Imminent Fulfillment, Immortality, Safety, Empowerment, Equality, Knowledge, Unity, Society

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches
of evil to one who is striking at the root." -
Henry David Thoreau
Site Sections and Suggested Reading Sequence


Introduction Material

1. Site Material Claims/Disclaimers
   Article lays out the general but pertinent premises and claims about the source of the material on the site and how and why it was developed

2. A Few Words about Site Purpose
   Article deals with the purpose, strategy, tactics, context, and rationale of the site and lays out 4 fundamental premises on which the site was developed

3. About the Author's Approach
   Very short article deals with the site creator's approach and why this different approach is needed

4. It's About a Better Definition of Life
   A frank look at the real meaning in the word "life" beyond just biological functionality, including a look at abortion.

5. Article on Spirituality in America
   Article presents a very useful overview of spirituality in America, and the attendant confusion and miasma showing that there is good reason to dissever oneself from organized religion

6. Enshrined Ignorance
   Some significant questions leading to information that our religious and cultural educational agencies fail to enlighten us with

7. 8 Ultimate Issues & Suggested Answers
   8 major issues are listed as a question with commentary expanding the question


8. Do We Need a Fresh Theology?
   A fairly long article laying out further premises, context and questions to giv a framework for why we need a different basic theological paradigm. This is the centerpiece of the site

Human Condition Material

9. Paradigm of Pertinent Philosophy
   An article that looks at major aspects of life, philosophy and religion

10. Our Human Context
   A look at the context of the human condition and how it should affect our thinking

11. Human Condition of Religious Diversity
   A significant article taking the widest possible global perspective on what has happened and the trend of what is happening

Why the Industrial Revolution
   An incisive look at why the Industrial Revolution developed

12. Defending the Faith
   A major treatise bemoaning the "victory" of science over "religion"

13. A List of Questions for Humanity
   A list of questions with multiple-choice answers addressing major issues

14. A Few Words about Paradigms
   An incisive look at paradigms in general and why they are needed, and a beginning look at the paradigm of the site

15. Current state of Academic Philosophy
   An incisive look at the state of and the challenge for modern philosophy

16. Rationale for The Third Story
   Somewhere between "God spoke, and it was so" and the "millions and billions of years" of gradualism is the truth. This Third Story, radically different from both the religious and the academic ones, listens to and is educated by our ancient ancestors giving us an account of planetary catastrophe

17. Thoughts on the Fall of Man
   By removing the mythology, this article shows that the fall of man was related to a failure to choose to believe the best, not a violation of an ordinate instruction

18. The Garden, Fall, & Restoration
   An article on probable conditions during the Golden Age.

19. A Personal Account & The Question
   A personal account leading up to the simple question and the simple answer as to why anyone would consider another as God

20. The Question of Blame and Guilt
   A consideration of Blame in religion and how fear and guilt are used to support this false construct.

21. "Existentialism" - Lack of Meaning
   Abandoning the existence of Meaning in our universe, Existentialism explores the idea of our having to create our own

22. God's Quality Control Questionnaire
   If God ran his program like a big church.

23. The Problem of Evil
   A look at what Evil actually is and the argument that it doesn't really exist, or if it does it then precludes the existence of God.

24. Principles and Nature of Belief
   A look at the essence of true Belief and how false beliefs have undesirable, unproductive, and ultimately devastating consequences

25. Building a Belief System
   A defining of Belief and a look at the foundation for building a belief system

26. Article on Something Meaningful
   A candid look at why the term "Creator" must be decoupled from the term "God" before we can start to deal with what is meaningful

27. Psychological Barriers to Truth
   A look at 4 Major yet erroneous ideas that are Barriers to Truth

29. Article on Nature of Human Volition
   An article showing that moral instruction doesn't have much effect on decisions

30. Article on Free Will
   A critical look at the concept of "Free Will" and various denials or defenses of it by some psychologists and scientists

31. An Analysis of Hypocrisy
   Since Hypocrisy is not inherited, nobody early in life sits down and consciously chooses to be a hypocrite, and you don't catch it like the flu, how does it set in?

32. The Importance of Context
   In any situation or discussion context is paramount, but oftentimes an awareness of it is lacking, and this seems to be true for philosophical issues as well

The following 4 sections deal with Christianity and the Bible. If you have never been a Christian and don't consider the Bible to be the "Word of God" you may temporarily skip over these and continue on. Otherwise it is essential to read these sections before going further in order to put these issues in proper perspective.

