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Intelligent, reasonable men of good will SHOULD be able to agree on things that matter.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Most American psychologists to this day remain relatively ignorant of the shameful role psychology played in anticipating the last major collective cataclysm. If anything, American psychology completely ignored World War Two. In 1938 there were some 6,500 psychologists publishing. One year later a holocaust happened on the planet where 45 million people lost their lives in the space of 6 years. In the year preceding the outbreak of that war, however, the 6,500 American psychologists failed to publish a single study of antisemitism; they did not publish one article on Naziism, even though Hitler had been in power for many years, and not a single article was published in that year on Japan. Most American psychologists were busy staying within the confines of their disciplines, continuing to feel that expanding beyond their specializations into more speculative arenas was not to be condoned. Thus, in the year prior to the outbreak of World War Two, there were 13 studies published about advertising, and scores about learning and reinforcement, but none on a holocaust that this profession simply missed, ignored, or pretended was not relevant to its intellectual mission. "Four faces of Collective Psychology" Horus Vol. II, Issue 1, 1985

Failure of Psychology & Psychiatry

From one perspective, much of this site is written to address this issue.

One person wrote: "I'm after your thoughts on why psychology and psychiatry fall so far short."

From my perspective there are many reasons, but in any spiritual issue consideration there is always a paradigm problem.

False origins paradigm

Maybe the biggest problem is the false spiritual paradigm. A man is a descendent of a human Creator, not an evolved super sophisticated emergent property meat stick. Thus Man has a nature that is totally compatible ONLY with the ultimate human value system, which is seldom if ever cultured in children nor encountered in the journey of life.

False spiritual paradigm

Question: When has psychology or psychiatry ever couched their findings in the proper paradigm? Answer: Shortly after theologians developed the proper paradigm for God and Man, which is NEVER!

False historical paradigm

The second biggest problem is the failure to understand the truth about what sent Man into a state of being so psychologically unhinged.

Freud, one of the two most notable pyscho-analytical philosophers, posited that it was mostly some combination of things like birth trauma, overweening trauma, and sexual development trauma. These add up to a ridiculously inadequate foundation for understanding the psychoses and neuroses of Man.

Born of an impoverished rural pastor in the Swiss Reformed Church, Carl Jung had to flat out invent the basis for his psychological philosophy by positing mystical archetypes and constructions such as:

  • an acausal principle called synchronicity
  • his interpretation of quantum mechanics,
  • his surmising "that life is a journey to meet the self and at the same time to meet the Divine".

Jung DID propose one promising and helpful construct, that of the "collective unconscious".

Not until Velikovsky came along with his reconstruction of catastrophic ancient times elucidated in Worlds in Collision, and Earth in Upheaval was there more of a real basis for our universal psychological problems.

The human condition context See Human Context

Also on this same site it has been written,

"Ideally, we spend our lives growing, learning, becoming wiser and more loving, becoming richer, deeper, more wonderful human beings. But the material universe doesn't notice, doesn't care. The message from the physical universe that is constantly in the background is one of relentless indifference. No matter how famous, beloved, celebrated, or virtuous, gravity never lets you skate by one time when you fall over a cliff or fall out of a tree. Electricity never lowers the voltage to a safe level because you are loving, wonderful or wise."

There are two major aspects to the "human condition" in which we find ourselves that contribute to the illness of our egos, and the vitiation of our ego health:

The arena of psychoanalytic philosophy currently has no concept of the disempowerment that the human race has undergone, because such a concept is alien to the paradigms which are considered. Thus this issue doesn't ever rise to the level of being considered.

As to devaluation, what is even more scandalous is that the theorists don't seem to appreciate the water in which we all swim. That experiential and pervasive environment constantly sends the message through its relentless indifference that we don't matter, that we have little or no value.

We have been and are being overly indulgent with our “soft sciences” regarding their cavalier assertions about having all the answers. In fact, they have very few, so why are they throwing stones at independent researchers from behind glass towers? - Will Hart & Robert Berringer in Ancient Civilizations: Six Great Enigmas

Other problems

Starting with the low-hanging fruit, psychology and psychiatry have run afoul of the arcane terminology problem that plagues every scientific discipline: the development of an excess of its own private professional or technical jargon.

A more serious problem is the failure to adequately address and understand the bicameral brain-mind paradigm. This paradigm has enormous potential for explanatory power that can be applied in different arenas, such as ancient history, mythology development, ancient versus modern mindset, a basis for visions and dreams, a basis for psychic and paranormal abilities, telepathy, understanding sleep, meditation, etc. See  Initially, the field of psychology didn't want to hear about this, sometimes rejecting the paradigm by characterizing it as two different people inside one head. On the other hand, it is pretty well established that some people have multiple personalities that can be triggered by different stimuli and/or environments.

The failure to consider the unacceptability of the "human condition" and the catastrophic cultural carryforward from the catastrophic ancient times.

The sordid history of asylums and treatment facilities

The incredibly horrible treatment strategies like electroshock therapy, certain psychosomatic drug therapies, over-prescription of tranquilizers, exorcism, etc.

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