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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Advice on Intoxication
Ancient Explosion Reports
Ancient Knowledge
Ancient Scholastics
Annals of Addiction
Can We Agree on these?
Constructive Criticism
Critical Issues
Critique of A New Earth
Dead Broke Dads
Euhemerism & Catastrophe
EU/Catastrophe & Philosophy
How the World Will End
Importance of Catastrophism
Importance of Discussion
John the Baptist
Kahlil Gibran on Law
Man: A Systems Approach
Meditation, Thoughts on
Model for Visions & Dreams
Some Pertinent Parables
Personal Experience
Perspective on Myth
Questions Better than Answers
The Road to Saturn Thesis
Sex Bias in Medicine Practice
Spiritual Growth Stages
Spiritual versus Material
Symbolism of Human Body
Telepathic Ability
Tobacco Corruption in AMA
Toxic Metals & Criminality
Unity Agreement Outline
The Velikovsky Debate
Some Conclusions

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Absolute in science


Academia, Western
   Abandonment of Philosophy
   Require versus Inspire

Academic Conformism

Adam and Anthropos

Adam & Eve Allegory

Adam's Sin
    as allegory
    as fundamental doctrinal mistake

Addiction, drug

Adonis cult

Adultery, definition

    Why God Waits
    Challenge to Advent Thinking
    Traditional Advent
    Waiting for Godot

Agape love
   The real Meaning

Age of perfect virtue

Age of Saturn

Agenda Dichotomy

Agrawala. V.S.

    Can We Agree

Ahura Mazda

Alchemy, symbology and psychology

All Saints Day

Allegorical "History"

Allegories, Old Testament
    God meeting Adam in the Garden of Eden
    Moses, and Aaron disobey an angry God
    Achan and the stolen loot
    David and Bathsheba
    The King with Queen Esther

    Early Alphabet
    Global Alphabet

Amnesia, Guilt and Denial, Global

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Myth
    Conjunction Themes
    Memory of Planetary Upheaval
    Natural References of Myth
    Myth Memory Patterns
      Myth - Specific
    Jupiter Worship Beginning
    Saturn Worship Beginning
    The Serpents of Creation
    Mercury Mythology
    The One Ancient Story
    The Central Sun
    Revolving Crescent on Saturn
    The World Mountain
    Variations on a Theme
    Saturn-Venus Discussion
    Heroes of the Iliad
    Labyrinth & Fortress Themes
    Male Gods in Myth
    Mars Rocks & Myth
    Names of Suns & Planets
    The White Crown

Ancient Knowledge

Angels as superior beings

Anthropic Principle

    Anthropology of Velikovsky
    Who are the Cetaceans?
    Human Devolution

Antediluvian Flying Creatures

Aphorisms of Jesus

Apocalypse definition

    Appreciation is primary
    Human nature craves appreciation

Apprehend, definition

Archeological findings
    Chronology Revision
    The Great Pyramid
    Ancient Civilizations

    Archeology of Bethsaida
    Archeology, Historicity of Jesus
    Ebla Discovery & Excavation
    Bible Flunks Archaeology
    Caral, Peru Archaeology
    Brother? James Ossuary
    The Great Pyramid

Arctic Climate Changes

Arctic Fossils

Ark as Saturn

Arka as star of Saturn


Assumption doctrine

Caustic Astronomer Humor

    Atheist Questions
       Key questions from Richard Dawkins
       Other pertinent questions

    A case for Atlantis

Attis cult

Atum as Ra

Authority transfer

Avatars, Jesus versus Mythical
    Jesus vs Mythical Avatars

Aversion Conversion

Awareness of God

Axiomatic philosophical principles
   The Fundamental Fact
   Essence of Reality
   No such thing as nothing
   Sequence is Inviolate
   Restrictions of Infinity

Axis mundi, pillar of fire, celestial pole, phallus of god


Baal Zephon - "Lord of the north"

Babylonian axis-towers


Bailey, Adrian quote

Bailey, Mark quote

Baillie, Mike quote

Baptism by water

Battle for Your Mind

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Becker, Ernest - The Denial of Death

Behavior, aberrant

Belief as Arrogance
   Belief as personal possession

Belief and Faith
    Belief, definition
    Faith and Belief
    The Issues of Belief
    Contrast of Believers
    Building Belief System
    The Sound Foundation
    Defending the Faith

Belief system
    Belief system, definition

Believe, definition

Bellamy, Hans quote

Bergamo Protest
    The Bergamo Experience

Bethsaida Archeology

Bible and Canon
    Bible Content Comments
    Bible Scholar Feud
    Canon Information
          Old Testament Canon
          New Testament Canon
          NT Canon formation
    Evolution of the Modern English Bible
    Revelation versus Inspiration
    Ultimate Hermeneutic
    Word of God
    Editing the Bible
    Gospel Sequence of Events
       Sequence less important than impact
       Lack of context problem
    Inventing the Bible-Talmud
    The Bible as Word of God
          Bible authentication by J
          Duplication of passages and chapters
          Gospel focus
    Jefferson Bible
       Jefferson treatment of Bible
    Rebut Forged Origins
    Select/Reject Criteria
    Translation Issues

Bible & Talmuds, Invention

Bible Codes

Bible Mystique

Bible Sources
    Pentateuch 4 Sources
    J, E, P, D. Sources

Bible Statistics Misuse

Bible,  the "Wicked"