Christendom Analyzed/Questioned

Critical Christianity Analysis
   Pointing out just three simple rationales to question the validity of Christianity.

Religion as a Product
   Comparing the advantages if promoting religion to promoting a product.

Perspective on God is Dead Movement
   A look at the meaning of the God is Dead movement

Four Basic Questions

1. How did we get into this situation?
2. Why is God not involved in a more visible and tangible way?
3. What can we do to change or get out of this situation?
4. Are millions of Christians making a huge mistake in begging and trying to manipulate God into answering their petty, mundane self-centered petitions?

Combined Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke
   The premise and claim is that by judiciously combining the parallel account in the synoptic Gospels, nothing significant is lost, and value is gained

Combined Synoptic Gospels Part 1 of 6
Combined Synoptic Gospels Part 2 of 6
Combined Synoptic Gospels Part 3 of 6
Combined Synoptic Gospels Part 4 of 6
Combined Synoptic Gospels Part 5 of 6
Combined Synoptic Gospels Part 6 of 6

A study on John the Baptist syndrome
   Raising major questions about the fate of John the Baptist.

Christian Belief Tested - 20 Questions
   20 pertinent and incisive questions for Christendom are posed.

The Weeping for Lazarus Problem
   There is a HUGE problem with the traditional understanding of this incident.

The Greying of the Prophets
   An article about how religions are now having to confront aging and dying patriarchies

Christendom Challenged

Impertinence of Preachers and Theologians
   A look at the insufferable arrogance of the "preachers" and televangelists

Comments on Doing the Lord's Work
   Are people that think they are doing the Lord's work doing just the opposite?

Common hidden Theological Assumptions
   These "hidden" assumptions really ought to see the light of day and be disposed with

Show Major Theological Issue Differences
   A list of 28 major positions of Christianity and why the alternative is more sensible

Gospel of John - 4 Laments on the Failure
   Almost nobody is aware that the Gospel writer John 30 to 40 years later gives four laments in his first three chapters over the failure of the demonstration by Jesus to engender understanding of the truth, even in his fellow disciples

Perspective on the Non-Christian Jesus
   What is the proper perspective to take regarding Jesus, and what is the proper framework?

Thoughts on Blessings from God
   A challenge to the idea of God blessing individuals, showing this to be a disguised form of hubris

Maybe, Things Jesus Should Have Said
   If Christianity is on the right ground or paradigm, then these are the things Jesus should have said

Martyr Stephen on Moloch's Tent
   The martyr Stephen knew that the "Tent of Presence" or Tabernacle in the wilderness was the tent of Saturn or Moloch.

Letter to a Christian Author
   A letter of response to a published article pointing out some key issues that were either ignored or misunderstood by the author..

Christendom Condemned

Christendom's Fundamental Mistake
   It is hard to settle on the fundamental mistake but this one has to rank very high on the list

Christendom's other Major Mistakes
   A list of mistakes by Christendom, each of which are dealt with in the article

The Twin Pillars of Christianity
   A critical look at concepts of Peter and Paul being the foundation of Christianity instead of those of Jesus

On the Subversion of Christianity
   An article showing that Christianity has been subverted right from the beginning

Christianity's Irrational Mysticisms
   A look at some major mysticisms widespread in Christendom

Mysticism versus Understanding
   An analysis of mysticism in contrast to understanding and intellectual responsibility

Christendom's Idolatry
   Identification of idolatry and a clear look at its extent in Christendom

Christendom's Rites and Sacraments
   A critical look and analysis of the major rites and ceremonies of Christendom

Confused Christian Terminology

Bible and Canon Issues

Bible Mystique of Sacred Writings
   A critical and incisive look at the mystique that the Bible has in our society

Ancient Text Translation Issues
   The major premise is that the old, wrong paradigm of God skews the translation, which is already problematic

Information on the Bible Canon
   Almost all Christians are compromised by an almost complete lack of knowledge about the Bible canon and its development

Valid Criteria for Selecting Gospel text
   In one way or another, EVERYBODY selects and rejects Bible passages, so some valid criteria MUST be developed

Visit to the Tomb Gospel Comparison
   Aspect by aspect, a comparison of this passage in the four Gospels highlights MAJOR problems and issues

Inventing the Bible-Talmud
   A delightful, erudite and well developed exposition on how and why the first nine books of the Bible were compiled.

