Imminent Fulfillment, Immortality, Safety, Empowerment, Equality, Knowledge, Unity, Society

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches
of evil to one who is striking at the root." -
Henry David Thoreau
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The really good news is not directly about the crucifixion or the resurrection or any aspect of theology but is about the imminent & immanent Realm of Goodness or kingship of the heavens, and the reasonable, pleasant process to enter. The gospel is about the entire package of goodness being imminently available to us.

Kingship of the Heavens

The Kingship of the heavens referred to by Jesus is not a material place nor is it a political system with God as the head. It is a situation or state of being where everyone has an equal and supreme status as comparable to a king, and one's every desire and need are fulfilled and more. Of course, it is independent of location, per se. It is the state of our being fully developed sons of God, unified in spiritual maturity, and involves having mastery over the physical universe as Jesus had. This is why Jesus uses heavens in the plural, because it is independent of which "heaven" or location one is in. Jesus brought the kingship with him and it is present and totally available and we can enter now. He is not bringing the rest of it, nor the tangible reality of it, in some "second coming" when he visibly returns in person.


Those that enter into unity by believing without tangible proof−by the force of the logic, elegance, and beauty of the truth−will completely understand the spirit of the character of the United Serving Entity and the basic reality that they set up, and will corporately control the awesome creative power of the United Serving Entity. This IS the realm of goodness. This is why it is reasonable and imperative to need to be in unity with the United Serving Entity and each other. We then get to enjoy sharing the Gospel of this "Kingship" with all the world and watch the Kingship/Kingdom grow.

Age Ending Advent

The words Parousia and Apocalypse are badly misunderstood by Christian translators who let tradition and the Bible influence their translation. The word Parousia means a display of presence, and the word Apocalypse means an unveiling or revealing.

The resurrection of Jesus WAS his "coming again" and he says virtually nothing about coming a third time, which would be the traditional Christian second advent. This is not to say that there will not be a climactic close to this age and that Jesus and others may not come to the earth, but the timing and nature of that event will be determined by a small number of believers coming into spiritual maturity and unity of purpose and values, not by some preset chronological agenda. The nature of this age ending will be real, visible, and tangible. When the Realm of Goodness (Kingship of the heavens) is entered by people who have chosen to believe without "seeing" and come into unity by completely understanding the United Serving Entity, then the United Serving Entity's great need will be fulfilled, Jesus may come in person, and the good news of the KINGSHIP can and will be shared in power with every existing and resurrected human being on the earth.

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