    Site Bibliography

Bicameral Brain/Mind
   Bicameral Mind Paradigm
      Jaynes Astonishing Claim
      Where Jaynes went wrong
   Jaynes-Bicameral Mind
   The Empty Mirror

Biological/Botanical developments

   The Question of Blame
      Fear and guilt as motivators
      Understanding ourselves

Blasphemy, definition

Blessings from God
    Blessings can harden
    Mammon not from God
    Blessing pretense
    Hypocrisy of thanking for food

Bohm, David
   Bohm and Krishnamurti

Born Again issue
   Inward Journey, the First
   Inward Journey, the Second
   Spiritual Meltdown, the First
   Spiritual Meltdown, the Second

Botched Science

Brahma, as central light of heaven

Bread as symbol

    Brother versus Neighbor

Brownian Motion
Josiah Gibbs
   Albert Einstein
   Austrian Ludwig Boltzmann

Buddhist Violence

Bull of Heaven

Burl, H.A.W. quote

Burland, Cottie



Canon, see Bible

Caral, Peru

Catastrophes, Modern
Great Chicago Fire I
   Great Chicago Fire II
   Great Chicago Fire III
   Tunguska Event I
   Tunguska Event II

Catastrophic Paradigm
   Overwhelming Challenge
   Enormous Saturnian Monuments
   Two Ways for Impact

Ancient Explosion Reports
   Catastrophe Paradigm Lockout
   Importance of Catastrophism
   In the last 200 years

Catastrophism Pioneers, see Pioneers of Catastrophism


Caucasoid Skeletons in America

Certainty, the issue of

Who are the Cetaceans?

Character, definition

Child Sacrifice

Children, Jesus regarding

Choice and Choosing
   Choosing is not retaining

Christ Conspiracy Rebut

Christian Idolatry
What is Idolatry?
   Ancient Israelite Idolatry
   Bible as Idol
   Church Organizations as Idols
   Disciples and Apostles as Idols
   Divinely Appointed Leadership as Idols
   Liturgy and the Music as Idols
   Rites, Ceremonies and Sacraments as Idols
   Temple, Cathedral Structures, Statuary, Icons, Artwork as Idols
   Primary idolatry of Israel and Judah

Christian leadership
Greying of the Prophets

Christian mystics

Christian Terminology
Confused Christian Terms

Christianity Analyzed
Christendom Issues
     Premise regarding Christianity
     Our idealism is for spiritual unity
     Eros and Thanatos context
   Christendom Analyzed
   John the Baptist Syndrome
   Doctrinal Questions
   What Went Wrong?
   Weeping for Lazarus, see Lazarus Account Issues
   Religion as a Product

Christianity Challenged
Preacher Impertinence
   Doing the Lord's Work
   Common Theological Assumptions
   Major Theological Differences
   4 Laments on the Failure
   Jesus Should Have Said
   Simple Mistakes by Christendom
   Letter to a Christian

Christianity Condemned
   Fundamental Mistake
Jesus has been mis-framed
   Christianity founded by unbelievers
   Other Major Mistakes
   Hope as mistake
   Bible as Word of God
   Sin as Violation of Law
   Asking Forgiveness of Sins
   Ten Words as Commandments
   Morality Confused with Ethics
   Marriage as Formal Contract
   Defeatism Fostered
   Paranoia Fostered
   Trivialization Fostered
   Misapplication Fostered
   Disenchantment Fostered
   Sensuality/Eroticism Suppressed
   Martyrdom Fostered
   Persecution Fostered
   Righteousness Misunderstood
   Atonement Backwards
   Mysticism Fostered
   Kneeling in Prayer Fostered
   Children of God
   Christendom's Twin Pillars
   Subversion of Christianity
      Ellul on contradiction
      Ellul on theory and practice
      Ellul on the freedom of God
      Ellul on morality
      Ellul on spiritual authority
      Ellul on Mariology
      Ellul on what is sacred
      Ellul on exegesis
   See Mysticism

Christianity, personal repudiation

Christianity Timeline


Christology, Gospel of Thomas

Chronology & Chronological Revision
   1st Millennium AD Chronology
   Age Limits of Biosphere
   Ages and Time Aspects
   Ancient Israel Chronology
   Apocalyptic Chronology
   C,E. Chronology Issues
   Chronological Ankylosis
   Dark Age of Greece
   Frozen Mammoths Problem
   Fundamentalism Chronology problem
   How Much Time?
   Indian Astronomy
   No Early Middle Ages?
   Psuedo-8th Century Palestine
   Puzzles of Prehistory
   Radio-halos & Earth History
   The Doubtful C.E. Chronology
   Solstice Light Boxes

Chronological Agenda of God

Church of the Apostles

Clark, T. Rundle

Climate & Global Warming
  Model Foundation
  Climate Alarmist Hype

Closing of the Scientific Mind
    Belittling of humanity
    Bullying Nagel
    The Kurzweil cult
    Banishing subjectivity
    The brain as computer
    Besmiching consciousness
    The flaws of mind as software
    The body and the mind
    The Zombie argument
    The Iron rod
    Closing of the scientific mind
No other creature has a best self

