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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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“One of the most ordinary weaknesses of the human intellect is to seek to reconcile contrary principles, and to purchase peace at the expense of logic. Thus there have ever been, and will ever be, men who, after having submitted some portion of their religious belief to the principle of authority, will seek to exempt several other parts of their faith from its influence, and to keep their minds floating at random between liberty and obedience.” - Hugh Hewitt

The Major Premises
Updated: 04/02/2020

Foundational Premises - 13 of 88

General Premise Premise of New Paradigm Needed
Premise of Direct Spiritual Access Premise of Proper Starting Point
Premise of Word Definitions Premise of Focus for Belief
Premise of Global Confusion Premise of Defeatism
Premise of Truth Setting Us Free Premise of Internal Reference Point
Premise of Understanding Before Belief Premise of Worship Definition
Premise of Fear versus Worship Premise of

Theological Premises - 13

Premise of "God" Definition Premise of Self Continuity
Premise of FRAMING Jesus Premise of Good News
Premise of Human Creator Premise of Heavenly Families
Premise of God the Father Premise of Sin Definition
Premise of Unity Salvation Premise of Believer Safety
Premise of Jesus Not Messiah Premise of God Not Involved
Premise of Limited Foreknowledge Premise of Mission Failure

Christendom Premises - 4

Premise of Disciple Unbelief Premise of Disciples Not Apostles
Premise of Not Following Instructions Premise of Early Christianity

Bible/Canon Premises - 4

Premise of Old Testament Allegory Premise of Eyewitness Accounts
Premise of Synoptic Gospels Premise of Extra-Canonical Accounts

Catastrophism/Saturnian Reconstruction Premises - 14

Premise of Saturn System Premise of Saturn as Ancient Sun
Premise of Edenic Golden Age Premise of Saturn System Capture
Premise of Birth of Venus Premise of Ancient Global Catastrophe
Premise of Polar Configuration Premise of Mars Align Catastrophes
Premise of Polar Columns Premise of Polar Alignment Breakup
Premise of Column Collapse Premise of New Solar Orbits
Premise of Orbital Flyby Catastrophes Premise of Orbital Circularization

Philosophical Premises - 10

Premise of 5 Knowledge Types Premise of Transaction Types
Premise of Axiomatic Metaphysics Premise of Time and Space Nature
Premise of Ordinate Spiritual Reality Premise of Intellectual Responsibility
Premise of Volition Levels Premise of Belief versus Knowledge
Premise of Ethics versus Morality Premise of Freedom Versus Liberty

Psychological Premises - 8

Premise of Sexual Categories Premise of Psychological Profiles
Premise of Mystical Experience Premise of Ground of Creativity
Premise of Racial Amnesia/Denial Premise of Relentless Indifference
Premise of Ego Healing Premise of Bicameral Brain/Mind

Cosmological Premises - 8

Premise of The Electric Universe Premise of Electric Stars
Premise of Growing Universe Premise of Galactic Birth
Premise of Electric Galactic Dynamics Premise of Galactic Axial Rotation
Premise of Electric Birkland Currents Premise of Electric Comets

Geophysical Premises - 8

Premise of Electric Geo-Dynamics Premise of Electric Discharge Scarring
Premise of Electric Weather Dynamics Premise of Electric Climate Dynamics
Premise of Electric Volcanoes Premise of Electric Earthquakes
Premise of Electric Comet Disasters Premise of Electric Meteors/Bolides
Premise of Premise of

Chronological Premises - 2

Premise of Shorter BCE Chronology Premise of Shorter CE Chronology
Premise of Premise of

Language Premises - 4

Premise of Original Telepathy Premise of Telepathic Breakdown
Premise of Oral Language Development Premise of Planet Based Word Origins

Life Science Premises - 4

Premise of Human Creation Premise of Life development Sequence
Premise of Gravity Increase Premise of Dinosaur Extinction

