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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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All religions promise a reward ... for excellences of the will or heart, but none for excellences of the head or understanding. - Arthur Schopenhauer

What is equally as certain is that religions punish those that challenge their sacred cows and shibboleths. - Site author Michael Armstrong

Enshrined Ignorance
Updated: 02/04/2020

The following is just a small sample of significant questions leading to information that our religious and cultural educational agencies fail to enlighten us with. Get the picture? After reading the questions and the supporting material, ask yourself if these did not plow the ground of your belief a little, loosen your belief system and challenge your paradigm a little.

  1. Do you know that the ancient Greek word "hypocrisy" was always used to describe an actor or puppet? Because these entities are not portraying genuine or natural communication but SCRIPTED and controlled content, the word means not using your natural and legitimate judgment or critical thinking! See: Hypocrisy Analysis
  2. Do you know that galactic rotation is axial, wherein the parts–stars and globular clusters–revolve around the galactic axis, and do NOT revolve around the galaxy's center of mass? See: Galactic Rotation
  3. Do you know that Jesus defines sin, not as bad behavior, but as missing the mark in terms of concept or understanding of God? See: Translation Issues and Sin Paradigm
  4. Do you know why the Mayans smashed massive amounts of pottery on the top of some of their pyramids?
  5. Do you know why there is a profound difference between the concept of a creator and the concept of a God that is never appreciated nor dealt with? See: Site Approach and Article on Something Meaningful
  6. Do you know that there is not one but 3 different types of photosynthesis–C3, C4 and CAM–in the plant kingdom, and that they were introduced at different times in the history of the earth? See: Sequence of Earth Life Forms
  7. Do you know why the city of Rome was first known as "Saturnia" and why the first temple built was the temple of Saturn? See: Ancient Saturn Worship
  8. Do you know that the words of Jesus, "Take up your cross and follow me" should be translated as "Pull up your tethering stake and follow me", wherein tethering stake refers not to a commitment to suffering but to being tied down with the trappings–forms and spiritual influences–of the old paradigm or religion? See: "take up cross fallacy"
  9. Do you know that most if not all Ancient populations worshipped the planet Saturn as God or the chief God in the pantheon, and do you know why? See: Saturn-Jupiter-Mythology
  10. Do you know that Satan and the Devil are not the same? That there is no "Devil" in the Old Testament, and why? See: The Devil and Satan
  11. Do you know that Sanskrit is a root language for English? So much so that a speaker of Sanskrit and one of English could find enough common ground to begin to talk with each other
  12. Do you know the history of Bible canon development? See: Canon Information and Editing the Bible and Inventing the Bible-Talmud.
  13. Do you know that the word "religion" originally meant binding people together again with logic? See: Key Term Definitions - Religion
  14. Do you know that electricity powers the formation and function of tornadoes, waterspouts, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons?  See: Electrostatic and Electrodynamic Tornado Factors, Electric Waterspouts, Electric Tornadoes and Electric Hurricanes
  15. Do you know that belief is the wellspring for feelings and behavior? That without proper belief, one cannot have proper feelings and behavior? See: Faith and Belief
  16. Do you know that essentially all ancient populations worshipped "the Bull of Heaven" and why? See: Misc Ancient Myth Material
  17. Do you know that modern geological theory was devised as a reaction to the heavy handed non-scientific creationism dogma of the Church of England, and was formulated by armchair activists that weren't even geologists? See: Origin of Modern Geology
  18. Do you know that the average human female menstruation cycle is tied to the lunar month of 29.5 days, and that this was not so during the Golden Age? See: Saturn-Jupiter Material
  19. Do you know that Italy was first known as the land of Saturn, and that the Latins considered themselves to be the children of Saturn? "Be not unaware," Virgil writes, "that the Latins are Saturn's race, righteous not by bond or laws, but self-controlled of their own free will and by the custom of their ancient god."
  20. Do you know that the first Christian martyr was killed by his contemporaries because he denounced the prevailing religion as being just Saturn worship? See: Sanctuary was Moloch's Tent
  21. Do you know that Globular Clusters are groups or "bubbles" of stars within galaxies that maintain their structure wherein the internal stars are stationary and just remain in place seemingly oblivious to and in defiance of the force of gravity? See: Globular Clusters
  22. Are you aware that we most often make our ethical decisions not between what is good and what is bad, but between the lesser of the two evils? See: Definition of Life
  23. Do you know that "When NBC featured Forbidden Archeology in its 1996 program The Mysterious Origins of Man, hosted by Charlton Heston, establishment scientists lobbied the FCC to fine NBC for airing this opposing view"?![*]
  24. Do you realize that even though it is universally believed by Christians that the term "Hosanna" is a term of praise, it is NOT, but is actually an emphatic demand which means "Save us NOW!"
  25. Are you aware that the universe does NOT exist in time, but that time exists in the universe? See: Definition of Time
  26. Do you know that while the Originator may have created the beginning of the physical universe, it is unfathomable that any agency worthy of the term God created the predatory competition system that we find earth's nature to be today? See: Violence of Nature, Source of Creativity and Meaning of Evolution
  27. Do you know what is the most powerful religion in the world? See: Scientism Religion and The Modern Mythology