Rebut Forged Origins of the Gospels
   Dealing with an extreme attack on the origins of the New Testament


Paradigm Material

Character, Purpose, Plan, Values
   Explores these and other crucial aspects of God and ourselves

Paradigm of Holographic Universe
   As an introduction to the very powerful Holographic Universe paradigm this piece lays the foundation for understanding hitherto very enigmatic aspects of the human experience

Paradigm of the Ground of Creativity
   Explores the question of where creativity comes from

Paradigm of the Descent into Evil
   The story of Man built from major pieces, facets, elements and/or phases from creation to now

Multiple Reincarnation Paradigm
   An analysis of the multiple reincarnation paradigm of reality and destiny

Paradigm of the Good News
   Relates the Gospel in a new paradigm to the real issues that WE care about as human beings

Paradigm of Love
   A hard, close look at love and its aspects, and the 4 types of human transactions, giving, taking, trading and sharing


Paradigm of the Nature of Jesus
   A realistic, graphical look at the human nature of Jesus

The What-If Paradigm
   A look at some major issues through the "What if" approach

Paradigm of Solipsism
   A look at the simplest and most shallow paradigm of them all, showing that it cannot be disproven and therefore we must choose

Paradigm Lockout Syndrome,
   A look at the A look at paradigm paralysis that infects so many people

Paradigm Shift
   Many of the readers didn't believe that Copernicus was claiming that the Sun was the center of the solar system. These astronomers thought the heliocentric system was a mathematical trick just to make calculations easier. Today, astronomers and cosmologists are faced with a shift from the gravity dominated universe to the electric plasma dominated one

Arp & Galileo
   An article comparing Halton Arp and his galactic findings on quasars and redshift to Galileo

Turkey Paradigm Poem
   A poem for Thanksgiving Day dealing wiih paradigm shifts, and how they will be resisted.

Electric Universe Theory
   The "Electric Universe" is a paradigm change, a new way of interpreting findings in terms of plasma and electrical forces. In this interpretation, gravity plays a secondary role behind the far more powerful electric force, and electrified plasma in the laboratory provides a model for comprehending newly-discovered phenomena in space.

27. The Evil of the Ordinary
   Sometimes the worst thing is that nothing happens that is very good, That is really bad.

28. If Jesus is the Answer, What Went Wrong?
   A candid look at the state of mind and belief that was impervious to what Jesus said and did

29. Various Models of Human Destiny
    A consideration of various conceptual system of ultimate human destiny

30. Atheist Questions
   Some cutting, probing  and provocative questions that atheists have asked

31. Paradigm of Bicameral Brain-Mind
   A look at Julian Jaynes, the bicameral brain-mind paradigm, and where Jaynes went wrong

32. The Origins of Modern Geology
   A review of the origins of modern geological gradualism, and why that was an unscientific reaction to the heavy handed moralism of the Church of England

33. Jesus on Understanding God
   A study of the statements of Jesus showing that he taught that imminent salvation is equivalent to understanding the purpose, values and character of God

34. Jesus on literally Not Dying
   A study of the statements of Jesus showing that he clearly taught that he was offering literal, imminent immortality, literally not dying in this life. This is stated plainly in the positive mode and in the negative mode. Even the Jewish leaders understood what he was saying, and they accused him of being insane

35. Jesus on What to Do to Bring Resolution
   No message of salvation can be efficacious or complete without instructions about what to do to achieve or to qualify. The verses are gathered together for the reader to see what the man himself said

36. What Jesus Says About the Paraclete,
   One of the most confused and troubled issues in Christendom the understanding of the Holy Spirit, whether it is a person, but more importantly its mode of operation and its role

Jesus Teachings Material

Jesus on Faith and Belief
   A collection of all the passages in the Gospels where Jesus talks about faith or belief.

Jesus on Resurrection of the Body
   Putting the implications of the resurrection into proper perspective

Jesus on The Ends of the Ages
   Jesus responded to questions with answers that show he was referring to four different ages: his current age drawing to a close, the next age−our present age−, the following age of judgment and healing, and the final age of glorious living in the kingship

What Jesus Says about His Return
   A collection of verses showing what Jesus meant by his return, and why traditional concepts of the "Second Coming" are misguided.

The Lord's Prayer Teaching
   The content and its limitation, and even the format of this prayer, has significant implications and ramifications for the proper mindset and for what to pray for and what NOT to pray for.