Clow, Barbara Hand quote

Clube, Victor quote

Collective Amnesia, Guilt & Denial
Psycho-Catastrophe Articles
   Sacrifice & Amnesia

Collective Awareness

Collective Trauma, civilization

Colorized Quotes

  Meaning of Deep Impact
  Deep Impact Anniversary

   Electric Comets
   CE Comet Review Links

Comet Disasters
   Great Chicago Fire I
   Great Chicago Fire II
   Great Chicago Fire III
   Tunguska Event I
   Tunguska Event II

Comparative Mythology

Competition, predatory
Violence of Nature
   Source of Creativity
   Meaning of Evolution
   See predatory competition

Competition versus Cooperation

Comprehend, definition

Conceive, definition

Concept, definition

Confession and Absolution

Confucianism and "Imago Viva Dei"
   Leibniz and Confucius
   Why China Grew
   Contemporary Views

   Taoism and Legalism
   "Chinese Philosophy"
   The Jesuits in China
   The Sung
   Leibniz said of Li

Confusion, definition

Consistency Value
Value of Consistency

Constructive Criticism

Construing is Deciding

Context Importance
Importance of Context
   Human Context
   Context of Imminency

Continuity, principle of

Cook, Melsivn

Coomaraswamy, Ananda

Corona Pandemic articles

Cosmic Microwave Background

Cosmic Egg, Eye, Wheel

Cosmology, definition

Cosmology and Astrophysics
Stars: Nuclear or Electric?
   3 Gravitational Fallacies
   Globular Clusters
   Stars: Nuclear or Electric?
   Search of Two Numbers
   The Pleiades Problem
   Arp's Quasar Ejection
   Gamma Ray Bursters
   Olber's Paradox
   Quasar in Front
   The Fingers of God
   Redshift Rosetta Stone
   Seeing Red Review
   Wings of a Butterfly
   The Bug Nebula
   The Bullet Cluster
   The Ornament Nebula
   Plasma 99-9%
   Nature of Ring Nebula
   Tornadoes in Space I
   Tornadoes in Space II
   Electric Lights of  Saturn
   EU Discharges & Scars
   Europa Prediction
   Star Fairy Ring
   Ring of Stars
   Planet Birthing
   Planet Birthing-more
   Solar Capture
   Velikovsky, Heat of Venus

Cosmology, False
   Absurdity of Neutron Stars
   Big Bang "Science"
   Cosmologists: Wrong or Blind?
   Dark Matter
   Dent in Space-Time Fabric?
   Gravitational Anomalies-Earth
   Impossible Cosmology
   Hubble Release Challenged
   Magnetar Dream World
   Relativity & Einstein Tragedy
   Religious Big Bang
   Star Sqashes Cosmology
   Vampire Astronomy

Cosmic Symbol

Cosmos as Serpent or Dragon

Covenants, two

Craters, Extra-terrestrial
   Craters & Rilles
   Rampart Craters
   Stickney Crater
   Victoria Crater
   Victoria Crater Dunes

Creation and Origins
A Story of Creation
   Creation Cosmology
   Creator decoupled from "God"
   Creatio ex nihilo
   Creatio continua
   Creatio vivificatio
   Human Devolution
   Implied Cosmology
   Meaning of Evolution
   Sequence Earth Life Forms
   Shared creation
   Mebane on Polygenesis
   Origami of the Species
   Source of Creativity
   Violence of Nature

Creation or Re-Creation myth

The Ground of Creativity
      Chance or possibility
      Traditional God/Creator
      Random mixing of Platonic forms
      The physical universe itself is a living intelligent organism

Creator, distinct from God

Creed/Credo, definition

Critical and Purposive Thinking
    Intrinsic knowledge
    Sensory knowledge
    Evidential knowledge
    Experiential knowledge
    Consentual knowledge
    Knowledge specifications

Critical Issues

Criticism, costructive

Cross symbol

Cross, take up your
   The religious hold on us
   "take up cross fallacy"

Crossroads of history

Crucifixion doctrine

Cult influence on Christianity

Cult Assessment Criteria
   Examples of Cults

Cultural Amnesia

Cultural Shock
Chronology Revision
   The Great Pyramid
   Ancient Civilizations


Damnation as punishment

Dawn, star of

Day of the Dead

Dead Broke Dads

Dead Sea Scrolls Debate
Dead Sea Scroll info

   Death versus Dying
The Terror of Death
   What about Death?
      Remarkable premise
      Eros and Thanatos

Death, quotations regarding
   Donne, John

Definitions of Key Words
Key Term Definitions
   Mind Related Definitions
   Intellect Related Definitions
   Definition of Human
   Soul term Definitions
   Relationship Definitions
   Science/Method Definitions

Deep Impact Space Mission
   Meaning of Deep Impact
Reflections on Deep Impact

Denial of Death

Deism, definition

Deity, definition

Desire, definition
Desire, dimension of

Destiny of Man
     Role of Limitations of Law in Creation
     Implications of Law for Man
     Various Models of Human Destiny
   How the World Will End
   Human Destiny
   Imminent Resolution

Desire, definition

Determinism & Foreknowledge
    An eviscerating doctrine
    Disconfirming Biblical examples
    The resort to mysticism
    Will and Determinism