A little learning is a dangerous thing;           
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring; 
Their shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
And drinking largely sobers us again.

  1. Do you know that the multifarious languages on Earth did NOT develop from a language that God gave humans, or even from a mother tongue? See: Linguistic Development and Linguistic Roots
  2. Are you aware that there is preserved tropical vegetation and life forms beneath the ice cap of Antarctica? Do you understand the implications of this? See: Antarctic Fossil Questions
  3. Do you know that some Bibles say, "Thou shalt commit adultery" as the seventh commandment?  See: https://infogalactic.com/info/Wicked_Bible
  4. Do you know that the summit of Mt. Everest, ostensibly the highest elevation on Earth, is composed of marine limestone? What are the obvious implications of this? See: https://infogalactic.com/info/Mount_Everest#Geology
  5. Do you know that Christianity is founded mostly on the concepts of Peter and Paul, not on what Jesus taught, and most importantly, founded contrary to what is in the Gospel of John?  See:  Christendom's Twin Pillars and Subversion of Christianity and Christendom Idolatry
  6. Do you know that Jesus indicated that when he departed there would not be belief of the truth on the Earth? See: Luke 18:8 "However, with the Son of man passing, will he really find faith [πίστιν] on the earth? Evidently not!" (Commentary - The phrase in question is asked in a Greek rhetorical mode where the answer is always negative, hence "obviously not" is built in and the " Evidently not!" has been added to give the true meaning of the text in English.)
  7. Do you know the essential difference between Protestantism and Catholicism? For Protestants, the Bible is the "Word of God" and the J-person has put his stamp of approval on this idea. For Catholics, the J-person has put his stamp of approval upon the understandings and dogmas promulgated by the disciples headed by Peter, and the Pope is the latest in a long line of God-appointed authorities, infallible when he is speaking ex cathedra. See:  Reformation
  8. Do you have aby idea of why firstborns are twice as likely to be virgins at 21 than later-born children?
  9. Are you aware that the evidence shows that Augustine circa 400 CE seems to be the first person in all of recorded history to fully embrace self consciousness or to achieve a higher level of self identity, and why? See: Loss & Recovery of Self-Consciousness
  10. Do you know that the phrase "kingdom of heaven" in the Gospels should be translated as "kingship of the heavens", and why? See: Kingship of the Heavens
  11. Are you aware that the universe does NOT exist in space, but that space exists in the universe? See: Nature and Definition of Space
  12. Do you know that Jesus said that if you fast and pray you will bring sin unto yourself, and why he said this? See: Sin of Fasting/Praying - Thomas 6,14,104
  13. Do you know that the opposite of love is not hate but indifference? See: Meaning and Existentialism
  14. Are you aware that the words "Ecclesia", "Parousia" and "Apocalypse" are seriously mis-defined and misunderstood by modern Christendom? See: Ecclesia Definition and Parousia, Apocalypse Definitions
  15. Do you know that Jesus told us what he wants from us in the strongest possible terms, and it isn't what you think? See: Thoughts on Unity
  16. Do you know about the five categories of knowledge and their descending level of validity and certainty? See: Knowledge Categories
  17. Are you aware that when Christmas carolers sing "Noel" they are actually singing a word that means "No God"!
  18. Do you know that in every normal human being the bicameral brain-mind is the seat of not one but two distinct forms of consciousness? See: Jaynes-Bicameral Mind and Bicameral Mind Paradigm