The Parables of Jesus with Commentary
   Most of the parables found in the synoptic Gospels. Omitted are the more simple and direct analogies, objects lessons, and those that Jesus himself explained. The commentary and interpretations given are generally not the traditional ones, but are compatible with the Gospel of the kingship.

Jesus on Sin, Fasting, and Praying
   A collection of verses showing what sin is and that fasting and praying will increase or harden the sin in us.

What Jesus Didn't say Anything About.
   Sometimes what is NOT said speaks with as much impact as what IS said. This list is very enlightening.

The Aphorisms by Jesus

Creation Issues

The Violence of Nature
   A candid look at the violence of nature and its implications for ultimate issues

The Source of Creativity
   A look at the possible sources or grounds of creativity in humans.

The Many Worlds Interpretation
   An analysis of the ultimate philosophical copout, the "Many Worlds Interpretation

Mebane on Evolution
   Is it really true that "all life on Earth has developed by evolution"?  Yes, no, and maybe.  It depends on what meaning you assign to the protean word “evolution”.

Mebane on Polygenesis
   This Greek word originally denoted the hypothesis that all life has descended from more than one original ancestral species.  We have recently  discovered that, even for the simplest microbes, Darwin’s "monogenesis" turns out to be impossible to verify.

Sequence of Earth Life Forms
   A very eye opening account of the unfolding of the life form sequence of appearance on the Earth. Told in the form of a murder mystery. You will be shocked at the number of unexplained "miracles".

A Story of Creation
   One version or story of how creation unfolded.

Jesus Aspects

The Sterilized Jesus
   A look at how Jesus has been sterilized into an artificial icon, divorced from his real and fully dimensional humanity

Comparison of Values Humanist/Jesus
   A treatise showing that the values of Jesus are essentially the same as those of a humanist

Jesus versus Mythical Avatars
   An in-depth comparison of the pattern and features of Jesus' life showing a significant overlap with the mythical avatars, and indicating that that he DID purposely pattern his life after the Egyptian warrior-hero god, Horus

How Jesus Related to Societal Elements
   A simple look at this facet of Jesus behavior

Jesus, Israel & Scripture
   A look at the myriad factors as to why Jesus came to Israel at the time that he did, and why the selection cannot be used as an endorsement of their religion and scriptures

Philosophical Issues

Review the Branches of Philosophy
   A short review of philosophy and its branches of Epistemology, Logic, Metaphysics, Ethics and Aesthetics

Review of Philosophical Methods
   A look at the various styles but more importantly the approaches and methods of philosophers in the search for understanding

Value of Consistency
   Highlighting the profound lack of consistency in Christian theology

Category Knowledge & Propositions
   An exposition of the five basic categories of knowledge and the four of propositions

Nature & Definition of Time
   The philosophical explanation and definition of "time" showing that it is a series of sequential events and not some mysterious dimension

The Sound Philosophical Foundation
   Exploring the universal purpose of life for conscious beings

The Path to the Truth
   Exploring the philosophical path to the truth

Thoughts on the Origin of Life
   A passage from the book Life Comes From Life, and a quote from Franz Boas, German-American pioneer anthropologist

 A Perspective on Martyrdom
   Exploring a perspective on Martyrdom.

Mysticism versus Understanding
   A contrast showing that Mysticism in religion opens the door to all kinds of intellectual chicanery

Regarding Pre-Existence/Self-Creation
   An article looking at this paradigm and giving the basic arguments of refutation

Ethics versus Morality
   Defining each of these carefully and making the difference clear

The Four Laws of Reasonable Thought
   Gives examples of the:
1.  Principle of Non-Contradiction
     2.  Principle of Identity
     3.  Principle of Excluded Middle
     4.  Principle of Sufficient Reason

Superstition, Myth & Responsibility
   An approach to root out superstition and myth, and take personal intellectual responsibility

Smug Man versus Straw Man
   An article by a friend showing the overriding importance of being able to identify truth from falsity

Thoughts on the Nature of Fear
   A short, candid look at fear, and why unwarranted fear is so destructive. Also includes the proper response to unbidden fear

Perspective on Fundamental Hypocrisy
   A rather extensive and complete list of the argument techniques that are used to blur or distort the truth, along with the fundamental example of hypocrisy

Psychological Issues

Thoughts on the Ego Problem
   The new and real explanation of the ego problem and a challenge to do something about it

Examples of Cults
   A reporter takes a long-term look at a "Christian" cult and the tragedy that it fostered.