Devil, definition

Devil and Satan
    Ahriman, the dark lord
    Azazel the despoiler of earthly women
    Beelzebub lord of the flies
    Lucifer the morning star
    Slavonic Tchort
    Travesty of God
    Need of the Devil

Devolution of Mankind

Diminishment by Numbers

Dinosaur Aspects
A Challenge to Existing Concepts of Dinosaur Growth
   Dinosaur Weight Problem
   Mummified Dinosaur in Montana
   Megafauna Size/Weight Limits

Dionysus cult

Disciples, the twelve

Discussion, importance of


Divine,  definition

Divinity, of Man

Docetism, definition

Doctrinal differences

Doctrine, definition

Dogma, definition

Dogma, motivation for false


Dragon, see Serpent Dragon

Dreams, Visions and Supernatural Experiences
Visions & Dreams
   God Talking Arguments
   Source of dreams and visions
   The Paranormal Experience


Ecclesia Definition
   Ecclesia versus church

Echoes of catastrophe and Saturn era

Education versus Schooling

Ego and Ego Problems
The Ego Problem
   Critique of A New Earth

Einstein Genius Myth

Electric Sun Skeptics

Electric Universe-Catastrophe & Philosophy

El as Saturn

Eliade, Mircea - pioneering historian of religion

Elohim as plural of God

Emotional Impact of Catastrophe

   Body is not Restrictive of Empowerment
   Empowerment versus Natural Law
Natural law

Enablement, God not into

Enlightened Self Interest
   Ethics of
   Issue of

Epinomis of Plato

Epistemology Outline
   Belief Level Paradigm
   Two Intellectual Realms
   Definition/Description of Volitional Aspects
   Purpose of Life
   Philosophical Issues


Eros and Thanatos
Eros and Thanatos context
   Eros and Thanatos as psychological bookends

Eternal Damnation

Eternal ideal

Ether, Aether
The Neutrino Aether

    Ethics, definition
    Ethics and Morality
 Life and Ethics

Euhemerism & Catastrophe

   Evil, definition
   Definition of Evil
The Devil and Satan
   Evil, Low-grade
   Evil of the Ordinary
      Prevailing state of
   Evil Just Illusion Issue
   Fall of Man
   Paradigm of Evil
   Good/Evil Trivialization
   The Problem of Evil
      Evil not just illusion
      Ultimate definition of evil
   The Tyranny of Time
   Thoughts on Evil

Evils, lesser of
Definition of Life

Evolution theory impact
   Meaning of Evolution
   Mebane on Polygenesis
   Origami of the Speciesw2

Existentialism: The Apotheosis of Secular Philosophy
   Truth separated from meaning
   Relentless Indifference

Experience - Personal
Personal Account/Question
   The Bergamo Experience

Explosions, Ancient
Ancient Explosions

Eye of Africa

Eye of God

Eye-vision info


Failure of Yeshua mission

Faith, definition

Faith Statement

Fall of Man
Original sin as failure
     Paramount issue of equality
     Ramifications of the fall
The Fall

Fall of Rome

Farnell, Lewis quote

Fasting and Praying
   Fasting doctrine
Sin of Fasting/Praying - Thomas 6,14,104

   Fear, definition
 Nature of Fear
   Fear and guilt as motivators
   Religious Fear

 Reactionary Feminism

Feyerabend, Paul

Fishing village, Araj

Flinders Petrie

Flood myth

Flying in Formation

Force Fields
The Nature of Force Fields

   Forgiveness, definition
Understanding Forgiveness
      Personal context
      Personal benefit
      Unforgiveable sin

Fossil Record
Antarctic Fossil Questions
   Ossified Dragon Theories
   Tyrannosaurus Rex: Prima Ballerina

Foundation of Religions
    Allegorical "History"
    Eye of God
    Moses the Cornerstone

Four rivers, four winds


Religious Freedom

Freedom versus Latitude
Freedom versus Liberty
Freedom versus Liberty definition


Origin of Grand Canyon
   Origin of Grand Canyon II


Future, the socio-political


Galaxy Material
Galactic Rotation
   Local Group Galaxies

Games People Play
   Definition/Description of games
   Constructive Games
   Destructive Games

Gamma Ray Bursters

Garden of Eden

Gatto, John Taylor - a towering teacher/philosopher in American Education. He profoundly criticized  the education system approach, its ideology and philosophy.

Geophysical Material and Issues
Origin of Modern Geology
Origin of Grand Canyon I
Origin of Grand Canyon II
Niagara Falls Escarpment
   Comets & Disasters
Electric Comets
Great Chicago Fire I
Great Chicago Fire II
Great Chicago Fire III
Tunguska Event I
Tunguska Event II
CE Comet Review Links
Electric Waterspouts
Electric Tornadoes
Electric Hurricanes
   Craters & Rilles
Meteor Crater
Hole in the Ground
Richat Crater
Richat Crater Revisited I
Richat Crater Revisited II
Chicxulub Crater
Craters & Rilles
The Moon & Rilles I
The Moon & Rilles II
The Moon & Rilles III
Olympus Mons
Olympus Mons Caldera
Rampart Craters
Stickney Crater
Valles Marineris
Valles Marineris Message
Victoria Crater
Victoria Crater Dunes
Antarctic Fossil Questions
Electric Earth
Sahara Desertification

Ginzberg, Louis

Giving as transaction

Global Warming
   Model Foundation

Globular Clusters

Gnosis, definition

Gnosticism, definition

Gnostic, Gnosticism
   Christianity and Gnosticism
   Gospel of Thomas not Gnostic

God - Nature and Definition
   God, definition

   Awareness Level of "God"
   Children of God
   God, demonic picture of
   God, mind of
   God the Father
   Personal Relationship with God
   Why God not More Involved?