General Premise

The general premise of the site is that the world's religious thinking and belief is mired in an ancient yet FALSE and inadequate PARADIGM developed by people traumatized by global catastrophe. Thus in this foundational paradigm the principal assumptions–including those of Christendom–have missed dealing with some of the most important issues, have inculcated various amounts–sometimes vast amounts–of mythological material from these psychologically disturbed ancient authors of myth, and have simply failed to address adequately and therefore overcome the human condition. See: Human Context, Human Consensus

Premise of New Paradigm Needed

The words "new paradigm" have been bandied about so much that they are now trite, having lost most of their impact. But there is no good substitute, for what is needed IS a DIFFERENT paradigm of God. It will not work to remodel the old paradigm, which is what has been happening for the last 1300 years, because it needs to be decommissioned and swept away!
     It is impossible to understand the history of the earth and humans without organizing the information into the proper paradigm. The current paradigms cannot handle and clarify our reality, and what we have is an unintelligible jumble. See: Paradigm Integration Gospel Paradigm

Premise of Direct Spiritual Access

Another key premise is that since we have direct access to inner spiritual truth, for the intellectually responsible people the spiritual issues are actually EASIER to sort out than the scientific ones! AND doing so promises to deliver ever so much more benefit to the human race. See: Self as Starting Point, The Sound Philosophical Foundation

Premise of Proper Starting Point

In an age when "muscular atheism" is pitted against "muscular religion" in hundreds of books, thousands of articles and lectures, what is needed is a more proper starting point. What is the MOST unusual and profound aspect of this site IS this different starting point, which is our own legitimate needs and desires. As the philosopher Schopenhauer said, "A human may very well do what he wants, but cannot will what he wants".
    First and foremost we should build upon what HAS TO BE PRIMARY, that which we KNOW directly; not upon "spiritual" material from some external agency, source or writings, but from what is meaningful to ourselves, what we intrinsically and legitimately need and desire. We did NOT design these aspects of ourselves, and they are not in controversy. Therefore, if the subject doesn't relate to these two facets of ourselves, it is NOT an important issue! This is the fundamental aspect of the site's approach that is different, and this point cannot be overemphasized!

Premise of Word Definitions

A primary issue that CANNOT be overlooked is the matter of word definitions. Key word definitions are crucial. Words and phrases are the lenses and windows that we SEE through, not only in our own thinking and understanding, but also in expressing to others what we intend, and in receiving what they mean. When this channel of communication of meaning is inadequate, diverted or darkened because of opaque, distorted, foggy word definitions, we all lose part of the very essence of living in ALL areas: intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially, etc. Corruption of words and language is corruption of society in a primary way. Few realize that George Orwell's nightmare, in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, is the idea behind “doublethink” or "Newspeak", i.e., to alter the nature of language. See: Key Term Definitions

Premise of Focus for Belief

Question of focus An easy issue to decide but often not thought about directly is whether spiritually it is more important to focus on WHAT to believe rather than on intensity of belief. The Truth is apprehended by the mind, and then affirmed by the heart. The written word cannot approach you, smile, and look you in the eye while conveying a sense of goodwill and respect. An article cannot exude a desire for fellowship, commonality, and greater bonding unity. Its pathway cannot address any of the senses except the eyes that channel information from the text to the mind. While this can be a disadvantage, it can be a very good thing in that it cuts out all the other sensory avenues that can influence the emotions to divert and swing the mind to go in a false direction.

Premise of Global Confusion

Through increased population and communicational technology, the total number of unworthy philosophical and religious ideas and variations is exploding in magnitude, and yet there is no corresponding return to the foundation, no increase in dealing with the real issues, and no increase in clarity. Along with the other religions, Christendom is hopelessly infused–contaminated if you will–with ancient mythology and "traditional" thinking, structures, ceremonies, idolatry etc., that have nothing to do with the real God or the real issues.