Essence of Koran
   All religions come with a manual which explains how a believer should practice the religion. Some instruction manuals are benign and some have gone through a long reformation process which has turned them from malignant to benign. The trouble with all this talk about Islam and the Koran is that the vast majority of Westerners are utterly ignorant of their essence.

Thoughts on Three Levels of Volition
   Consideration of the three levels of volition and the implications for human life and destiny.

Legitimate Spirit Communication Style
   Exploring the issue of the legitimate truth sharing style

Thoughts on Hedonism
   Explores what hedonism is and why it is less than ideal

Belief System Arrogance
   A candid look at the common arrogance of people concerning their belief system

Holiday Trivialization of Good and Evil
   Once "sacred" and ever so much more meaningful, holidays and their rationale have been trivialized and secularized

Regarding God Talking to Individuals
   An critical look at the whole idea of and arguments for God talking to individuals on earth.

Loss & Recovery of Self-Consciousness
   We take self-consciousness for granted and most people don't have a clue that it was effectively repressed and has re-blossomed in modern times

Cosmology & Psychology
   Article on the pronounced affect that cosmology has on psychology in general

A Call to Consciousness

The Terror of Death
   The morbid-minded argument.

Personal Integrity versus Authority
   A study showing an appalling lack.

Regarding God Talking to Individuals
   Arguments against God talking to people.

The Tyranny of Time
   A look at the tyranny of time and how it controls and oppresses us as humans.

Theological Issues

20 Questions about What a God Is
   These questions deal with how we define and characterize the proper concept of God, showing that the traditional thinking misses the point

Basic Questions for Theology
   Sometimes questions are better than answers, and here is a compilation of questions that need better answers

The Meaning of Sin Issues
   Bible translators and theologians have overlooked the then current meaning of the word Jesus most commonly used for sin, and let the apostle Paul define it as transgression of the law

What about Death?
   Some plain talk about Eros and Thanatos, fulfillment and death, the two basic things−one positive, the other negative−that motivate people

The Criteria for Good News
   We've heard a lot about the "Good News", but what make it so good? Article looks at the legitimate criteria for the "news" to actually be good

On Credibility of the Resurrection
   A masterful article looking at pertinent information concerning the credibility of this being tangible, historically real

The Afterlife and Physicality
   Without physicality there is no manifestation of spirituality. Jesus affirmed our having bodies in every meaningful way

Further Thoughts on Faith and Belief
   A closer look at how Jesus and the Gospel writers used the words "Belief" & "Believe" and the difference of the writers and Jesus.

Humanism versus Jesus
   A comparison of Humanistic values and the values of Jesus, showing an overwhelming overlap.

Quotes on Legalism
   Some impactful, thought-provoking quotes on legalism

Further Thoughts on Unity
   Here the case is laid out in the gospels for understanding that unity is paramount

Personal Relationship with God
   A simple and direct challenge to the idea of us having a personal relationship with Jesus

Awareness Level of "God"
   A square look at the traditional doctrine that Jesus is up in Heaven watching everything that we do

Contrast of Believers
   A extensive  list of major issues and how the true believer and the traditional believer differ in their attitude, approach and behavior

Waiting for Godot
   Samuel Beckett's acclaimed play is pretty clearly aimed at Christians waiting for the Lord to come and solve all of their problems

Nothing Much for 2000 Years?
   This is a direct challenge to the doctrine of the second Advent or coming

Comments on Nicene Creed
   Nicene Creed, the foundation for Greek and Roman Catholic, and general Orthodoxy is thought to be bedrock for Christendom

Site Theology ABCs
   An article that delineates some of the basic questions and issues that a proper theology must answer

Ancient Misc Myth Articles

The One Ancient Story

Avoiding Reductionism

Patterns of Human Memory

Science of Comparative Myth

Myth Reconstruction Ground Rules

The Meaning of Myth

The Importance of Myth

Plausability of Myth

Reliability of Myth as Witness

Myth as Foundation

From Myth to Model

Logic of Historical Evidence

Memories of Planetary Upheaval

Natural References of Myth

Myth Memory Patterns

Conjunction Themes

Mercury Mythology

Saturn-Venus Discussion

Cosmic Symbol Development

Names of Suns & Planets

The Golden Age

Golden Age Interview

Geological Issues

Origins of Modern Geological Theory

Origin of Grand Canyon I

Origin of Grand Canyon II

Niagara Falls & Escarpment

Desertification of the Sahara

Revolving Crescent on Saturn
   An early article by David Talbott on the revolving crescent on the face of Saturn