  19. Are you aware that Jesus at the last advised his followers to literally buy and carry swords as weapons? See: Synoptic Text Combination - Luke 22:35-38
  20. Do you know the difference between ethics and morality? See: Ethics versus Morality
  21. Are you aware that the disaster known as the "Great Chicago Fire" burned an area about half the size of Oregon, wiped out the town of Peshtigo, with its population of about 2000 all killed, 200 miles away, and was caused by a piece of a comet? Nobody knows the total that died in that phenomenon. See: Great Chicago Fire I, Great Chicago Fire II and Great Chicago Fire III
  22. Do you know what are the 3 levels of volition? See: Free Will Article, Levels of Volition and Human Volition
  23. Are you aware that Meteor Crater in Arizona was NOT excavated by a meteor impact? See: Meteor Crater
  24. Do you know what is the most fundamental and unquestioned theological assumption that is held in common by almost all religions? See: Truth Barriers
  25. Do you know that the "Big Bang" theory is primarily a religious one? See: Religious Big Bang, Big Bang "Science" and The Fingers of God
  26. Are you aware that the eyewitness Gospel writer John says 4 times in the first 3 chapters that Jesus' ministry on earth was a failure at that time? See: 4 Laments on the Failure
  27. Do you know that radiometric dating (carbon 14, potassium-argon, etc.) is generally and usually invalid? In 1986, lava came out of Mt. St. Helens volcano.  In 1997, five samples of the lava flow were analyzed and dated by the method of radioisotope (potassium - argon method to be exact) : the result was not only that contemporary events were dated differently, but that the actual date (just 11 years later) yielded dates ranging from less than half a million years to almost 3 million years. The maximum percentage error committed in this "measurement" is about 2,000,000,000% , two billion percent! Try not laughing at the thought that ancient fossils are dated using this "advanced scientific technique."
  28. Are you aware that the entire structure of Protestant theology hinges upon 3 fundamental assumptions, which are among many others? See: Common Theological Assumptions
  29. Do you know that the celestial power invoked by the world's first religions as the "sun" god is not the body we call sun today. See: The Central, Polar Sun I
  30. Are you aware that the Grand Canyon in the SW USA is a giant electric arc scar on a huge raised discharge blister ridge known as a fulgamite? The canyon was probably scoured out, or Electric Discharge Machined out of layered underlying material hundreds of thousands of years old, in less than 20 minutes. See: Origin of Grand Canyon and Origin of Grand Canyon II
  31. Do you know that there is another canyon a few hundred miles away in NW Mexico, machined out by the same type electric discharge machining (EDM) process, that is about 4 times as big as the Grand Canyon? See: https://infogalactic.com/info/Copper_Canyon
  32. Do you know that "ring nebulae" visible in space are not really rings but only look like rings when we are staring down the barrel of hourglass-shaped Birkeland currents feeding the electric stars? See: Nature of Ring Nebula
  33. Are you aware that the ancient empire of Rome existed right alongside a sometimes more powerful empire, the empire of Parthia, to which they generally lost the wars and battles? See: https://infogalactic.com/info/Parthia
  34. Do you know that Thomas Edison spent his late years in courtrooms involved in legal suits instead of being in his laboratory? It wasn’t pretty –he fought against AC power with deception because his was DC.
  35. Are you aware that not only is Christendom divided into Catholicism and Protestantism but increasingly and more importantly is divided into quite disparate "Northern" and "Southern" versions? See: Religious Diversity
