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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches
of evil to one who is striking at the root." -
Henry David Thoreau
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We NEED there to be an agency worthy of the term God, and
one that has communicated with us and DEMONSTRATED
 unmitigated human goodness, else we are in deep trouble! But,
HOW can a reasonable person believe that there is one?

Site Purpose

Every endeavor can be thought of as having at least these three aspects: purpose, strategy, and tactics. So let us lay out those aspects right up front.


Not being impressed by the state of the world, the condition of Mankind, the purpose of the site is a grand one. It is to deal with the ultimate issues−especially the real essence of godhood−and to overcome, that is, transcend the "human condition" and usher in an age of unsurpassed success, fulfillment and enhancement of life. The purpose is for all of us to win the entire package of what we legitimately, intrinsically need and want.

Could the underlying problem in the world possibly be in what we believe?


The overriding strategy is to CLARIFY the issues on a world where confusion is running rampant. The strategy is also one of helping people to wake up, come out of apathy, detachment and indifference so as to become capable of holding their belief systems accountable to worthiness, goodness and CONSISTENCY.

This is a strategy of engendering a real core group of people who come out of denial and admit that something is really more fundamentally wrong with traditional approaches and belief systems than has hitherto been realized. It involves inspiring and helping these people to take matters into their own hands as best they can by focusing and thinking critically with a personal demand that they understand the reality of the physical, spiritual, psychological, and intellectual situation that they are in. And then doing so by coming into unity of purpose, plan, values, and paradigm through the rigorous application of honesty, courage, good will, rationality, logic and reason. In essence, by simply being intellectually responsible.

Is the pathway an arduous, burdensome ordeal,
or is it the greatest adventure that can be taken?

Furthermore, by acknowledging our need for external help. BUT, is there any real evidence of that help? Any demonstration of it, any credible offer of that help? Are we not seeing the evidence, appreciating the credibility of the evidence? Even if we were to see it, does the demonstration and offer contain any instructions or directions? Another major premise is that so far these have been largely unrecognized and ignored.

Therefore, one way to describe the strategy of this site is that it is an attempt to assay and portray from many different facets and issues what is monstrously wrong with the Judeo-Christian paradigm or approach, as well as that of other religions.


The tactics are simply these:

1. Assaying frankly and honestly the context and situation in which we find ourselves, the so-called human condition

2. Seeing and admitting the UNACCEPTABILITY of this context and situation

3. Challenging EVERY aspect of previous philosophy, theology and personal thinking that smells like it needs a good airing and merciless examination.

4. An important one is getting down to basics, and to define the parameters or set OUR specifications for there being a god worthy of the term. In other words, the major tactic is to REFRAME everything in terms of the ultimate issue: Can we as humans receive or engender in a timely manner what we legitimately want and need?

5. Another tactic is to challenge and de-mystify our thinking about God, because any revelation by God is vitiated by the confusion of mysticism. Another major premise is that Revelation and mysticism are opposing and incompatible!

6. Continually realizing that our current lives are on the line, continually holding our feet to the fire by making sure that everything we come up with is consistent with our better-focused definition of god, consistent with the whole and entire set of beliefs, and promises to be a reliable part on the pathway to the success of achieving ultimate success.

