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Introductory Material

Site Material Claims/Disclaimers
A Few Words about Site Purpose
About the Author's Approach
The Importance of Context
Article on Spirituality in America
8 Ultimate Issues Suggested Answers
Do We Need a Fresh Theology?
Enshrined Ignorance

Definition Material

Key Term Definitions
Mind Related Definitions
Intellect Related Definitions
Definition of Life
Definitions of Ecclesia
Parousia, Apocalypse Definitions
Origin of the Soul Term Definitions

Human Condition Material

Our Human Context
Human Consensus
Human Condition of Religious Diversity
Why the Industrial Revolution
Defending the Faith
A list of Questions for Humanity
Current state of Academic Philosophy
Thoughts on the Fall of Man
Garden, Fall, Restore
The Third Story
The Evil of the Ordinary
Essence of Koran
A Personal Account & The Question

Christendom Analyzed/Questioned

Critical Christianity analysis
Religion as a Product
Significant questions for Christians
Perspective on God is Dead movement
A study on John the Baptist syndrome
Four Basic Questions
Christian belief tested - 20 questions
If Jesus the answer, what went wrong?
The Weeping for Lazarus Problem
The Greying of the Prophets

Christendom Challenged

Impertinence of Preachers & Theologians
Comments on Doing the Lord's Work
Common hidden Theological Assumptions
Show Major Theological Issue Differences
Gospel of John - 4 Laments on the Failure
Thoughts on Blessings from God
Maybe Things Jesus Should Have Said
Martyr Stephen on Moloch's Tent
Letter to a Christian Author

Christendom Condemned

Christendom's Major Mistakes
Christendom's Fundamental Mistake
The Twin Pillars of Christianity
On the Subversion of Christianity
Christianity's Irrational Mysticisms
Mysticism versus Understanding
Christendom's Idolatry
Christendom's Rites and Sacraments
Confused Christian Terminology

Bible and Canon Issues

Bible Mystique of Sacred Writings
Ancient Text Translation Issues
Information on the Bible Canon
Valid Criteria for Selecting Gospel Text
Visit to the Tomb Gospel Comparison
Rebut of Forged Origins of the Gospels
The Jefferson Bible
Dead Sea Scroll info
Bible Scholar Feud
Pentateuch 4 Sources
Inventing the Bible-Talmud
Editing the Bible

Jesus Teachings Material

Jesus on Faith and Belief
Jesus on Not Dying
Jesus on Understanding God
Jesus on Kingship of the Heavens
Jesus on Resurrection of the Body
Jesus - What to Do to Bring Resolution
Jesus on Parousia and End of the Age
Jesus had to Say About the Paraclete
What Jesus Says About His Return
The Lord's Prayer Teaching
Jesus on Sin, Fasting, and Praying
What Jesus Didn't Say Anything About.
The Parables of Jesus with Commentary
The Aphorisms by Jesus

Jesus Aspects

Perspective on the non-Christian Jesus
The Sterilized Jesus
Comparison of Values Humanist/Jesus
Jesus versus Mythical Avatars
How Jesus Related to Societal Elements
Jesus, Israel & Scripture

Paradigm Material

A few words about Paradigms
Paradigm Lockout Syndrome
Character, Purpose, Plan, Values
Paradigm of Bicameral Brain-Mind
Paradigm of Holographic Universe
Article on Holographic World
Paradigm of the Ground of Creativity
Paradigm of Pertinent Philosophy
Paradigm of the Descent into Evil
Paradigm of the Good News
Paradigm of Love
Paradigm of the Nature of Jesus
The What-If Paradigm
Planetary Catastrophe Paradigm
Paradigm of Solipsism
Multiple Reincarnation Paradigm
Turkey Paradigm Poem
Paradigm Shift
Halton Arp & Galileo
Electric Universe Theory
Science Paradigm Limit

Miscellaneous Material

Can We Agree?
What is a Prophet?
Differences of valid-faux intellectuals
Differences of valid-faux meditation
Assessment Criteria for Cults
Thoughts on The Brothers Karamazov
Atheist Questions
A Critique of A New Earth
Some Modern Parables
Kahlil Gibran on Law
Brother? James Ossuary
Genius versus Wisdom
The Great Pyramid
A Model for Visions and Dreams
Life After Death Issues
Various Models of Human Destiny
Importance of Catastrophism
Modern Echoes-Catastrophe
Account of Personal Experience
How the World Will End
Some Final Conclusions?
Some pdf Downloads
God's Quality Control Questionnaire
Video-lecture Links

