Imminent Fulfillment, Immortality, Safety, Empowerment, Equality, Knowledge, Unity, Society

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches
of evil to one who is striking at the root." -
Henry David Thoreau
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Atheist Questions

Questions from Richard Dawkins:

"Just for a moment, imagine that there really is a supreme being who created all things, including the human race. Would he (or she or it) give you such a highly developed brain and then punish you for using it?"

"Would the most advanced life-form in the universe devise such grand concepts as DNA, nuclear fusion, and quantum mechanics and then spend all eternity fussing about whether you regularly sing to him, vote against gay marriage, or accept on faith that Earth is only 6,000 years old when there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary?"

Other Questions

Since God created these human beings that seek him, endeavor to understand him, and seek to have a relationship with him, shouldn't he have created them with the potential to succeed at this?

Why would this god answer some very trivial prayers and let millions of other praying humans be burned at the stake, gassed, dismembered, decapitated, shot, and otherwise tortured and killed?

Why are the Christian church's leadership overwhelmingly the province of males, and yet the congregations are about 60% female in composition?

Why did god design the female sex structure to be between the two sewage outlets, where it would be subject to a greater incidence of contamination and disease?

How can god say that his mercy endures forever, when he is going to burn people alive forever?

Why did god create so many vicious animals, poisonous reptiles, dangerous carriers of disease, and troublesome insects?

Why so many agents of disease, such as parasites, bacteria, microbes, viruses, etc.

Why would God turn loose upon rather helpless humans a vicious superior being like the Devil is thought to be?

Why is the human habitat, the earth, so prone to natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, volcanoes, floods, intersecting comets and asteroids, etc., from which we can't protect ourselves?

Why would a caring, loving merciful systems designer that eschews the suffering and destruction of life forms create the violent predatory competition system of nature?

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