Premise of Defeatism

There is a false global psychological conclusion, buttressed by our experience, that has captured or captivated the human race; that we cannot have the full package of our intrinsic and legitimate needs and desires fulfilled. This is the message that comes from nature, history and our experience, and it is stolidly BELIEVED!

Premise of Truth Setting Us Free

Few would be willing to say that anything else will set us free. The J-person not only said that it would set us free, but emphasized it by saying, "You will be free indeed! See: Freedom versus Liberty,

Premise of Internal Reference Point

Our internal reference point is our idealism, the spark of God within us. See: What to Do. Value of Idealism

Premise of Understanding Before Belief

The site posits that we can only understand the Originator first of all by understanding ourselves, and his needs and desires BY SEEING AND UNDERSTANDING OUR OWN, and that furthermore, there is nothing about God that is mystical or that cannot be understood to the same degree that we can understand any other human being. A foundational premise is that this "understanding" ALWAYS precedes belief in the truth! A corollary is that it always precedes appropriate love and respect. See: Using the Internal Reference Point, The Value of Idealism

Premise of Worship Definition

Life is what we have, what we want to retain; It's all about life. Therefore the true and proper definition of worship is to give credit for the sustenance and enhancement of life. Services, rite, ceremonies, litergy, etc. are NOT worship, which takes place internally.

Premise of Fear versus Worship

Fear is the OPPOSITE of worship, in that it is granting that some agency or development may terminate or interfere with the sustenance and/por the enhancement of life.

Premise of "God" Definition

The world's religions–including Christendom–are fundamentally MISGUIDED in the way that they think about, relate to, and treat the concept of God, and do so in contrast to the posited Revelation of God. The concept of "God" must be decoupled from that of a "Creator" because a "Creator" does NOT have to be good or loving. A God worthy of the term may only be reasonably defined by having the mature, ideal human character, purpose, and values. Ancient concepts of God were NOT based on this but rather on planet characteristics and behavior, resulting in false worship mythology.

Premise of Self Continuity

To speak of having past lives is a fundamental negation of self identity and self worth. If I had a past life with a different name, family, personality, memory, gender, characteristics, etc., it wouldn't be ME, and likewise, any future life of such wouldn't be ME either. "I" am here NOW, with infinite and eternal value! The real "ME" MUST have seamless continuity. Even if this continuity is broken by death, in any "resurrection" or "reincarnation" it must be picked up exactly where it left off! All such spiritual paradigms that fail this criterion violate this fundamental principle of continuity and are spiritual rubbish!
It is necessary for the continuity of personal identity so that each person can be assured that they have not arbitrarily been altered in ANY way! Each resurrected human needs to be in personal charge of whatever changes that are made to them. Once resurrected as they were, only then can they be rejuvenated, healed and remodeled up to THEIR OWN specifications, which will of course include gender and body features. See: Continuity of persona sovereignty

Premise of FRAMING Jesus

The site posits that the Revelation of God was purposed for this understanding, and is a clarification and confirmation of the above. However, for Christendom, Jesus is currently FRAMED as God by the Old Testament Law and the Prophets, and this approach, although traditional, is NOT VALID. The proper FRAMING for the life and message of Jesus as a revelation of the Creator would have to surpass and be uncontaminated by ancient mythology. This framing must be the "human condition" pursuant to the ULTIMATE ISSUES that affect us, and ONLY THEN letting knowledge of ancient culture and thinking educate us to lesser issues like exegesis and translation of the Gospels. See: Getting the FRAMING right

Premise of Good News

This good news is FAR BETTER than what has been explicated by formal religion so far, and includes a great and desperately needed resolution of the human condition. Most importantly, one major premise is that we should NOT be waiting for God; because God is waiting for us! The resolution must be imminent.