  36. Do you know that hourglass-shaped or conical shaped "planetary" nebulae may actually be the norm, showing the diffuse electrical current necked down on and feeding the stars with energy? See: Wings of a Butterfly and Impossible Cosmology
  37. Are you aware that in the star and crescent symbol for Islam, the star represents Mars inside the cusps of the golden crescent backdrop of Saturn?
  38. Do you know why in about 20 common modern Indo-European languages the word for "night" is always the contraction of "no eight"? And why? See: The "No Eight" Pattern
  39. Do you realize that modern academia remains in ignorance and even suppresses the catastrophic Saturnian reconstruction of ancient times? See: The Modern Ignorance of the Saturnian Reconstruction
  40. Do you know why Jonathan Swift wrote: "When Saturn ruled the sky alone, that Golden Age of gold unknown"? See: The Golden Age Myth and The Golden Age
  41. Are you aware that E=mc^2 was advanced in 1875 by Samuel Tolver Preston in his book, The Physics of Ether? He even predicted atomic energy.
  42. Do you realize that in the fields of geology and archeology, findings in primary reports from the actual field scientists are filtered out in the published material for the public–such as magazine articles and textbooks–if it doesn't fit the current fashionable paradigm?
  43. Do you know how dolphins and porpoises–mammals that live in the water yet need to breathe air–manage to sleep, and the implications of this?
  44. How many people know that the word "ark" derives from a root that, in more than one language, translates into an ancient name for Saturn?
  45. Do you know WHY the Hebrew word for "face" comes from the verb "to turn, spin or rotate"?
  46. Do you realize that our human eyes–because of limited retinal and foveal area, a blind spot, blinking and darting–capture minimal actual data, and the brain does a massive amount of interpolation, projection and integration, and that most of what we "see" happens in the brain?
  47. Do you know that there are 887 large stone Moai statues on Easter or Rapa Nui Island in the Pacific ocean, and these don't represent ancestors but rather the ancient humanoid form seen in the ancient Saturnian sky?
  48. Are you aware that the 150 most popular and photographed Moai show just the upright head with a red hat representing Mars, where the rest of the body is buried in several meters of stratified ground on the slope of one of the three volcanoes on the island?
  49. Do you know that Easter Island is a rich area for petrographs, with about 1000 sites with a combined total of about 4000 carvings showing the ancient plasma instability forms seen in the ancient sky?
  50. Do you know that some of the small carved wooden figurines of gaunt, lanky entities on Easter island, called Mo'ai Kavakava for males and Mo'ai Paepae for females, have features of the plasma instability "squatter man", comparable to the Tiki idols and petroglyphs found around the world? See: Memories of Squatter Man, Chinese Longevity Symbol, Astral Origin of Symbols
  51. Do you understand why it is unreasonable to date the many pyramids around the world as being widely apart in age?

"But actually, any mention of the humourous sides of all this (the dating quagmire) is also semi-spurious. If the available information is as bad as I suggest..., the situation is more or less, culturally tragic. It remains odd that pro-Velikovskians seem not to perceive the ironies of this. The evolutionists burst ecclesiastical immutability in geology, the catastrophists attempt to burst assumptions of geological gradualism. Cosmology becomes highly mathematical, mankind sets foot on the moon and sends probes to Mars and beyond... but Prehistory remains enigmatic; ignorance seems to win." - Dan Bymes, The Velikovsky Debate: Finding a Date for Exodus, 1997

A short, hard-hitting exposé of the Global Warming scam:

[*] quote taken from Human Devolution, Joan D'Arc interviews Michael Cremo.

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