The World Mountain
   An early article by David Talbott on the plausible explanation for the axis mundi to be seen as the world or cosmic mountain

Localizing of the Warrior-Hero

Sacrifice & Amnesia
   An early article by David Talbott on the remembering and forgetting of the great catastrophe and the inception of sacrifice, including human and animal sacrifice

Labyrinth & Fortress Themes

Male Gods in Myth

Mars Rocks & Myth

Catastrophism Pioneers

The White Crown

A Unified Mythology Theory

Thunderbolts-Myth & Symbol

The Polar Thunderbolt

Thundergods & Celestial Marvels

Thunderbolts of the Gods

Psycho-Catastrophe Articles

Cosmology and Psychology
   A groundbreaking article showing the source for ancient myth and religions was the planetary catastrophes that were ravaging the earth

Phobia, Amnesia, and Psyche
   An article dealing with collective amnesia induced the the ancient global catastrophes

Microcosm to Macrocosm
   An article showing that atomic warfare mirrors the ancient catastrophes delivered from the skies

Theomachy in the Theater
   An insightful article showing that post World War II movies heavily reflected the impact of atomic devastation upon our psyches

Myth and Mandala

Schizo-World Destruction
   A look at how prolonged trauma of cosmic catastrophe could produce psychological states which were strikingly similar to those which we classify today as catatonic schizophrenia.

Velikovsky-New Science

The Tao, the Way
   A short look at the modern denial of cosmic disorder and violence.

The Sin Control System
   Exploring mankind's catastrophically induced sin guilt and how that is used as a control system.


Empowerment versus Natural Law
   A consideration of some kind of balance between the two in a healed reality.

The Traditional Advent Fallacious
   The collection of all the verses in the Gospels that are interpreted as to refer to the traditional Second Advent, including the key Greek words and commentary.

A study on "Take Up Your Cross"
   This phrase has been badly translated and interpreted, and the article give good reasons for considering a much better understanding.

Christianity and Gnosticism
   Some observations on the comparison of Christianity and Gnosticism, the other branch of religion that developed from the Jesus incident.

Gospel of Thomas is not Gnostic
   Excellent quotes on why the conclusion that the Gospel of Thomas is Gnostic is a shallow one.

On Determinism and Foreknowledge
   One of the most pernicious doctrines in Christian theology is the teaching that god knows everything down to the minutest detail that will ever happen in the future.

Why is God not More Involved?
   A frank look at the evidence that God is not significantly involved in the affairs of the world or Mankind.

Some Other Theological Issues
   Dealing with a list of central issues for Christendom.

Having a Consistent Theology
   Highlighting some of the many inconsistencies of Christendom.

The Devil and Satan
   Investigating the origin of the concepts of Satan, Iblis, Devil, Samael, etc., and showing that these concepts had their ground in ancient god-planetary catastrophe.

The Meaning of Imminent
   Getting clear on the meaning of the word "imminent".

Thoughts on the Problem of Belief
   Explores the significant issues involved with belief.



Relativity & Einstein Tragedy
   Article about the falsity of the theories of "Relativity", and the tragedy that Einstein felt responsible for the development of atomic weaponry and its WWII use.

The Religious Big Bang
   Article showing that the Big Bang is religiously derived, and is a scientifically unwarranted paradigm.

Seeing Red Book Review
   A book review that shows that red shift cannot primarily be due to recessional velocty, and showing that quasars are ejected from Active Galactic Nuclei.

Galactic Rotation Dynamics
   Article showing that galaxies revolve primarily as a whole around the axis versus by the individual parts around a center of mass.

Globular Cluster Dynamics
   Article showing that stars in a cluster do not revolve around a center and are held in place by electrical forces.

The Nature & Definition of Space
   New paradigm philosophical article on the nature of what we mean by the word "space". Currently, "space" is reified by scientist-speculators as an actual physical reality instead of a mental construct such as zero or infinity. Article shows that space is in the universe instead of the universe being in space.