God is Dead Movement

Gold, Thomas - The Deep Hot Biosphere

Golden Age
The Golden Age Myth
   The Golden Age
   Golden Age Interview

Goodness, definition

Gospel Era Historical Setting

Gospel Paradigm Aspects
      Kingship of the Heavens
      Age Ending Advent

      Foreknowledge & Determinism
      Fundamental Issue
      Ten Words/Commandments
      Will of God

Gospel Comparison
   Visit to the Tomb
      The only eyewitness
      Factual Infallibility?
      The account in John
      The account in Matthew
      The account in Mark
      The account in Luke

Gospel Criteria

Gospel Material, Selecting and Rejecting
Eyewitness accounts or not
   Gospel writer paradigm
   Gospel writer agenda
   Embellishments and fabrications
   Forced selection and rejection
   Loss of context
      Lack of context problem
   Strained correlation with OT prophecy
   Inclusion of invalid material
   Irrelevant Material
   Single secondary  source for material
   The crucial and final criterion

Gospels of the Canon
Synoptic Gospels Combined
   Part 1 of 6
   Part 2 of 6
   Part 3 of 6
   Part 4 of 6
   Part 5 of 6
   Part 6 of 6
   Gospel of John

   Government replacing God
   Government, universal need for

Grace gradations

Gradualist, Uniformitarian, and Evolutionist theory

Gravity for Megafauna
Gravity Probes & Error Probes
Gravitational Anomalies

Great Chicago Fire
Great Chicago Fire I
   Great Chicago Fire II
   Great Chicago Fire III

Greater and lesser Lights

Greek rhetorical negative

Guatemalan Day of the Dead

Guilt as motivator


Hair Dresser's Husband, the - movie

Hall, Fred quote

Hall, Manly P.



Hamlet's Mill
    Velikovsky, Saturn and the Story of Jesus
    The Original Star of Dawn
    The Demands of the Saturn Theory
Cosmology and Psychology

Heaven and its Kingship
Kingship of the Heavens

Head versus Heart

Heart, Listen to

Hebrew Romance Theology

    Hedonism Aspects
    Agenda necessary
    Hedonism definition/description
    Basic physical need fulfillment
    Higher physical need fulfillment
    Basic spiritual needfulfillment
    Higher spiritual need fulfillment

Heidel, William

Heinsohn, Gunnar - articles
   AD Chronology and 8th Century Palestine
   Chronology Reconstruction Discussion Issues
   Early History of the Israelite People
   The Fall of Rome
   Phantom Periods & Astronomical Retrocalculation
   The Restoration of Ancient History
   The Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient Israel
Heinsohn, Gunnar - CE Revision discussion

Helios, as Kronos

Hell, definition

Hell as punishment
Hell as realm

   Christianity & Hellenism

Hercules as Mars

Hislop, Alexander - The Two Babylons

History Revision
   Fake Roman Antiquity
   Fake Church History
   How Long Was 1st Millenium

   Nazi holocaust
   Turkish holcaust

Holographic Universe
Holographic Universe
   Holographic World

Holy Spirit
   Holy Spirit as person
Paraclete and Holy Spirit

Horns of Light
In Search of Moses

Horus Journals

Hosannah, meaning of
   Hosannah Demand

Human Awareness
Sleepwalking through life

Human Definition and  Condition
   Human Nature
   Human Condition
   Definition of Human
   Human Context
   Religious Diversity
Context  of Non-Involvement
   Context of Evil
   Context of Global Amnesia, Guilt and Denial
   What Are We?
   Religion and Sacred Writings
   Psychological Sickness
   Thoughts on Evil
   Creator Decoupled from God
   This Package Must Be Offered
   Value of Philosophy
   Universal Victimhood
   The Evil of the Ordinary
   The prevailing state
   Sleep walking through life
   Evil of the ordinary
   The Fall of Man
   Original Sin as Failure
   The paramount issue of equality
   Ramifications of the Fall
   How does ideal survive eternally?
   Simplicity argument
   The Garden, the Fall, the Restoration
   The Garden
   The FALL
   The Rrestoration
   The Essence of the Koran
   The prevailing state
   The threefold problem
   Human Devolution
   Viewpoint Issues
   Orthodoxy meaning
   Passion, sincerity not enough
   The Third Story
   Obstacles to the third story
   Aspects and premises of the Third Story

Human Consensus
Human Consensus
   Fractured disciplines
   Industrial Revolution
   Research agenda change
   Humanity Questions
   Defending the Faith
   Can We Agree on these?

