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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees." Dolores Ibarruri

The Special Challenge of Equality

I have asked everyone with whom I associate whether they would rather have inferiors, superiors, or equals as their friends. Invariably the latter is clearly preferred.  Fellowship with human peers is the acme of social fulfillment. We can love our pets, love our servants or underlings, but our deepest, truest love can only be engendered by those that are equal.

The prevailing and most fundamental dogma of the world's major religions is that the Creator is inherently transcendent (read alien) and superior to us as humans. Challenge this and you will be considered a blasphemer, worthy of scorn and ridicule by those religious elements that are constrained by the civil state, while others not so restrained will consider it a duty as well as a privilege to serve god by killing you. The concept of equality with the Creator gets their attention big time.

Nevertheless, any Creator worthy of the term "God" must not be alien to us in terms of purpose and values. Given this premise, it is only reasonable that the creator created other beings for his fellowship and not for some other less than noble purpose such as servitude, slavery, military duty, obedience minions, or even something more nefarious.

The challenge, of course, was to create equals or peers. Equality obviously cannot be created in a being or injected by another being. As soon as you can create or inject equality, you are inherently superior and any true equality evaporates. It can be extended to another being, but it must be chosen by them to be other than a farce or facade. When obvious differences exist, equality only comes when the other, created with the potential to be equal, CHOOSES to accept that equality when it is extended.

I have asked many red-blooded men what they would create if they were all alone in the universe and if they had godlike creative power. The almost consistent answer was, "A woman." The one exception was blurted out by a man with a playful grin, "Trouble."  Unfortunately, I knew what he meant! But what kind of woman? The next question, after the list of fantasy specifications was elicited, is the aim of this exercise.

So, imagine you have created this perfect dream of a female creature there looking at you with interest. You have given her every desirable, enticing female physical feature and those being flawless. You have endowed her with eyes to get lost in, hair with an intoxicating aroma, a mellifluous voice, pearlescent skin, graceful movement, enchanting curves and more moving parts that a Swiss watch. You have programmed her with intelligence, language, and all the knowledge that you have.  Is this anything more than  a humanoid? Is this really a woman? No. Can you really be in love with such a thing? No. What is missing? Volition, desire and self-esteem of course, and not just volition but volition enabled to be used to choose equality. Any aspect of a fulfilling relationship is ignoble if she isn't considered to be an equal, and can't say no or isn't free to say no.

Given the above impossibility to inject equality, and the challenge to engender it, the potential is there for a new being or new family in the universe to NOT choose equality. Yet, it is really not in our makeup to be underlings, and we cannot help but chafe in such a predicament of feeling inferior. If a human being cannot be equal, he will in some way try to be superior. Don't we all know that a superiority complex comes from insecurity related to feeling inferior? Are we not made to be equal in value, rights, and privileges yet with a variety of differences?

Every human being has a natural, inrinsic and legitimate desire for equality.

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