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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Relationship Related Definitions

Analog n: a modeled or patterned thing that is in every point generated by the thing it is an analog of.

Example n: a single part or unit selected to show the nature or character of the rest.

Model n: a hypothetical or stylized representation of a thing, or a generalized, hypothetical description used in analyzing or explaining something.

Paradigm n: a wide ranging, encompassing, foundational model, pattern or framework for understanding, for arranging pertinent information into something consistent and meaningful.

Pattern n: a model, plan, or regular unvarying way used as a guide for making or understanding things.

Precedent n: an act, case, or decision that may serve as an example, model or justification for later developments.

Sample n: a selection of parts, pieces, or specimens taken or shown as representative of a whole thing.

Theory n: the relationship of the model to the things that the model is supposed to represent.

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