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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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"I would rather have questions that can't be answered rather
than answers that can't be questioned."
~ Richard Feynman

Critical Issues
A structured outline of the ultimate issues

There are categories of ultimate issues.  The first relates to personally external issues and is sometimes thought to be primary. But the second relates to personally internal issues and may be just as important if not more so.

Generally, issues always revolve around the five short "W" questions below

Who?  -  Why?  -  What?  -  When?  -  Where?

I  Who

1.  Who should be in control?

a. Of the universe
b. Of the environment
c. Of your life
d. Of your future

2.   Who should benefit?

a. Primarily the Creator
b. Primarily the human race
c. Every individual equally

3.  Who should be in charge of my belief system?

a. God
b. The church
c. Me

Who is currently in charge of my belief system? Me or some other agency?

4.  Who should I listen to?

a. Religious leaders? If so, which religion and which leaders? The world is fractured into approximately 100,000 different religions
b. Philosophers? If so, which ones, because there are significantly different paradigms and approaches.
c. Scientists? If so, which ones, because there are raging controversies in every discipline and over almost every issue.
d. Mystics? If so, which ones? They love to be enigmatic and are all over the map in their thinking.
e. Ancient “sacred writings”? Which ones? They are in major disagreement over the paradigm of God and reality.
f. Scholars? Which ones? The ones that are most vocal? Why do I listen to them and not to the others?
g. Self-help gurus? Which ones?

II  Why

A  Purpose

1. No answers to "Why" questions can be formulated without appeal to purpose, values and plan.

B  Values

1. Are there values that transcend human values? If not, why not?

C  Plan

III  What

A. What about truth issues?

a. Is there truth independent of perspective?

b. Is there pertinent truth independent of the human condition?

What would be the reason for me to look for this truth if it is not:

a. Good and suitable for me?
b. Available for me to discover?
c. Recognizable by me?

B  What is the deal available to us in the universe?

a. What is being offered?
b. Do I have to give up anything of value to participate in the resolution or reward?

IV  When

A  What is the timetable for the plan or agenda?

a. Is the agenda and its unfolding set in concrete?
b. Is it imminent, i.e., dependent upon me/us and what we believe and do?


A  Where and how will we then live?

a. Will the redeemed human family live in different physical realm in a common "heaven"?
b. Will we have our own planet? Our own galaxy?
c. Will we have the run of the universe to visit upon invitation all other dwelling places?


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