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The Saturn Capture Question
By Dwardu Cardona

In your opinion, is there enough information in the mytho-historical record(or geological record) to discriminate between an interpretation of the Saturnian system coming from outside the system and the Saturnian system always being at the distance of the asteroid belt? If so, what do you accept as evidence?


This ties in with the manner in which the Cosmic Egg was seen to break. See here my article, "The Evolution of the Cosmogonic Egg," AEON III:5, pp. 52 ff., but especially p. 67.

Here's a brief summary of the reference from pg. 52: ... "one consistent motif connected with [the myths of creation] ...concerns the universal, celestial, or cosmic egg. This motif is found scattered throughout the entire world − Mircea Eliade has noted examples from Polynesia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Greece, Phoenecia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Africa, Central and South America." And from pg. 67: "As Talbott has already shown, the luminous gases expelled by the dislodged Venus slowly congealed into a circular band which expanded and was visually seen from Earth to surround the Saturnian orb. This band, or egg, ... was originally of a golden color. ... having glowed as a complete circle for an ambiguous length of time, the band's illumination changed so that, while half of it remained a brilliant gold, the other half changed to a lesser silver light − or half bright and half dark, as other sources inform us. What this means is that the position of the ring must have changed with respect to the present, but still somehow hidden, Sun."

Also, had the Saturnian system always existed at the distance of the asteroid belt, the crescent would always have been there, and we have deduced from the mytho-historical record that it had not.

Also, had the crescent always been there, its circling around the Saturnian orb would have enabled man to tell the passage of time, which the ancients themselves tell us they could not. See here my paper, "The Beginning of Time," in same issue of AEON, pp. 71 ff.

Also, we need a mechanism to account for Saturn's flare-up and, as Thornhill has indicated, this is best explained by the Saturnian system's plasmasphere coming in contact with that of the Sun. Had the Saturnian system always existed at the distance of the asteroid belt, it would already have been within the heliosphere.

Also, had the Saturnian system always been at the distance of the asteroid belt, Venus, Mars, and Earth would have long been within the clutches of the Sun's attracting power, and the planets would not have been able to sustain their linear stacking.

The asteroid belt is therefore best understood as the GENERAL locality in which the system broke up, having come within that orbital distance from outside the Sun's domain of influence.

There's more, but the above should suffice for now.

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