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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches
of evil to one who is striking at the root." -
Henry David Thoreau
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Paradigm-Multiple Reincarnation

"Human beings are perhaps never more frightening than when they are
convinced beyond doubt that they are right." − Laurents van der Post

Reincarnation, sometimes referred to as "multiple reincarnation" (MRI) is the idea that the soul reincarnates through death and birth into different forms and bodies until the soul becomes perfect and then can become one with the great undifferentiated divine God.

Questions that can and/or need to be asked:

Who set up this system? What is the purpose of this system? And am I caught up in some ineluctable, eternal cycle of being reincarnated whether I want to or not? Will I ever be reunited with the ones that were so meaningful to me in my life? Do I ever even get my dog back, much more importantly my family and friends?

Supposedly there is this "Great One" that set up this whole process because, well, because of...why? Either people are pre-existing "parts" or "pieces" of the eternal "undifferentiated one" that unintentionally broke off (a non-sequitor) and took on physicality, or they are intentional new creations of this creator. MRI bespeaks a Creator who can only solve some ostensibly indefinable problem or create some ostensibly good thing by some incredibly messy, bizarre, protracted evil method.

MRI doesn't solve the problem of suffering but only increases and exacerbates it.

MRI doesn't solve the problem of aging, dying and death, it only exacerbates it by repetition, possibly for ever.

MRI doesn't solve the problem of the tyranny of time.

Does MRI have facts and evidence that demand it? and the evidence that fits it can fit other belief systems equally as well or better.

MRI has no wonderful and inspirational revelation or demonstration supporting it.

MRI is very nebulous as to what to do to help or speed up the process.

I realize that the pertinent merit of this system of thinking is that this life is not the end. Beyond that naked and singular concept, the merit of this thinking escapes me. The best possible support for this line of thinking (if it can be called thinking) is that it fits some of the "mystical" experiences of past life memories, and these experiences have a better explanation. Other than being "good" in this life and thus qualifying to migrate in the right direction, we are simply left as victims of a system over which we have absolutely no control, input, personal value, other than the concept that somehow we can plan our next appearance.

Can I reasonably and justifiably choose any other paradigm or belief system that would be better, more satisfying, more comfortable, less fearful, make the world a better place, etc.? I can understand why one might go down this avenue only if there were absolutely no evidence of any alternative answers.

What is the primary evidence used for thinking such a thing as MRI, and can it be better explained in some other way?

Why don't I, ostensibly one of the most open-minded and reasonable people, have any memory or awareness of any past life?

Given that I have actually made such a mess out of this life, what has happened to all the lessons learned, the wisdom gained by me in past lives?

Because I have no awareness of doing this now and no plan to do it, if I design or choose my next life form, when do I do this? In between lives? And how can I do this intelligently when I have no real knowledge of how the future world or environment is going to be?

How is this paradigm consonant with an ever increasing population of humans on earth? How long has it been going on? And how is that compatible with the current, rampant perversity, superstition, and confusion of the human race?

How does this paradigm explain the elephant in the living room, evil? Does it ever even offer us a chance to ascend above or eliminate suffering?

No matter in what form or how advanced I might be, will I not again be exposed to evil, even if it is ONLY to be aware of or witness the suffering of others? Do I ever get to  graduate out of this grim cycle? And if so, to what?

How is this system of thinking 1) not violating and 2) capable of being supported by my rationality, logic, and reason?

Text from Hindu site:
"Today, belief in reincarnation is gaining ground among many people from all over the world and from diverse religious backgrounds. A few reasons are worth mentioning for this development. Firstly, a great mass of evidence has accumulated over the years in favor of reincarnation in the form of personal experiences and recollection of past lives with great detail. These people were able not only to recollect their past lives, but also point out the places and the people with whom they lived in the past."

Commentary: This can all be explained by the creativity of the mind and fabrication of details and events, based on and around things that are known today.

Secondly, hypnotic regression made it possible for people to travel back in time in their subconscious minds and unearth the hidden memories of their past lives.

Commentary: This is basically a recasting of the first reason given. A close look at the accounts shows some disturbing aspects, such as when the subjects talk in the language of their previous lives, they do not use the dialect of the time but the modern one.

Thirdly many people, endowed with psychic abilities, like Edgar Cayce, confirmed beyond doubt that reincarnation was not just a theory or imagination, but a real phenomenon that could be conclusively proved through psychic means and even used to cure some physical and mental ailments.

Commentary: This is just a pretentious claim.

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