The Neutrino Aether
   New paradigm philosophical article on why accepting an aether is axiomatic, and why the EU thinking is that it is composed of all but empty basic packets of matter called neutrinos, with a vanishingly small amount of internal mass/energy and dipolarity.

The Nature of Force Fields
   New paradigm philosophical article on the concrete material support for "force fields", and a simple and elegant explanation for why the force intensity falls off with some factor of distance.

Modern Mythology Material

Western Academia's Modern Mythology
   Laying out the case for the development of the Modern Mythology in both science and Religion.

Western Academia's Reifications
   Looking at some of Western science's and academia's egregious reifications.

Astral Catastrophist Pioneers
   Historical information about the major pioneers that developed the modern thinking about ancient planetary catastrophe.

Six Great Enigmas with Ancient Civilizations

Importance of Catastrophism

Origin of Modern Geology

Parable about Electromagnetism

Modern Philosophy

Scientism Religion

The Great Pyramid

Foreword-Pythagorus' Trousers

Some Science Myths

Einstein Genius Myth

Lecture & Video Links

Velikovsky Biography

Worlds in Collision Review Story

From Myth to Model

The Great Pyramid

Misc Saturn-Jupiter Mythology

The following articles give some very foundational material on the development of myth from ancient planetary catastrophe.

Mythology of the Golden Age
   David Talbott writes about the reality and major aspects of the Golden Age, and what an overwhelming loss it was to the ancient people to have it end.

Talbott Article - Universal Monarch
   David Talbott writes about the reality and major aspects of the Universal Monarch

Velikovsky Article In the Beginning I
   Some foundational material and sources for understanding that all ancient people worshipped the sun-planet Saturn as the visible presence of God in the sky.

Velikovsky Article In the Beginning II
   Some foundational material and sources for understanding that ancient people worshipped the brilliant planet Jupiter as the visible presence of God in the sky after Saturn was dethroned.

Velikovsky ArticleIn the Beginning III
   Some foundational material and sources for understanding that ancient people worshipped the Moon as a significant God.

The Saturn Theory Demands
   A frank assessment of the demands that must be met for the viability of the Saturnian Reconstruction theory.

Chronology & Archaeology Links

Ages and Time Aspects

Puzzles of Prehistory

Dark Age of Greece

Apocalyptic Chronology

Radiohalos & Earth History

Psuedo-8th Century Palestine

The Doubtful C.E. Chronology

Caral, Peru Archaeology

Solstice Light Boxes

Bible Flunks Archaeology

Age Limits of Biosphere

Talbott Article - Polar Sun I
   Historians as a whole have missed the ancient link of Saturn to kingship, to the origins of civilization, to the roots of ancient myth and symbol, AND to Saturn being earth's earlier sun!.

Talbott Article - Polar Sun II
   Elucidating the central, fixed and polar position of this earlier sun.

Talbott Article - Polar Sun III
   Further explaining and supporting the model of the Saturnian sun fixed over the north pole always visible in the northern hemisphere while "turning in the sky".

Talbott Article - Polar Sun IV
   Showing that the Saturnian Reconstruction as having a central, fixed, polar sun passes the rigorous tests that are demanded.

Misc Venus-Mars Mythology

The Star of Dawn
   An Article exploring the mythology surrounding Venus when it was in front of Saturn as the glorious star

Velikovsky & Catastrophe

Talbott Article - The Comet Venus-1

Talbott Article - The Comet Venus-2

Talbott Article - The Comet Venus-3

Terrifying Glory of Venus

The Warrior Athena

The Birth of Vahagn
   Article about the Armenianmyth concerning the birth of Vahagn, a Martian god figure.

Talbott Article - Velikovsky's Comet-1

Talbott Article - Velikovsky's Comet-2

Talbott Article - Velikovsky's Comet-3

Talbott Article - Velikovsky's Comet-4

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Mercury Mythology

Talbott Article - The Saturn Myth
   An introduction to the Saturnian Thesis or Reconstruction of ancient times and issues.

Framing ancient Saturn Worship
   Looks at many diverse facets supporting what is called the Saturnian Reconstruction of the Golden Age of ancient times.

Talbott Article - Saturn Theory I
   The historical argument focuses on "points of agreement" in the memories of widespread races, suggesting levels of coherence often missed by historians and anthropologists.

