Imminent Fulfillment, Immortality, Safety, Empowerment, Equality, Knowledge, Unity, Society

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches
of evil to one who is striking at the root." -
Henry David Thoreau
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The Human Paradigm of Descent into Evil

(The story paradigm, in the simplest language, that incorporates
all the major facets of reality that I find in our experience)

"Mourn not the dead that in the cool earth lie, but rather mourn the
apathetic throng, the coward and the meek who see the world's great
anguish and its wrong, and dare not speak." - Ralph Chaplin

The Major Premise

The Creator is, was, and always will be totally and only a human being. The character-induced desire of the original human is to serve while being served, the very definition of love in action. The Originator devised a plan for a system (cosmos) to maximize the Creator's own fulfillment and morale along with the fulfillment and morale of each family member and citizen of the universe. In this dynamic system the plan was to have a growing family of a certain size and then a growing family of families. A starter physical universe was created for the families to live in and enjoy the full range of spiritual and physical experiences. New galaxies of new stars and new planets continued to be added to the physical universe as the need for new real estate expanded.

Equality and Peership Premise

Since social fulfillment is maximized by a relationship of equality or peership, the plan was to design the possibility of these in any added members of the family and citizens of the universe.

The Design Pattern of Families

The Originator took on a sexual identity and form and created another human being of opposite sex, who completely shared the full potential of godhood. These two mated and began the first family. The creator put the power of godhood outside of himself in the family where those that are in unity of purpose and values have total and complete access to and control of that power. As the family grew and as long as the family members remained in unity, the power and creativity grew exponentially. As the original family reached its fullness, new families were started. Each human and each family had the creative ability to imagine and create new and wondrous things, and became part of a collective consciousness that we will call the USE (Unified Serving Entity).

The Bicameral Brain-Mind-Consciousness

Part of the intelligence foundation of a human being is the bicameral brain-mind with two consciousnesses. These two structures have different abilities and design functions. One brain-mind is dedicated to individuality and privacy; the other was designed to be dedicated to a corporate or collective consciousness wherein each member is in perfect and complete telepathic communications with the collective. The interface between the private and the public awareness is volitional on the part of the individual. Each family defines a collective consciousness. The corporate intelligence and power is greater than the sum of the parts, and constitutes an entity−the USE−with complete access to the fullness of power invested in the universe. The collective exists for the purpose of, and is validated by, serving the individuals, not the other way around. See Bicameral Brain-Mind

The Challenge of Equality

The challenge, of course, was to create equals or peers. A creator cannot just inject equality into a created being without remaining superior. But a creator CAN extend equality to be accepted or chosen. When obvious differences exist, equality can only be chosen not imposed. Equality comes when the other, created with the POTENTIAL to be equal, chooses to accept that equality when it is extended. Thus, we are made to be equal sons of god with a variety of differences. Given the above impossibility to create equals outright and the challenge to develop them, the volitional potential for the new being or family has to be there to NOT choose equality.

Original Sin Premise

The original sin was nothing more than the entertained doubt as to the offer of equality being a sham, and the failure to choose to believe it. It is in our nature that if a human being cannot be equal, he will try to be superior. At some point one of the families, in the face of the awesome power and ability of the pre-existing families, failed to embrace the extended equality.

The Fall of Man and the Separation

This family, of course, found itself increasingly out of harmony and at odds with the existing families, and opted to separate from the harmonious fellowship and communion. This family, in its growing perverseness, set about to demonstrate its superiority by creating a different cosmos (organizational system). The new system had the strange, new elements of inequality−competition and predation. New, lower life forms created in the competition were increasingly extreme and bizarre. As time went on the collective consciousness of the fallen family became less stable and sane, each member became humanoid, less than totally human. The family fragmented into splinter groups that drifted apart in part of the physical universe.

Disintegration and Degradation

As the downward spiral of psychological soundness continued, virtue of character atrophied, and the emphasis of life became diversion and excess. Earth PROBABLY was set up as a zoo and experimental life forms laboratory. Our particular branch of humanoids at some point transferred to the Earth when it was part of the Saturnian system, which was traveling towards the Solar System. Saturn, as the source of life-sustaining and life-enhancing energy in a growing mentality of materialism, increasingly became identified as the visible presence of God. The humanoid family irresponsibly lost control of the life sustaining processes including planetary system control and its own physical life support system. At the end of the Golden Age, the essentially benign environment in effect at that time on the earth was destroyed when the planetary alignment spiraled into disruption. Earth went through the “great” catastrophe and a series of lesser catastrophes before it settled into a quasi-circular, life-support orbit around the current sun.

The Loss of the Collective Consciousness and Control

The result of the loss of safety and empowerment, and the concomitant trauma of death and destruction, including that of the “Edenic” environment, was the almost complete fragmentation and disempowerment of the collective consciousness. No longer was the communication telepathic and complete. Different verbal languages using sound symbols were simultaneously devised around the globe. Individuals were thrown into effective isolation from “god” (the previously effective collective consciousness) and had to make their own personal decisions in a hostile environment with inadequate information.

Even the field of gravity increased fourfold. There was rampant suicide and the practice of human sacrifice began in a crazy, desperate attempt to appease Moloch (Saturn) and counterparts, the “god” that had so punished them for their hedonism and excess. So began, along with the different languages, cultures and ethos, the roots of a growing multitude of diverse, insane, incompatible religions, all based on false concepts, designed primarily as explanation and restoration systems. These systems are inadequate in their scope and vision, and have not worked nor delivered restoration by any reasonable criterion. Human misery continues to flourish while our irrational, illogical and unreasonable religious concepts keep us spiritually vitiated. Only the cycle of death and the birth of new humans keep us from being locked into the false systems and doomed for eternity, but at this point in time the insanity marches on.

Plan of Salvage and Restoration

What could the “Father” (unfallen families) do? What could possibly be done without violating the freedom and sovereignty of the fallen family and its individuals? It was understood that not only the degenerate humans must be saved, but that the whole system based on the character of truly humane beings must be exonerated. Someone must go and visit the degraded world at the first possible moment for effectiveness and give them a show-and-tell example, an inspiring true vision of psychological health and restoration. Who should go? ONLY ONE individual could be held responsible for the totality of developments, and so of course the Originator volunteered! We know the essence of the rest of the story up to our time. So, from that point on there will never be more unauthorized outside interference in our family. What shall we do? If all else fails, does it make sense to follow the directions?

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