Premise of Human Creator

The original Creator that alone began the creation of the cosmos was, is, and always will be totally and only human. There is no higher life form such as demons or angels, which are only human messengers. Both in the Old Testament and the New, angels are referred to as men. All humans are children of God and were meant to be co-equals with the original. All were meant to share in the creation process, though some are are now fallen and sub-human. See: Paradigm Nature of Jesus, Children of God

Premise of Heavenly Families

The corpus of humans in the universe are organized into families with familial sovereignty..

Premise of God the Father

The premise is that the Originator turned over the management of the universe to his children, When some the children embraced a wrong, negative concept of the Creator and infected a whole family with Sin, they separated themselves from the larger family community and set out to install a perverse set of values and way of life in their domain. They created a system of predatory competition, and ultimately became so fallen that there was no hope that they would turn around and repent of their false and mean concept. The time came when the originator volunteered to come to earth with a saving mission. In order to be born a human on earth, he had to stop existing as his normal self. The united unfallen humans of the universe caused Mary to become pregnant with a son, and that is why Jesus referred to this agency as the Father or My Father.

Premise of Sin Definition

The word usually used by Jesus translated as "sin" means as a verb to miss the mark, and as a noun it refers to the distance of the miss. Jesus made it very clear that he was referring to missing the mark in terms of concept of God, and NOT to behavior or transgression of the law. See: Paradigm of Sin, Fasting and Praying Bring Sin, Original Sin as Failure

Premise of Unity Salvation

Real, effective unity requires unity of purpose, values, and of our paradigm or our framework for our understanding of reality. This is unity on the belief level, just what J called for. Effective unity of purpose, values and paradigm is ESSENTIAL for peace and goodwill to flourish in human affairs and to engender great societies. BUT all this efficacy is ENTIRELY predicated upon unity in the TRUTH! Living freely, happily and flourishing forever in eternity would be impossible without this level of unity. See: Salvation through unity, Power in unity

Premise of Believer Safety

It makes no sense, if literal salvation of the world comes through the unity of believers, and that starts happening through the development of a "seed crystal", that those believing and following the directions to come into unity should die, be incapacitated, or be wiped out in any way. The pre-empowerment truth believers should be protected by the unfallen agency called God the Father. This is the MINIMAL amount of involvement hy God that it is most reasonable to expect.

Premise of Jesus Not Messiah

See: Why I am not a Christian

Premise of God Not Involved

Given that our human family on earth has familial sovereignty like we extend to each other family, the rest of the universe does NOT have the right to interfere with impunity in our affairs. Such interference that is accepted in most mainstream theology would open up a nightmare to justify. Most acknowledged involvement by God in human affairs is an unwarranted assumption and just wishful thinking. The premise is that even with a certain degree of supra-normal elements–these can be vestiges of earlier empowerment–God is not involved in human affairs. See: God Not involved

Premise of Limited Foreknowledge

See: God's foreknowledge. Calvinism Theology

Premise of Mission Failure

Early in the writing of his Gospel (chapter 3) John gives four laments. These laments are of crucial importance, because John is actually lamenting the the mission of Yeshua to our world was a failure of what was hoped for and expected beforehand by the unfallen hosts of heaven. The premise is that at some point in his ministry, Yeshua had to turn his face from plan A–saving the world at that time–to plan B–leaving the world in misery until some awakened and could see and understand the true meaning of his life and death demonstration. See: Gospel of John Laments

Premise of Disciple Unbelief

The disciples of yeshua didn't listen well, didn't pay enough attention, were intellectually dense, and didn't understand and catch the vision. John laments that the revelation of God to the earthlings was a failure. See: The 12 Disciples

Premise of Disciples Not Apostles

The word "apostle" signifies something like a business partner with full authority to represent the business or organization and to make binding deals. See:

Premise of Not Following Instructions

See: The instruction of Yeshua were for his followers to love one another and come into unity on everything that matters. The disciples that founded Christianity not only didn't understand the nature of the "kingship of the heavens", but they also failed to winnow out sin be coming into the saving unity. Not even John and Thomas followed the instructions and stayed together; John went off to Egypt, and Thomas went off to Ceylon.

