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Site Editor Note: The following article illustrates the egregiously warped and intellectually irresponsible stance of much of mainstream science. However, there are many more sober-minded scientists that eschew this mystical approach, and some that realize the whole Einstein validation and popularity affair was a scandal of great magnitude. Mainstream physics has become little more than a mystical cult.

Scientists take a warped view of time, space

• Scientists say Albert Einstein was right about the effects of black holes and massive objects


LA Times-Washington Post Service

Researchers have captured what might be the first evidence that black holes and other massive objects drag space and time around with them as they rotate, kicking up some very bizarre cosmic twisters.  The concept, known as "frame dragging," is one of the natural out-growths of Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, which was proposed in 1915 and based on the mind-bending notion that the gravity of an object distorts the geometry of space and time—like a bowling ball rolling around in a fire department’s safety net.  In the intervening decades, scientists have successfully tested  various aspects of relativity,

Space: Evidence accumulates that gravity warps time, space and popular fictional starship jockeys such as Captain Kirk have adapted it with flair.

But frame dragging had remained elusive, one of the "final frontiers" of relativity.  No real-life scientist had found a way to test its validity.

Now two separate teams of researchers from Italy and the United States have used remarkable new data from NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer, launched just more than a year ago, to do just that.

They reported Thursday that the space-borne instruments have detected the precise patterns of distortion that should occur around a spinning body if its gravity is indeed pulling space and time out of position—that is, relative to the way things would look under the simpler mathematical requirements of Sir Isaac Newton's version of physical law. (The theory of relativity ended the notion of absolute time.  It made time, like space, a relative thing.)

"If our interpretation is correct, it could be said to prove the presence of frame-dragging near spinning black holes," said Wei Cui of the Center for Space Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, lead author of one paper presented Thursday at a meeting of the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society in Estes Park, Colo.  The team also includes Shuang Zhang of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and Wan Chen of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

To understand the concept, Stanford University physicist Leonard Schiff has suggested visualizing a massive, rotating body immersed in molasses. When the object rotates, it will drag the molasses in this case, time and space with it, speeding everything up along with any objects that happen to be stuck in the goo.  In the present cases, that captive material was extremely hot gas emitting powerful X-ray pulses.  That's what the scientists measured.

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