7. Not the least of the tactics incorporated into this site is the attempt to familiarize people with relevant aspects of human makeup, and especially with what really happened in the ancient times. The widespread myth of the "Garden of Eden" should be clearly seen as an allegory, part of the Hebrew mythology. There was a time in the history of the earth and its people known as the "Golden Age"; and the various myths concerning the "age of perfect virtue", the "isle of Avalon", the "Garden of Eden", the "time" before time, etc. are myths that reflect that age. The theme reflected in these myths is universal, including virtually all ancient cultures.
     A lot of substantive work has been done to reconstruct the radically different environment of those ages and the earth-shaking events that have so profoundly affected all religions and cultures to this day. However, the vast majority of people, including scholars, scientists, and theologians are totally ignorant of these developments, how badly the body  of ancient literature and myths have been misinterpreted, and how far from the truth these myths really are in terms of their original meaning.
     It should be noted and well understood that ancient mythology was NOT an attempt to fabricate fiction, but was developed as highly stylized and spiritualized stories reflecting what happened to the ancient peoples. A VERY powerful approach known as "comparative mythology" has been developed and used quite successfully to unravel the literal formations seen in the sky and the catastrophic global events that transpired. This approach primarily concentrates on the facets of various mythologies that agree enough to be identified as referring to the same experiences or phenomena that had such an impact.
     Thus, quite a bit of myth foundation material has been incorporated into this site, understanding though that a large library could be filled with the pertinent text. This material and the understanding that it engenders is INVALUABLE, partially because it shows us how deeply immersed we are in the "modern mythology". Not the least of the reasons is that it shows us the origins of so many otherwise false concepts of God and the plethora of religions now extant. These are all largely based−overwhelmingly−on ancient planet worship mythology developed by people that were NOT being intellectually responsible.

8. Another tactic is to ask a lot of questions. Good, probing questions, some of which have never been asked before.
     One of the often asked questions is why "bad things happen to good people." Some people on earth somehow manage to develop into relative paragons of virtue. They become wise, kind, gracious, generous, responsible, helpful, loving, etc. individuals, everything that the religions of the world ask for. Some dedicate their lives to focusing on service to the betterment of mankind.
     Even people that "believe" they are not going to die, just go ahead and decay with age and die anyway. Why? This site endeavors to answer these questions in a way that is different from the traditional answers that cannot be right.
     Since Christianity taken as a whole is the largest, most prominent religion of the globe, and that the other religions consider that Jesus is a mere prophet, "Holy Man" or influential teacher, a significant amount of material on the site has been included to deal with this issue and various other aspects of Christianity.

9. Finally, the ultimate tactic is to challenge ourselves to be intellectually responsible, to grow up intellectually, spiritually, and internalize authority, and thereby take personal responsibility for our belief system.

The simple summation would be: acting on the instructions and directions (from God?) that have been given to us by this crucial revelation and demonstration.

Some pertinent context in America

Approximately 90 percent of Americans claim that they have never doubted the existence of God and a goodly part of the rest claim to believe in God though sometimes having doubted.  Maybe some of the 90 percent are not being totally honest, have conveniently not remembered, or don't understand, because even beginning to be inclined to think about wondering whether you should think such a thing and then backing away because of fear or religious conditioning really amounts to the same thing. 

However, it is good to get this non-issue out of the way.  It is illogical to not believe in a creator of some kind, because 1) things are continually being created or caused and 2) because you cannot begin with nothing, you must start with something.  As Heidegger put it, "Nothing nothings!"  Or put it this way: if you start with nothing you cannot ever have anything, because even the potential for something is something, not nothing.

Should We Care about a Creator?

So now we can entertain the idea of the existence of a Creator of some kind.  So what?  A creator is not necessarily a god, that is a GOOD creator with a good purpose, values, and plan.  A creator can just create without regard for what we would consider as human or humane values.  Maybe the creator designed things to be bad for us rather than good, in which case he/it is unworthy of the title God?  Or maybe he/it is indifferent, doesn't care? Same final conclusion.

The issue should not be whether a creator exists or not!  The REAL issue?: Is that creator qualified to be called "God" and worshipped rather than feared?  The issue is ME and that "God", the interaction of that "God" and me.  The influence on the quality of MY life from that "God".  The impact of MY needs and desires and that "God".  MY destiny and "God".  Is "God" any good for ME personally?  Is "God" TOTALLY  good for me personally?  And if so, how?  And what, and when, and where, and, and, and WHY!!?