Premise of Early Christianity


Premise of Old Testament Allegory

See: Fabulous Old Testament Allegories

Premise of Eyewitness Accounts


Premise of Synoptic Gospels


Premise of Extra-Canonical Accounts


Premise of Saturn System


Premise of Saturn as Ancient Sun


Premise of Edenic Golden Age


Premise of Saturn System Capture


Premise of Birth of Venus


Premise of Ancient Global Catastrophe


Premise of Polar Configuration


Premise of Mars Align Catastrophes


Premise of Polar Columns


Premise of Polar Alignment Breakup


Premise of Column Collapse


Premise of New Solar Orbits


Premise of Orbital Flyby Catastrophes


Premise of Orbital Circularization


Premise of Racial Amnesia and Denial

In a world where we constantly live in a reality that implies that we don't matter, our favorite, most common method of making ourselves feel good is to compare ourselves with those that are less fortunate! This should make a person feel good, to compare to others not as well off? What kind of psychologically sick ploy is that?

Premise of Relentless Indifference


Premise of Ego Healing


Premise of Bicameral Brain/Mind


Premise of Shorter BCE Chronology

See: Did the early Middle ages really exist?, The Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient Israel

Premise of Shorter CE Chronology

See: Doubtful CE Chronology, AD Chronology and 8th Century Palestine,

Premise of Original Telepathy

It is the premise of this site that before and during the Golden Age on earth humans had the faculty of telepathic communication, one to one and one to many; and that this facility precluded the necessity of verbal sound symbol language. During this era, the voice would have been used primarily in the production of music and in intimate relationship as emotional signals.

There are various levels of telepathy extant today, but they seem like they are vague or indistinct, and are not well understood.  See: Telepathy

Premise of Telepathic Breakdown

When the Saturnian Polar system broke up, the attendant catastrophe overwhelmingly traumatized the human race and also changed the electro-dynamic environment. Probably through some combination of these two developments the race lost most of this telepathic functionality. Certain cultures like the aborigines of Australia retain a limited form of it. Outside of that only various vestiges of the ability remain today in the balance of human society, and there is a strong correlation with close familial relationships like siblings, especially twins, and mother and daughter. There are strong clues concerning its nature and development in individuals, but these clues make no sense in today's modern scientific paradigm. See: Further thoughts on Telepathy

Premise of Oral Language Development

Various cultures around the world of necessity had to simultaneously and rapidly develop sound-symbol languages to communicate beyond the usage of mere signals. THIS was the origin of the approximately 100 different verbal languages we find around the world today. The evidence from around the world indicates that these original languages sprang up simultaneously. This would have been a necessary form of communication to replace the loss of telepathic ability. See:

Premise of Planet Based Word Origins


Premise of Mystical Experience


Premise of Ground of Creativity


Premise of The Electric Universe


Premise of Electric Stars


Premise of Growing Universe


Premise of Galactic Birth


Premise of Electric Galactic Dynamics


Premise of Galactic Axial Rotation

Galaxies rotate as a whole around the galactic axis, which is a kind of electrical feature. Individual components of a galaxy (stars and globular clusters) do NOT revolve around a center of mass, but revolve around the axis. See:

Premise of Electric Birkland Currents


Premise of Electric Comets

Comets are those pieces of material–torn out of the rocky planets by ancient interplanetary discharges–that have highly elliptical orbits in which they spend lots of time in a different electrical environment and collect high amounts of charge. See: Electric Comets

Premise of Electric Geo-Dynamics


Premise of Electric Discharge Scarring


Premise of Electric Weather Dynamics

Electric charge differential drive the winds and the currents in the oceans. Tornadoes and waterspouts are driven electrically and are electric discharge features. Cyclones and hurricanes are also driven electrically and are electric discharge features. See: Electric Tornadoes, Electric Waterspouts, Electric Hurricanes.