Human Context
Contest of noninvolvement
   Context of Evil
   Context of global denial, guilt, and amnesia
   What are we?
   Religion and sacred writings
   Psychological sickness
   Thoughts on evil
   Three phases of inward journey
   Universal victimhood
   Value of philosophy

Human Destiny, Models of
1. Oblivion
   2. Nirvana
   3. Multiple Reincarnation
   4. Assignment by Judgment of God
   5. Technological salvation
   6. Unclear
   7. Fulfillment

Human Interaction

Humanism, Jeffersonian secular

Humanism versus Jesus
Love of our fellowmen versus love of God
   Concerning the equality of men
   Concerning truth
   Concerning liberty and freedom
   Concerning individual sovereignty
   Concerning loyalty and forgiveness
   Concerning ethics

Hume, David

Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Waterspouts
Electric Waterspouts
   Electric Tornadoes
   Electric Hurricanes

Hypocrisy and Integrity
   Hypocrisy, defintion
 Belief Arrogance
 Fundamental Hypocrisy
   Integrity versus Authority

Hypocrisy Analysis
 Not born as hypocrite
   Hypocrisy not deliberate
   What IS hypocrisy?
   Hypocrisy comes from belief
   Hypocrisy, why Jesus emphasized
   Hypocrisy Gospel passages


Ice Ages
A Record of Planetary Catastrophe
   Ice Core Findings
   The "Little Ice Age" on Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay
   Antarctic Fossil Questions

Ichneumon wasp

Idealism, definition
Idealism, value of

Christendom Idolatry
   What is idolatry?
   The Bible as idol
   Disciples/Apostles as idols
   Church organizations as idols
   Appointed leadership as idols
   Rites, ceremonies and sacraments
   Temple, cathedrals, statuary, artwork
   Liturgy and Music as idols
   Ancient Idolatry
   Israelite idolatry
   Primary Israel/Judah idolatry

Ignorance Enshrined
   Enshrined Ignorance

Illusion of Evil

Imminent, Meaning of
   Imminence and Immanence
Meaning of Imminent

   Imminent Immortality

Importance of Catastrophism

Indian Astronomy

Indifference, relentless

Influence, role of

Information, definition

Insanity, The 3 Levels of
The Insane Person
   The Sane Person
   The Unsane Person

Inspiration, definition

Instructions, lack of

Instruction synopsis, Jesus

Intellect, Mind and Intellectual Responsibility
Mind Related Definitions
   Intellect Related Definitions
      The 12 Facets of
      Intellectual/spiritual integrity
      Irresponsible definitions
      Hallucinations and paranormal experience
   Critical Thinking
   Thought Laws
   Valid vs feaux intellectuals

Intelligent Design

Interdisciplinary Philosophy

Intoxication Advice

    Assimilation and disassimilation
    Four kinds of immortality
    Free will and unfree will
    Hostile assimilation drives and the spectre of paranoia
    The dual struggle with the germ
    Sublimation and abasement
    The hatred of nations
    Psychic values and Introgenesis
    Criterion for ethical values and its determination
    Moral instinct as a partial Introgenic drive
    Subjective and the objective criterion

Inward Journey
    First Inward Journey
    Second Inward Journey
    3 Phases of Inward Journey

Isaac Newton as Unitarian


Israelite Early History

Israelites, as People of Saturn

Issues, 8 Major
1 - The major or ultimate issue
2 - Ground of Being
3 - Does the Creator Care?
4 - Where Does Ultimate value Lie?
5 - Equality and Peership
6 - Love and Sacrifice
7 - Morality and Ethics
8 - Is Evil Necessary?


Jacques Ellul

Jaynes, Julian
    Four main hypotheses
        1. Consciousness is based on language
        2. The bicameral mind
    3. The dating
        4. The double brain
    The Cognitive Explosion
    The Self
    From Affect to Emotion
    From Fear to Anxiety
    From Shame to Guilt
    From Mating to "Sex"
    The Bicameral Mind
    The Bicameral Man
    The Bicameral God
        Hallucinations in Psychotics

        The Character of the Voices
        Their Locality and Function

        The Visual Component

        The Release of the Gods
    The Authority of Sound
        The Control of Obedience

The Jefferson Bible

Jesus, historical confirmation

Jesus and Aspects
   The Non-Christian Jesus, see Non-Christian Jesus
   The Sterilized Jesus, See Sterilized Jesus
   Comparison of Values, see Humanism versus Jesus
   Jesus vs Mythical Avatars
   The Style & Approach o Jesus
   Contrasted with Leaders
   Jesus and Sexism, see Sexism an Jesus
   Jesus parables, see Parables of Jesus
   Jesus Mythology
   Jesus, Israel & Scripture
   The Agonizing, Praying Jesus
   What Jesus did NOT talk about
      Elephant of Silence in the Living Room
      Larger than God legal system
      Transcendence of God
      How to conduct our lives
      Some other revelation
      God's role in our future
      Religious activities
      Cosmogony & cosmology
      Why Jesus didn't say

Jesus and Velikovsky

Jesus mis-framed

Jesus Story, legendary aspects

Jesus, Style and Approach

Jesus, who was?
      Christians that don't accept Jesus as historicl
      Trinity or not?
      Why care about this issue?  
      A risky mission

   Focus of Jesus

John the Baptist
   John the Baptist Syndrome

John Adams


Jubilee of 30 years

Judgment, the, and Condemnation
   The Judgment
   The Judgment Dogma

Juergens, Ralph - articles
STELLAR THERMONUCLEAR ENERGY: A FALSE TRAIL?, KRONOS A Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis, Vol. IV, No. 4, Summer 1979, pp. 16-27.
PHENOMENON WE CALL THE SUN?, KRONOS A Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis, Vol. IV, No. 4 Summer 1979, pp. 28-54.

