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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Fear is the mind killer, the little death. - Frank Herbert

The Nature of Fear

Fear and all of its gradients—panic, alarm, anxiety, worry, concern, nervousness, trepidation, apprehension, etc.—are all different levels of angst concerning some loss of the sustenance and/or the enhancement of life. Fear in its most elemental essence is simply the opposite of worship because it grants credit for the possibility or intent of detracting from or eliminating the sustenance and/or enhancement of life. Fear is not just the mind killer, but is also the morale killer. See the definition of worship.

It is rather easy to see and understand the above definition and the unproductive nature of these aspects of fear when it is groundless or not legitimate. Illegitimate fear is debilitating, and such a foolish, needless waste and theft of life fulfillment and enhancement. All for no reason? Appalling, atrocious, abominable! Education, knowledge and greater awareness of pertinent realities can solve this problem related to superstition.

The challenge comes in two phases when it is time to deal with the gradient of real or legitimate fear when it comes to us. First is determining whether that aspect IS real, substantive, valid, legitimate. If it can be determined that the fear is not legitimate, no problem because the fear can then easily be dismissed.

Secondly, when the aspect of fear is genuine, has substance, how then to manage the negative effect upon the best course of action? It is widely understood by reasonable people that the worst thing to do is to deny it or bury it. It is mind clearing and empowering to acknowledge it and yet not be controlled by it.

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself!" - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

You could write a book about it but the simple solution when fear comes unbidden is to own it, admit that it may affect us, but, determine NOT to be controlled by it.

What is most relevant relating to this site and spiritual issues, is that the entire posture taken by the human race is one of fear toward God. The temptation is to think that God seems prone to anger, and when it comes, it is terrible.

It is telling that Christians often describe another man as, "He's a God-fearing man." What they mean is that this person is a "known quantity" in that they know this person fears God and his retribution, and that this fear will keep him reasonably in line with Christian values and behavior. Those that have this mentality are so spiritually primitive that they don't realize that fear is the opposite of worship. What an insult to God! And we wonder why God is so non-involved!

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