Premise of Electric Climate Dynamics


Premise of Electric Volcanoes


Premise of Electric Earthquakes

The earth has huge areas of plates or strata that act like PNP or NPN semiconductor transistors that collect charge and charge up. Sometimes the discharge is sudden with strata slippage and displacement, Earthquakes are electric discharge events.

Premise of Electric Comet Disasters

Comets are those pieces of material–torn out of the rocky planets by ancient interplanetary discharges–that have highly elliptical orbits in which they spend lots of time in a different electrical environment and collect high amounts of charge. When they come near the earth, comets always disrupt the earths electrical fields, and sometime discharge and rain down electrified material in a serious disaster. See: Electric Comets, The Great Chicago Fire, Tunguska–the Fire in the Sky

Premise of Electric Meteors/Bolides


Premise of 5 Knowledge Types

  1. Intrinsic knowledge is internal, and is the most reliable or trustworthy knowledge that we have.
  2. Sensory knowledge is personal, dependent upon intrinsic knowledge, and usually takes a minimum of interpretation.
  3. Evidential knowledge is composed of personally experienced evidence, has an external source, and is significantly less reliable than intrinsic or sensory knowledge.
  4. Experiential knowledge is composed of perhaps prolonged personal life experiences, and the validity of this knowledge is conditional on  personal interpretation.
  5. Consentual knowledge is composed of knowledge that others have shared that we consent to hold. This externally derived knowledge. Often the consent is given based purely on the lack of any reason not to trust and should always be held with skepticism.

Premise of Transactions Types

INVOLVEMENT versus RELATIONSHIP: There are three types of human involvement or social transaction–taking giving and trading, and one type of morale building human relationship, sharing. People can be generally categorized into four types based on their primary way of interacting with others–takers, givers, traders, and sharers.

Premise of Axiomatic Metaphysics

There can be no such thing as nothing, which is only a mathematical conceptual reference point. And anything that can be counted can never be infinite. All reality, both spiritual and physical, is sensed or apprehended through contrast, change or difference. See: Axiomatic Philosophy,

Premise of Time and Space Nature

What we mean by the word "time" is an event or a sequence of events. The universe has a finite volume, but does not have infinite space. Space is a mathematical construct from using the Cartesian coordinates. Both Time and Space had a beginning, and are eternal. Time and Space are in the universe; the universe is not in Time and Space. See: Axiomatic Philosophy, The Nature of Time, Nature of Time video, The Nature of Space

Premise of Ordinate Spiritual Reality


Premise of Intellectual Responsibility


Premise of Volition Levels


Premise of Belief versus Knowledge


Premise of Freedom Versus Liberty

See: Freedom versus Liberty

Premise of Ethics versus Morality

See: Ethics versus Morality

Premise of Sexual Categories


Premise of Psychological Profiles


Premise of Human Creation

Given that the Original Creator was/is totally and only human, it follows that every human being was inaugurated to be an equal creative agency. What this means is that our human family, even though fallen and rogue, designed the terra-forming of the earth, its ecosystem and its life forms. See: Creation of Nature, The Meaning of Evolution

Premise of Life development Sequence

When you look at the geological and paleological record of the earth with an open mind, it becomes obvious that there was an intelligent sequence of terraforming and then in the introduction of life forms. Many of the early life forms were integral to the terraforming process. The earliest life forms were anaerobic, and then came 4 different versions of photosynthesis. See: Life Development Sequence on Earth

Premise of Gravity Increase

The premise is that the great catastrophe of the polar column breakup with the significant change in the earth's EMF cause a fourfold increase in the earth's field-force of gravity. See:

Premise of Dinosaur Extinction

This premise is that the "great" extinction of the mega-fauna and dinosaurs was caused by a fourfold increase in the earth's field-force of gravity, rendering many of the mega-fauna immobile. This development was concurrent with the Polar ice dumps. See: Antarctic Fossil Questions

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