Philosophical Issues

Review the Branches of Philosophy
Review of Philosophical Methods
Principles and Nature of Belief
Building a Belief System
The Sound Philosophical Foundation
The Path to the Truth
Value of Consistency
Category knowledge & propositions
Nature & Definition of Time
Thoughts on the Origin of Life
The Ground of Creativity
A perspective on Martyrdom
Mysticism versus Understanding
Regarding Pre-existence/Self-Creation
 "Existentialism" - Lack of Meaning
Ethics versus Morality
The Four Laws of Reasonable Thought
Superstition, Myth & Responsibility
Smug Man versus Straw Man
Thoughts on the Nature of Fear
Perspective on Fundamental Hypocrisy
Philosopher Schopenhauer

Psychological Issues

Psychological Barriers to Truth
Thoughts on Three Levels of Volition
Article on nature of Human Volition
Article on Free Will
A Call to Consciousness
An Analysis of Hypocrisy
Thoughts on the Ego Problem
Personal Integrity versus Authority
Legitimate Spirit Communication Style
Thoughts on Hedonism
Belief System Arrogance
Holiday Trivialization of Good and Evil
Regarding God Talking to Individuals
The Tyranny of Time
The Terror of Death
Loss & Recovery of Self-Consciousness
Cosmology and Psychology
Velikovsky's Introgenesis Thinking
Sacrifice and Amnesia
Jaynes' The Bicameral Mind
The Empty Mirror
Examples of Cults

Theological Issues

20 Questions About What a God Is
Basic Questions for Theology
The Meaning of Sin Issues
Article on Something Meaningful
The Problem of Evil
What About Death?
The Criteria for Good News
On Credibility of the Resurrection
The afterlife and Physicality
Empowerment versus Natural Law
The Traditional Advent Fallacious
A Study on "Take Up Your Cross"
Christianity and Gnosticism
Gospel of Thomas is not Gnostic
On Determinism and Foreknowledge
The Question of Blame and Guilt
Why is God not More Involved?
Major Theological Issue Differences
Some Other Theological Issues
Having a Consistent Theology
The Devil and Satan
The Meaning of Imminent
Thoughts on the Problem of Belief
Further Thoughts on Faith and Belief
Humanism versus Jesus
Quotes on Legalism
Further Thoughts on Unity
Personal Relationship with God
The Awareness Level of "God"
The Agonizing, Praying Jesus
Contrast of Believers
Waiting for Godot
Nothing Much for 2000 Years?
Comments on Nicene Creed
Destiny of Man article
Site Theology ABCs

Creation Issues

Violence of Nature
Meaning of Evolution
Source of Creativity
Many Worlds Interpretation
A Story of Creation
Mebane on Evolution
Mebane on Polygenesis
Sequence of Earth Life Forms
Implied Cosmology

Synoptic Gospels Combination

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Language-Symbol Development

Linguistic Development
The "No Eight" Pattern
Origin of "Star" Words
Linguistic Roots
Early Alphabet
Global Alphabet
Memories of Plasma Discharge
Memories of Squatter Man
Chinese Longevity Symbol

Geophysical Issues

Origin of Modern Geology
Origin of Grand Canyon I
Origin of Grand Canyon II
Great Chicago Fire I
Great Chicago Fire II
Great Chicago Fire III
Sahara Desertification
Niagara Falls Escarpment
Electric Waterspouts
Electric Tornadoes
Electric Hurricanes
Electric Earth
Meteor Crater
Hole in the Ground
Richat Crater
Richat Crater Revisited I
Richat Crater Revisited II
Chicxulub Crater
Craters & Rilles
Olympus Mons
Olympus Mons Caldera
Rampart Craters
Stickney Crater
Tunguska Event I
Tunguska Event II
Valles Marineris
Valles Marineris Message
Victoria Crater
Victoria Crater Dunes

Modern Myth Articles

Academia's Modern Mythology
Academia's Reifications
Ancient Civilizations
Astral Catastrophist Pioneers
The Great Pyramid
The Origins of Modern Geology
Parable about Electromagnetism
Foreword - Pythagorus' Trousers
The Religion of Scientism
Some Science Myths
The Einstein Genius Myth
Personal Article/Lecture Video Links
Velikovsky Biography
Worlds in Collision Review Story

Misc Ancient Myth Articles

The One Ancient Story
Avoiding Reductionism
Patterns of Human Memory
Science of Comparative Myth
Myth Reconstruction Ground Rules
The Importance of Myth
The Meaning of Myth
Plausability of Myth
Reliability of Myth as Witness
Myth as Foundation
From Myth to Model
Logic of Historical Evidence
Memories of Planetary Upheaval
Natural References of Myth
Myth Memory Patterns
Conjunction Themes
Mercury Mythology
Saturn-Venus Discussion
Cosmic Symbol Development
Names of Suns & Planets
The Golden Age
Golden Age Interview
Revolving Crescent on Saturn
The World Mountain
Localizing of the Warrior-Hero
Sacrifice & Amnesia
Labyrinth & Fortress Themes
Male Gods in Myth
Mars Rocks & Myth
Catastrophism Pioneers
The White Crown
A Unified Mythology Theory
Thunderbolts-Myth & Symbol
The Polar Thunderbolt
Thundergods & Celestial Marvels
Thunderbolts of the Gods

