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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Dealing adequately with the ultimate issues cannot be undertaken successfully unless one has taken the inward journey to fully understand and embrace one's own legitimate needs and desires. Thisis what we can KNOW unfiltered, firsthand. There IS NO other valid point of perspective! - Michael Armstrong

Simple Mistakes Affecting Christian Knowledge

SMACK: these are SOME of the blatant mistakes.

1.   Hades = Hell

2.   Gehenna = Hell

3.   Sin = transgression of the law

4.   Cross as burden, as in “Take up your cross and follow me.”

5.   Satan = Devil

6.   Personifications of "Father" and "Holy Spirit" by J = real, tangible beings

7.   Common sayings of the day and their meanings taken literally

8.   Overextending the meaning of what the author meant

9.   Faith / Belief = accepting dogma and doctrine

10.  Hypocrisy = inconsistent behavior

11.  Ecclesia = church

12.  WORSHIP = rites, rituals, liturgy and meeting attendance versus to give credit for the origin, and more especially the sustenance and enhancement of life. Worship is the opposite of fear.

13.  Dogma/Doctrine = truth as best we can know it

14.  Commandments = demands of fiat law versus Instructions or Directions

15.  SPIRIT = living entity versus an attitude, an animating or vital principle held to give  meaning to living physical organisms, a temper or disposition of mind, the activating or essential principle influencing a person, a special attitude or frame of mind, a mental disposition characterized by firmness or assertiveness, the general intent or real meaning of a communication. Specifically in ontology, the underlying director of human volition and will.

SPIRITUAL adj: on the opposite end of the spectrum from physical, it primarily means producing morale, related to meaningful, pertaining to the realm of theological ideas and beliefs, relating to intellectual, philosophical and religious matters rather than mundane or material matters.

THEOLOGY n: the systematic study of and reasonable interpretation of conceptual information, and possession of spiritual knowledge and consistent logical extensions or conclusions primarily about the Creator as subject. Theology deals with the intangible or initially unknowable, spiritual truths which one must choose to believe, and pertains to why as well as how the Creator relates to the universe and humanity.

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