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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Above all else, our thinking about God needs to be de-mystified,
because any Revelation from God is vitiated by making it
mystical and confusing, impossible to understand!
- Site Author

Theology ABCs
Updated: 06/21/2020

  1. Jesus is the original human being and the originator of the spiritual and physical universe. He is the "Son" of God not because the "Father" preceded him in time sequence, but by virtue of being willing to lay down his life and be born as a literal son of Mary and the heavenly Father.
  2. The "Father" is the spiritually unified corpus of the unfallen human beings or children citizens in the universe, which have been given the actual, effective sovereignty and control of it. Jesus is the most admired and respected member of that family, but because of the unmitigated, unalloyed unity of purpose, values and plan of the family, he has no desire NOR NEED to exercise any dominion over it. There is never any contest of wills. His influence is unsurpassed but never imposed. He clearly let us know that he defers to the will of the Father; who has the "power and the glory, forever." Jesus gets one equal vote and chooses NOT to USE it.
  3. The "Holy Spirit" is the "I am a God" mindset, the supreme spirit, the adequate, all-sufficient attitude of the unified family of human beings including that of the Originator. There is no deistic trinity of persons. That concept is rooted in the trimurti, the three aligned planets of Mars, Venus and Saturn that loomed overhead in the ancient sky, and is buttressed by a misunderstanding of the phrase that Jesus used, "In the name of the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit." "In the name of" means consonant with, aligned with, in the spirit of, with the authority of.
  4. The human condition is awful beyond our willingness or capacity to fully embrace; hence we are generally in some degree of denial. We are immersed in an environment of paucity, uncertainty, competition, frustration,, risk, danger, and constant diminishment. We slog through trials and tribulations, careen from one vicissitude to another, constantly at risk, vulnerable to physical damage and disease, and emotional distress if not outright suffering. All the while we are ineluctably marching toward the grave, aging and dying, losing our vim, vigor, vitality and virility, often losing our sensory capacities like vision and hearing as well along the way.
  5. If there is a God worthy of the term, that God must be good to a degree and in a way that we can relate to in order to get motivated and inspired in order to make THE difference.
  6. Why wouldn't we conceive of God being all-the-way good? And who gets to define goodness for me, for us? I do, we do. If you can describe a better package of goodness than what is proposed on this site, let me know what I have misconceived or left out.
  7. If God is all the way good, then that agency must offer the totality of our intrinsic needs and legitimate desires to us in our lifetime. We should NOT ineluctably have to die to get the fulfillment of these.
  8. There is probably just one issue left to settle in the wider Universe, and that is whether the human race has enough spiritual virtue to care enough–to come out of denial and apathy–to choose to believe God IS this good, has available this level of what is being offered to us, and to listen to his directives and his instructions. So far, evidently we haven't demonstrated this.
  9. The instructions and directions must be simple, reasonable, and pleasant, not arduous, daunting, risky or complicated. As in, "My yoke is pleasant, my burden is light."
  10. Jesus defined sin as missing the mark in terms of our CONCEPT and understanding of both the nature (human) and character of God the Son and God the Father.
  11. Jesus and his life on earth IS the paradigm, showing that God is, was, and always will be totally and only human, that his character makes him to be primarily, first and foremost, the servant for others, NOT the sovereign potentate or dominator.
  12. The Truth that is sensible, that is rational, logical, and reasonable is the truth that will set us free.
  13. That freedom must incorporate both the freedom from evil but also the liberty to be what we are and to express our wills and be the master of our own lives. Just like our own children do when they achieve adulthood.
  14. That level of freedom can only be delivered via supremacy through equality.
  15. What God will NOT do is meddle directly in our minds, nor in our lives or human affairs in a controlling way, and then only when legitimately given permission.
  16. The "God spirit" or attitude of seeking the truth will lead us into all the truth.
  17. The life, deeds, and message of Jesus are the final arbiter for us as to what is true about the God family.
  18. The unfallen family WANTS to be understood and CAN be understood better than we can understand each other.
  19. That understanding ramifies thusly: "And this is eternal life (salvation, being made safe and secure), that they understand you and he whom you have sent."
  20. We are the children of God, especially when we seek the truth about him and ourselves, and children are NOT inherently or indefinitely inferior to their parents.
  21. The Kingship of the Heavens is not just a state of mind, nor a place, nor a material realm separate from the universe, but is the state of being privileged and empowered to the same degree as Jesus. Jesus made it clear that he was IN the Kingship of the Heavens.
  22. It is the unity that Jesus requested that will deliver the Kingship of the Heavens to us, because it will engender greater fellowship, commitment, confidence, understanding, personal growth, etc., and will enable God to support us fully. Seeking the truth is seeking to come into unity of paradigm, purpose, and values with the family of God and each other.
  23. The inauguration of the Kingship is ALWAYS imminent, depending upon our response.
  24. Through no fault of his own, Jesus failed at that time to inaugurate the healing of the human race, and thus said to his followers who WILL accomplish this, "Greater things than these will you do."
  25. The resurrection will take place when an effective ecclesia develops in a group of people that come into the needed unity. and it is this ecclesia and/or its members in the Kingship that will be in charge, make the decisions, and do the resurrecting.
  26. The beginning of the resurrection will be the end of the current age, and begin the Age of Judgment/Salvation. All who choose to accept the truth in the full light of ALL the historical information, and choose to live unified within this realization will thereby be saved, healed, incorporated into the family and have eternal life and all that goes with it.

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