Saturn-Jupiter Myth

Ancient Saturn Worship
Saturn Worship-Veliikovsky
The Golden Age
Jupiter Worship
The Universal Monarch
The Central, Polar Sun I
The Central, Polar Sun II
The Central, Polar Sun III
The Central, Polar Sun IV
The Saturn Myth
The Saturn Theory I
The Saturn Theory II
The Saturn Theory III
The Saturn Theory IV
The Saturn Theory V
Demands of Saturn Theory
Reconstructing Saturn Model
Saturn-Venus Discussion
The Saturn Capture Question
A World with One Season

Catastrophe-Psychology Articles

Cosmology and Psychology
Phobia, Amnesia, and Psyche
Microcosm to Macrocosm
Theomachy in the Theater
Myth and Mandala
Schizo-World Destruction
Velikovsky-New Science
The Tao, the Way
The Sin Control System
Sin Control & Holocaust

Venus-Mars Myth

The Star of Dawn
Velikovsky & Catastrophe
The Comet Venus-1
The Comet Venus-2
The Comet Venus-3
Velikovsky's Comet-1
Velikovsky's Comet-2
Velikovsky's Comet-3
Velikovsky's Comet-4
Velikovsky's Comet-5
Velikovsky's Comet-6
Velikovsky's Comet-7
Velikovsky's Comet-8
Velikovsky's Comet-9
Velikovsky's Comet-10
Velikovsky's Comet-11
Velikovsky's Comet-12
Velikovsky's Comet-13
Velikovsky's Comet-14
Terrifying Glory of Venus
The Warrior Athena
The Birth of Vahagn

Cosmology Material

Galactic Rotation
Globular Clusters
Religious Big Bang
Quasar in Front
The Fingers of God
Redshift Review
Relativity & Einstein Tragedy
Dent in Space-Time Fabric?
Nature & Definition of Space
The Neutrino Aether
The Nature of Force Fields
Stars: Nuclear or Electric?
Big Bang "Science"
Wings of a Butterfly
The Bug Nebula
The Bullet Cluster
Dark Matter
Meaning of Deep Impact
Deep Impact Anniversary
Electric Lights of  Saturn
EU Discharges & Scars
Gamma Ray Bursters
Olber's Paradox
Impossible Cosmology
Local Group Galaxies
Magnetar Dream World
The Ornament Nebula
Plasma 99-9%
The Pleiades Problem
Arp's Quasar Ejection
Nature of Ring Nebula
Seeing Red Review
Tornadoes in Space I
Tornadoes in Space II
Star Fairy Ring
Ring of Stars
Stars: Nuclear or Electric?
Search for Two Numbers
Vampire Astronomy

Chronology & Dating Material

Ages and Time Aspects
Puzzles of Prehistory
Dark Age of Greece
Apocalyptic Chronology
Radiohalos & Earth History
Psuedo-8th Century Palestine
The Doubtful C.E. Chronology
Caral, Peru Archaeology
Solstice Light Boxes
Bible Flunks Archaeology
Age Limits of Biosphere

1994 Velikovsky Symposium Papers

Velikovsky & Science history
Henry H. Bauer
The Original Star of Dawn
Dwardu Cardona
Cosmic Winter
Victor Clube
Velikovsky's Legacy
Ev Cochrane
NW Indian Catastrophe Myths
Vine Deloria
Rebuttal to Ellenberger
Robert Driscoll
The Youthful Planet Venus
Charles Ginenthal
Model of Polar Configuration
Robert Grubaugh
Catastrophe, Culture & Civilization
Richard Heinberg
The Restoration of Ancient History
Gunnar Heinsohn
The Impossible Dinosaurs
Ted Holden
Venus Worship & Ancient China
Eric Miller
William Mullen
The Twin Tilts of Mars & Earth
Donald W. Patten and Samuel R. Windsor
Planetary Observations of the Tang
Charles Raspil
Sothic Dating & Reconstructions
Lynn E. Rose
From Myth to Physical Model
Dave Talbott
Recent Geology of Venus
Wallace Thornhill
Exploding Planets & Non-exploding
Tom Van Flandern
The Jewish Science of Velikovsky
Duane Vorhees
Quantalism: The Big Picture
Roger Williams Wescott
The Science of Catastrophism
Professor Irving Wolfe
Big & Little Science
Professor Irving Wolfe
In Search of Velikovsky's Comet
Milton Zysman
Speaker Biographies - International Symposium on Velikovsky

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