Talbott Article - Saturn Theory II
   Unlike many competing catastrophist models, the "Saturn theory" involves explicit pictures showing "exactly" what we are proposing the ancients saw. And the claimed celestial images relate specifically to the positions of "planets" in the sky, planets that are "named". Moreover, the proposed celestial forms behave in an incredibly precise way.

Talbott Article - Saturn Theory III
   Not a single theory proposed−before Velikovsky opened the door−will account for the archetypes, the bedrock of myth.

Talbott Article - Saturn Theory IV
   How can the disparate threads of memory, expressed in seemingly contradictory symbols, through stories that are often barely intelligible, and in archaic words of uncertain meaning, ever provide a dependable guide for reconstructing cosmic events?

Talbott Article - Saturn Theory V
   Dealing with the prevailing "Creation Myth", which is NOT challenging a creator of the universe.

The Religion of Scientism
   A piercing look at the religion of Scientism and its adherents. This is now the world's largest and most influential religion, and it marginalizes all others.

Some Prominent Science Myths
   Looking at a dozen major scientific myths that are holding back progress and a deeper understanding of our physical reality.

Miscellaneous Material

Can We Agree?
   A lengthy list of significant things we should be able to agree upon before we start to argue or debate.

What is a Prophet?
   An article showing that a prophet is not a prognosticator but a spokesman that has the next level of truth for his society.

Differences of Valid-Faux Intellectuals
   Contrasting pseudo intellectuals with valid ones  in important spiritual aspects

Differences of Valid-Faux Meditation
   A critical look at meditation and its validity and benefits.

Thoughts on The Brothers Karamazov
   Thoughts on the difference between the Cardinal and Jesus concerning the three temptations.

A Critique of the Book A New Earth
   This critique shows that the thinking of the book is based upon a fundamentally erroneous concept regarding the ego.

Brother? James Ossuary

The Great Pyramidy

Importance of Catastrophism

Modern Echoes-Catastrophey

Some Modern Parables
   Three parables by the site author about the Kingship of the Heavens.

Kahlil Gibran on Law
   A delightful, insightful example of  Gibran's poetic prose, artfully dismissing legalism.

How the World Will End

Assessment Criteria for New Cults
   How to evaluate new cult leader's promise of exotic and liberating aspects of empowerment to their adherents.

A Model for Visions and Dreams
   A suggested model for understanding vision and dreams as internally generated.

The Ancient Concept of Time
   Looking at our concept of time, and the ancient meaning of an age.

Scholastics in the Middle Ages
   A quick look at scholastics in the Middle Ages.

Foreword - Pythagorus' Trousers
   The delightful and enlightening Foreword to the book Pythagorus' Trousers.

Symbol Development

Memories of Plasma Discharge
   What do oriental carpets, craters and rilles, ancient mythology, rock art have to do with each other?  Along with others they are all pieces of evidence in a composite picture of catastrophe in ancient times, and they are all related to plasma configurations seen in the sky.

Memories of Squatter Man
   Many symbolic patterns around the world can now be seen as variations of the global "squatter man" or "stick man" first documented by plasma scientist Anthony Peratt. They are stylized derivations of a plasma discharge configuration seen in the ancient sky.

Chinese Longevity Symbol
   This symbol is a stylized version of the "squatter man" and is related to longevity because this plasma discharge formation lasted the longest in the series seen in the ancient sky.

Astral Origin of Symbols
   The powerful symbols that were produced in the sky during the end-phase of the Golden Age include all the major religious ones−the cross, swastika, star of David, yin yang,, star and crescent, the Ankh−and many others that are global in scope.

Account of Personal Experience
   A partial look at the site author's experience with Christianity.

Personal Article/Lecture Video Links
   A short list of links for lectures and videos produced by the site author.

Some Final Conclusions?
   The site author offers some tentative conclusions for consideration.

Some pdf Downloads

Language Development

Linguistic Development

The "No Eight" Pattern

Origin of "Star" Words

Planet-Star Words

Linguistic Roots

Early Alphabet

Global Alphabet

Definition Material

Key Term Definitions
   About 60 key terms used on this site that needed to be clarified are defined.

Mind Related Definitions
   16 Key terms related to the mind are  defined and differentiated.

Intellect Related Definitions
   5 Key terms related to intellectual activity are defined and differentiated.

Definitions of Ecclesia, Parousia, & Apocalypse
   There is much confusion regarding these terms, and proper definitions are essential.

Origin of Soul Term Definitions
   There is much confusion regarding the term soul, and a proper definition is crucial.

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