Jupiter Mythology: See Saturn-Jupiter Mythology

Jupiter, The Worship of


Kali Yuga

Karamazov, the Brothers
    Temptation 1
    Temptation 2
    Temptation 3

Key word definitions, importance of

Kahlil Gibran on Law

King James Bible
   Translation Issues
   Statistics chicanery

Kingship of the Heavens
    What must be offered
    Kingship of the Heavens Realm
    Kingship Synoptic Gospel Verses

   Knowledge, definition

Knowledge and Truth

Knowledge Categories
    Intrinsic knowledge
   Sensory knowledge
   Evidential knowledge
   Experiential knowledge

Knowledge Jesus didn't share

Krita Yuga

KRONOS Journals

Kuhn, Thomas

Kurios as Lord or dominant master

[A]  [B]  [C]  [D]  [E]  [F]  [G]  [H]  [I]  [J]  [K]  [L]  [M]
[N]  [O]  [P]  [Q]  [R]  [S]  [T]  [U]  [V]  [W]  [X]  [Y]  [Z]


Laments, Gospel of John
   Temporarily failed effort?
   The first lament
   The second lament
   The third lament
   The fourth lament

Language, definition
   English Language Corruption I
   English Language Corruption II

Language of the Pole

Language Origins
   Linguistic Development
   The "No Eight" Pattern
   Origin of "Star" Words
   Planet-Star Words
   Linguistic Roots
   Tower of Babel

Last Supper Issues

   Implications of the Limitations of Law
   Role and Limitations of Law in Creation

Lazarus Account Issues
  Weeping for Lazarus?
   Death of Lazarus Passage
   Jesus Talks with Martha
   Jesus Talks with Mary
   Lazarus Resurrected

Lectures and Videos
   Lecture & Video Links

  A Look at Legalism
   Kahlil Gibran on Law

Legendary Aspects of Jesus Story

Liberty versus Freedom

Licentiousness, definition

Life Definition and Issues
   Definition of Life
   Life Comes from Life
   The Sound Foundation

Life Development Sequence on Earth
   The Spring of Life
   The Summer of Life
   The Autumn of Life
   The Winter of Life
   Sizing up a Hungry Herbivore
   The Biological Carbon Cycle
   "Miraculous" botanical and biological  developments

Light as Symbol

Lightening, mega

Linguistics - See Language Origins

Listen to Your Heart

   Christian Liturgy

Local Group Galaxies

Logical, definition

Logical Positivism

Logos concept

Lonergan, Bernard
   Four transcendental precepts

Lord of the Mill

Lord's Work for Believers
   Doing the Lord's Work

   Love, definition
   Love Paradigm
   Love versus Indifference
   Love versus Sacrifice

Lucifer, definition


Machu Picchu

Magnetic field lines, reification

Major Premises

Male Gods in Myth

Manilius, Latin poet

Mankind in Amnesia

Maps of Meaning Critique


Marriage doctrine

Mars-god scapegoats

Mars Major Features
   Olympus Mons
   Olympus Mons Caldera
   Valles Marineris
   Valles Marineris Message

Mars Mythology: See Venus-Mars Mythology

    Jesus advises carrying a lethal weapon
    Martyrdom doctrine

Mary as Isis

Mass-Energy equivalence
J.J. Thomson of Cambridge
   W. Kaufmann in Gottingen
   Henri Poincare
Friedrich Hasenohrl

Masse, Bruce quote

Mass hysteria

Massey,Gerald - The Natural Genesis & Ancient Egypt

Masters of Destiny

Matter, definition

   Meaning, definition
   Something Meaningful
   Meaning and Existentialism


Megafauna Size/Weight Limits

Megaliths & Monuments
  The Great Pyramid

Mercury as Tower of Babel

Messiah and Christ

Messianic titles

Metaphysical animal

Meteor Crater

   Electric Waterspouts
   Electric Tornadoes
   Electric Hurricanes


Michael Cremo

Middle Ages
  No Early Middle Ages?

Milgram Study: See Personal Authority

Millennium of peace

Mindset, divergent ancient versus Moden

Miracles, Gift of

Miraculous biological/botanical developments

Modern Myth
   Parable about Electromagnetism
   Modern Philosophy
   Modern Reification
   Scientism Religion
   The Modern Mythology
   Foreword-Pythagorus' Trousers
   Some Science Myths

Mohenjo Daro – Civil Engineering

Money Material Definition

Monster Movies
   Theomachy in the Theater

Moon Features
  The Moon & Rilles I
   The Moon & Rilles II
   The Moon & Rilles III

Morality, definition

Morality and Ethics
   Ethics versus Morality
   Ellul on Christian morality

Morning Star

   In Search of Moses
      Biographies of Moses
      Moses on the Mount
      The Heavenly tent
      The divine assembly
      Celestial source of El myth
      The circumpolar stars of northern heavens
      The Saturn myth
      The planet Mars
      Moses at the spring
      Moses as primeval king
      Velikovsky and Saturn
      Moses' veil
      Moses' horns of light
      The Exodus and the wandering
   Moses the Cornerstone


