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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Solipsism Paradigm of Reality

For the most part this paradigm of solipsism may be the most simplistic one of them all. You may think it is ridiculous to even deal with it, but there is an important principle that can be made plain. The paradigm is the idea that I am all that there is and that I am dreaming or imagining every aspect of "reality" that I experience.  In it you don't really exist except in my mind as a part of my own dream or creation. Presumably, the purpose of the dream is my own amusement, but if this paradigm is true, it has the profound problem that I don't remember when or why I started dreaming and why my dream is so bizarre, so filled with evil or traumatic experience. Even more troubling is that I have no clue as to how to control or clean up my dream, eliminate the extremely unpleasant aspects of this stupid drama that I experience. Apparently all that I can do is to hope to have a better dream.

Moral implications of this paradigm are simply not there except as they pertain to the way I feel.  Since no one else really exists, there is nobody else that can possibly suffer; and what I do in my dream matters only to me.  It would seem to be folly to care or worry about any of the characters in my dream because I don't know whether or not my dream may change suddenly and dramatically to the extent that the current characters are not even extant and are completely forgotten.

The important point of considering this paradigm is that it most acutely illustrates the true nature of belief being based on internal evidence. Once you can doubt, not trust, your own consciousness, apprehension, perception, logic and reason you can believe anything. I can conceive of no way to ever logically refute this paradigm. and no amount of experience or information can trump the simple idea that it is all just me dreaming.  Conversely, no amount of experience or information can logically prove this paradigm so that logic does not force me to accept it. Consequently, it is only the acceptance of my own consciousness that allows me to consider it.

Am I or could I be trapped in this damnable dramatic dream?  No, I simply choose not to believe this paradigm based on the personal, internal evidence that I don't like it.  See the definition of belief.

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