No neutral independent position

The material in this site is not being written or presented from a "neutral" position like that of an arbiter in a dispute or a chairman conducting a debate.  Recent philosophical work has shown that man cannot disconnect himself from the reality he is considering and this author finds no position in the physical and metaphysical cosmos on which to take a distant, disconnected, non-involved stance in order to independently and impartially weigh all the evidence and coolly make a "decision" (See decision in definition section).  It doesn't work that way.  One must take some kind of intellectually or spiritually involved position and plunge in with what one has and start learning how to swim.  This does not mean that one has to lose sensibility or objectivity nor does it mean that one cannot move ones position or modify or change beliefs as the journey unfolds.

So, this site is being presented from the perspective of another major premise or position:

We NEED there to be an agency worthy of the term God, and one that has communicated with us and DEMONSTRATED unmitigated human goodness, else we are in deep trouble! This site attempts to show that Jesus--his life, message and demonstration--can stand on his own in this regard, and neither his life nor his message need validation from ancient prophecies or mythology.

There are three following premises that are dramatic and simple: 

1) Mankind as a collective is psychologically damaged and unhinged, and believes unworthy, superstitious, insane things about both God and Man. The evidence for this is overwhelming and involves the rampant spiritual fragmentation into over 100,000 identifiable and unreasonable religions, and the ensuing endless troublesome and often violent confrontations between individuals, groups, cultures, nations and these religions.

2) We need outside help. Evidently sanity can no longer arise by itself inside the asylum that is the human condition on earth.

3) Jesus is the demonstration, that inspiration, that help because this J-person is the very essence of a God worthy of the term; and we can know that primarily because of his life and MESSAGE properly understood; and because we just wouldn't want God to be any other way than the way he was when he walked on earth. This latter premise is THE PRIMARY specification for accepting ANYONE as being "God".
    Oh, NOT the J-person of Judeo-Christianity! Not the inscrutable, transcendent, non-human God of power, domination and control!  Not the J-person that has been sterilized and distorted by traditional religion, buried by the "sacred" scriptures and by the "apostles", but the real, historical J-person, the one who had no truck with professional theologians or even religiose people (See religiosity in definition section), the J-person that can be recovered by the search for truth or uncovered by care and logic and reasoning so as to be truly meaningful to any courageous person committed to truth and honesty.
     Because the name "Jesus" was not even his correct Hebrew name, because it is so associated with the Christ or Messianic framework, and because this name is so associated with a maudlin sentiment of submission, henceforth we will sometimes call this man LOGOS (See Logos in the definition section), the J-person, or simply J.
     If we can make this third premise "work", then great, because this J-person offered MORE to his followers than any other person has ever offered or even CONSIDERED in the entire history of man.  If we cannot make this premise work, then we should be off to something else.

Thus, this site is compiled for the serious seeker of truth, who upon being attracted to the J-person as LOGOS or even just curious, is willing to narrow his focus and bring it to bear upon this source of truth and wisdom.  The person, who can see or consider that LOGOS came to "show and tell" us the truth about what God is like, one who can consider that HE COMMUNICATED EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW about the Creator, and that his message CAN be understood by the one willing to be rational, logical, reasonable and intellectually responsible.

The Reformation

Consider the following quote from Philip Jenkins, "The Next Christianity", Atlantic Monthly, October 2002

"The original Reformation was far more than the rising up of irate lay people against corrupt and exploitative priests, and it was much more than a mere theological row. It was a far-reaching social movement that sought to return to the original sources of Christianity. It challenged the idea that divine authority should be mediated through institutions or hierarchies, and it denied the value of tradition. Instead it offered radical new notions of the supremacy of written texts (that is, the books of the Bible), interpreted by individual consciences. The Reformation made possible a religion that could be practiced privately, rather than mainly in a vast institutionalized community.

"This move toward individualism, toward the privatization of religious belief, makes the spirit of the Reformation very attractive to educated people in the West."

However, the Reformation was primarily concerned with replacing institutional authority with the "scriptures" as the primary basis. As good and valid as the throwing off of institutional authority was, is it VALID to make commonly accepted sacred writings the cornerstone of a new edifice? Obviously not!

