Development, Mythic Roots of Language

Planet Based Word Origins - (CJSM)
The first major premise being put forth is that at least some if not most or all "words"[*] in the various languages were coined during and/or soon after the Saturnian breakup. A second and more extensive premise posits that the main communicational system existing at that time was telepathic, and that oral languages developed at the time of the breakup because the telepathic system broke down, leaving  pockets of human beings with each isolated pocket needing to develop a local system based on sound symbols. See: Astral Catastrophic Linguistics, Star Words, "No Eight" Equals Night Language Development

Language Not Precede Alignment - (CJSM)
"I do not believe that the languages familiar to us can be traced back to, or will point back to, any systematic language prior to the polar configuration." - David Talbott
See: Aspects of the Development of Oral Language

"Night" Relates to "No Eight" - (CJSM)
 In about 20 languages–maybe more–there is an undeniable pattern where the word for "night" is a contraction of the two words "no" and "eight". Is this just a coincidence? Hardly! But why should this be? See: No Eight Equals Night Development, No Eight Discussion

Alphabet/Script Development

Plasma Form Alphabets/Punctuation - (CJSM)
On the track of an ancient road in the desert west of the Nile, where soldiers, couriers and traders once traveled from Thebes to Abydos, Egyptologists have found limestone inscriptions that they say are the earliest known examples of alphabetic writing. See: Egyptologists find earliest use of ABC’s, 3,800-Year-Old Global Alphabet,

Plasma Form Based Hieroglyphics --ADD TEXT - (CJSM)
The premise is that just as phonetic languages and words developed in response to the loss of telepathy and were associated with the planet-god activity, so did alphabet characters and hieroglyphics developed from plasma forms writ large in the sky.  These forms are represented by the majority of petroglyphs and petrographs. See:

Life Science Premises

Human Creation - (CJSM)
Given that the Original Creator was/is totally and only human, it follows that every human being was inaugurated to be an equal creative agency. What this means is that our human family, even though fallen and rogue, designed the terra-forming of the earth, its ecosystem and its life forms. See: Creation of Nature, The Meaning of Evolution

Life development Sequence - (CJSM)
When you look at the geological and paleological record of the earth with an open mind, it becomes obvious that there was an intelligent sequence of terraforming and then in the introduction of life forms. Many of the early life forms were integral to the terraforming process. The earliest life forms were anaerobic, and then came 4 different versions of photosynthesis. See: Life Development Sequence on Earth

Gravity Increase --ADD LINK - (CJSM)
The premise is that the great catastrophe of the polar column breakup with the significant change in the earth's EMF caused a fourfold increase in the earth's field-force of gravity. See:

Dinosaur Extinction - (CJSM)
This premise is that the "great" extinction of the mega-fauna and dinosaurs was caused by a fourfold increase in the earth's field-force of gravity, rendering many of the mega-fauna immobile. This development was concurrent with the Polar ice dumps. See: Antarctic Fossil Questions