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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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"Dear God, please confirm what I already believe."
Coughlin, Andy, New Scientist, 30 November 2009
(Most common silent, unacknowledged prayer)

The Foundation of Religions
A look at various aspects
Updated: 12/06/2020

Underneath all the visible trappings, at the base of a religion is a paradigm with a foundational set of ideas. Usually there is one dogmatic concept that sits as the cornerstone and sets that religion apart, with the others of the set of dogmas forming the greater foundation, It may be telling that foundations in modern buildings are not designed to be elegant, perforce have to be buried, and so are somewhat covered up and hidden. Thus, atistic beauty and elegance are NOT concerns, but strength, durability, stability, solidity and soundness certainly are.

Just so it should be with the world's religious dogma structures. Yet. if you ask a random religious adherent as to what constitutes the foundational idea or assumption of his religion, he either cannot tell you or will give an irrelevant or shallow answer. Most of us don't know about the foundations of the buildings that we use or inhabit unless we get the drafted plans out of the archives and study them. Likewise to the belief structures we use– even though it is FAR more important to know the foundation of what directs our life–the common adherents usually cannot describe the foundation of their religion.

Most people are appallingly unfamiliar with
the very foundation of their religious belief.

In regard to the following material, it is most helpful to be familiar with the framework of the Saturnian Reconstruction of ancient times and its direct implications. It is practically and effectively impossible to understand the significant and relevant context of the ancient times without this, because the default is just to suppose and therefore impose what we are familiar with today, and this PRECLUDES the best or even a decent understanding.

Today, in Western culture there is a growing contingent of atheists and agnostics, and an ever growing plethora of religious "foundations". A low level war between the "believers" and the non-believers is waged using the media for cultural and political effect. Many (most?) people are not too impressed with either side and stand on the sidelines. See: Religious Diversity

Eye of God

We should all understand that back before the "time of Moses" there were no atheists or agnostics, no unbelievers, and never any argument on this issue. None! What was universally accepted as "God" or at least a "visible presence" of God was the tangible, golden, overwhelmingly glorious and prominent Saturn in the sky, more or less directly overhead. This manifestation of "God" was alive with visible, streaming energy and coruscating radiant activity, and was most seriously involved with the human race on earth. Just as our sun does today, this primeval sun god clearly supplied the energy and environment necessary to enhance and sustain life in this Edenic "Golden Age" world. Because of the smaller bluish green Venus in front of Saturn and behind the even smaller reddish Mars, when aligned this formation overhead looked like a giant eye, and this was considered to be the "Eye of God" and the "Sign of the Presence".

In the unfolding of significant events on earth, at some point this visible "God" in the sky came "unglued", which development engendered the "Great Catastrophe" known as "The Flood", "The Deluge", and the "End of the World". And then this God–creator and sustainer of the primeval local cosmos–went away, and left our world with a new, different, more powerful sun and a radically altered physical environment, including a fourfold increase in gravity, an unfamiliar daily period of different, brighter light followed by total inky darkness, and a devastated human race and ecology.

This terrible catastrophe was interpreted to be that "God" was angry with the human race, and was willing to almost wipe us out and punish the survivors almost mercilessly. Of course, we should all understand that the real God had nothing to do with triggering or delivering this destructive catastrophe upon the earth with the possible exception of ameliorating the effects of it so that at least some members of the earthly family survived. But, given that the devastation was so bad, what they had built into the Old Testament mythology was that even this "angry God" regretted delivering it!

Moses the Cornerstone

The Hebrew religion, Judaism, and therefore Judeo-Christianity, is built on the cornerstone of accepting that there was an ancient Patriarch-Judge-Savior, Moses, a man developed by God in ancient Egypt, with whom God chose to have a very special relationship. Thus, Moses is accepted as being directed to lead God's chosen people, the Hebrews, out of slavery and into the Promised land "flowing with milk and honey".

Over time, a huge cultural mytho-history got built up and a set of writings–most of the core attributed to Moses–took on the mantle of being authoritative as the literature, sentiments, instructions, and covenant (law as contract) of God.

Allegorical "History"

The modern sciences of cosmology, geology, paleontology, anthropology, and archaeology–even when interpreted through the lens of astral catastrophe–do not support but rather contravene the reality or literalness of much of what must be considered to be the allegorical or mythological writings of "Moses" or the Torah. In other words, the historical and material base for the foundational ideas can NOT be taken as factual or literal. More importantly, this largely fabricated historiography taken literally is spiritually unacceptable, portraying a schizophrenic "God" who has a VERY heavy-handed approach to dealing with and punishing his "children".

After the catastrophic end to the Golden Age the human race was in a pathetic spiritual and psychological state, inventing anthropomorphized planet mythologies, worshipping the planets as gods, living lives under harsh, oppressive conditions, with quarrelling and warring between the cultures and their ridiculous new religions. Even self-consciousness and individuality were suppressed. See: Sacrifice and Amnesia  and  Loss & Recovery of Self.

For all of the above reasons that show the foundations as false, we can get an idea as to why there is so much angst, confusion and inconsistency in the religions of the world today.

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