The content of this site offers a third alternative, one that SHOULD be obvious. Instead of "radical new notions of the supremacy of written texts (that is, the books of the Bible)" the thinking here is based upon the notion of building our paradigm instead on LOGOS, with his life and message, with a rational, logical and reasonable understanding of HIS words, behavior and deeds. This is NOT building on the Bible or other sacred texts but on something more foundational. This site is also an attempt to call into question some of the fundamental precepts and doctrines of Christendom, especially concerning:

(1) the nature of the kingship/kingdom of the heavens that LOGOS talked about more than anything else,
the definition of the fundamental problem,
spiritual and psychological healing, and most importantly,
his fabulously good news.

Some educated modern theologians give a more than tacit admission to the fact that Christian theology is built on an Apostolic understanding of the Bible rather than on the words and deeds of LOGOS. Because, even though they pay lip service to the J-person being the revelation of God, they find it difficult to impossible to recover the historical (real) J-person, and thus they wrongly FEEL they must rely on the record and theology of the Apostles. They do not understand that they should frame the J-person with the ultimate human issues and rely PRIMARILY upon the EYEWITNESS accounts of what he said and did. With care and being intellectually responsible this can be supplemented by using some of the secondary remembered statements and stories.

If we were to be faithful to the statements of LOGOS we would hold that He (HIS statements, actions and message) is to be the cornerstone of our belief system, NOT what his followers wound up believing, NOR some collection of material made sacred by tradition such as the Christian "Bible", NOR any other theologies or doctrines composed and written by other men.

Notwithstanding its value as a source of historical information about the early believers and their experience, and its value to attest to the factual reality of the J-person, his experience, and his follower's response to that reality, the non-gospel balance of the New Testament is no basis for building our understanding of God, our theology.  To be fair, that objective basis must ALWAYS AND ONLY be the words, message and actions of LOGOS presented to us through the eyewitness and other acceptable accounts..

Thus we have the premise that traditional thinking concerning "God" by the human race has been profoundly inadequate and misdirected, and needs to be upgraded to the truth. The claim here is that is the first and primary reason Jesus came, and came willing to make the ultimate demonstration to support. The message of the J-person may be all but incredible in that it SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, and contrasts with and is outside of our previous personal and collective experience in the tangible and psychological realm of the universe as we know it.  Nevertheless, this very experience we call life in the "human condition", which is more or less unhappy and ridiculous and ends in death, should not be acceptable to the reasonable man, in that it violates our most fundamentally human and Godlike qualities, our idealism and our deepest and legitimate needs and desires.

Consequently, this is NOT primarily an "inspirational" site nor a self help site offering "my wonderful method" to help one COPE with reality but a site trying to appeal to the higher faculties of mankind, our rationality, logic, and reason in order to inaugurate not just coping and waiting but THE RESOLUTION!.

As well, this site is intended in part to be the ultimate intellectual/spiritual PRIMAL SCREAM so that those that have "been there, done that" can feel more justified in their frustration!  In a world where, for example "On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily", there is something fundamentally wrong with our experienced reality and we should NOT have to just endlessly cope with it! In a world where beyond providing for the basics, the primary activity of Man is to seek escape from the human condition through distraction, diversion and drugs.

Even our physical environment is NOT benevolent and the very essence and fabric of our world reality is flawed, not JUST you and me! WE did NOT cause it to be this way nor ask for it to be this way, and yet we live at the effect of it and are under its evil, including the judgment of a death sentence!  Wouldn't we all agree that this kind of reality needs to be corrected or healed? If LOGOS does not offer a reasonable method for accomplishing this He is worse than irrelevant. Yet his claim is that he IS offering such a healing resolution, and that imminently!

So, another way of stating a major premise is that the confusion, disharmony, evil in the world cannot be overcome or healed unless we come into unity on the eternal principles, values and truths that make it possible for an ideal and permanent society to thrive with an ever increasing fulfillment, harmony and morale.                 *-*-*-

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