Mutation Issues
   Population Genetics Background
   Mutation Rates based on Observation
   Mutation Rates Based on Evolution
   Human Mutation Rates Based on Abortions and Defects
   Implications for the Ape Human Split

Mystery Cults

   Mysticism, definition
   Mysticism versus Understanding
   Mystical Oneness
   Beyond understanding
   Mysticism in stark contrast to J
   Intellectual chicanery
   Mysticism vs Understanding
   Christendom Idolatry
   Rites and Sacraments

Mysticisms, specific
   Mysticisms of Christianity
   The trinity as 3 gods in one
   God the Father as a person
   The Holy Spirit as a person
   The dual nature of Jesus
   Angels higher than human
   Devil and demons as fallen angels
   Heaven as material place
   Soul leaves body & returns to Heaven
   God injects Soul upon birth
   Logic of God defies logic of Man
   Transubstantiation of bread and wine
   Baptism infuses with Holy Spirit
   Hell as literal place with literal burning
   Mysterious judgment of God
   Substitution of Christ's merits for ours
   Our bodies belong to God as temples
   Belief focused on the miracles
   Mystical Righteousness
   Christianity has degenerated

Myth & Mythology
   The Saturnian Scenario
   Science of Comparative Myth
   Myth Reconstruction Rules
   Avoiding Reductionism
   The Importance of Myth
   The Plausibility of Myth
   The Reliability of Myth as Witness
   Myth as Foundation
   The Meaning of Myth
   From Myth to Model
   Logic of Historical Evidence
   Conjunction Themes
   Memory of Planetary Upheaval
   Natural References of Myth
   Myth Memory Patterns
   A Unified Mythology Theory
   See Ancient Myth
   See Saturn-Jupiter Myth
   See Saturn model
   See Venus Myth

Myth, natural references
Event and interpretation
   The ancient storyteller
   Universal Themes
   Gathered Planets theme
   Age of the Gods and wonders
   The God of beginnings
   Goddess themes
   Golden Age
   King of the world
   Doomsday memories
   Dying or displaced god
   Planetary disorder memories
   Wars of the gods
   Warrior Hero themes
   Dragon of darkness
   Multiplicity of connections

Myth. Why Care About
  A Brief Orientation
   What Is Your Evidence for This?
   Why Should We Believe the Sky Has changed So Drastically?
   Challenge the idea Things have Not Really Changed that Much within Solar System
   How Do You Distinguish These Ideas about "Planetary" Myth from the Ideas of Other Researchers Such as Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung and Mircea Eliade?
   What Is the Real Message of Myth in Your View?

Myth, Religious Perspective

Mythological Archetypes


Names of Suns & Planets

Napier, Bill quote

Natural Law
   Empowerment vs Natural Law

Natural Law versus Principles

   Violence of Nature

   The Bug Nebula
   The Bullet Cluster
   The Ornament Nebula
   Wings of a Butterfly

Need, Definition

Neutrino Aether

Nicene Creed
   Comments on Nicene Creed

Nicodemus, visit of

Night Sun

Non-Christian Jesus, perspective of
   A Radical and Correct Perspective?
   Reasonable potential to succeed
   Within the definition of our idealism

Nuttal, Zelia - Fundamental Principles of Old and New World Civilization


Obedience, teaching on

Olber's Paradox

Old Testament Allegories


O'Neill, John - (Night of the Gods

   What Some Experts Say

Ordinary person

Original Sin

Origins, See Creation and Origins
   Origin of religions
   Original Human Being

Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy
   Orthodox, definition

   Orthodoxy meaning

Orwell, George - 1984, nightmare of doublespeak

Osiris Myth


Package of Needs, Paramount

Palastine, 8th Century

Pankenier, David quote

   The Parables of Jesus
      Elements used by Jesus in his parables
      Correcting and "inducing" parables
   Aphorisms by Jesus
   Pertinent Parables
      Parable of the Wise Traveler
      Parable of the Gate
      Parable of the Two Peaks

Paraclete and Holy Spirit

Paradigm, definition
Paradigm is paramount

Paradigm Material
Arp & Galileo
   Bicameral Mind Paradigm
   Catastrophe Paradigm
   Creator Paradigm
   Electric Universe Theory
   Gospel Paradigm
   Holographic Universe
   Holographic World
   Jesus as Paradigm
   Love Paradigm
   Many Worlds Paradigm
   New Paradigm
   Paradigm Conspiracy
   Paradigm List
   Paradigm Lockout
   Paradigm of Evil
   Paradigm Shift
   Paradigm of Solipsism
   Paradigm Speculation
   Philosophy Paradigm
   Reincarnation Paradigm
   Sin Paradigm
   The Third Story
   The Universe as Organism
   Turkey-Day Paradigm
   What-If Paradigm
   What Went Wrong

Paradigm, new
   About paradigms
   Paradigms, reality and sanity
   Inferior, rebellious, flawed, or insane
   Cosmic issues
   IFISEEUS paradigm
   Paradigm Premises, Facets and Issues

Paradigm Aspects
   Paradigm Illustration
   Life as sacred
   Good/Evil Right/Wrong
   Jesus as Paradigm
   Worship versus Fear
   Rooted in Self
   Veiled and Hidden Things
   Knowing the Father

Paradigm Translation Dependency
Paradigm Problems in New Testament Translation
   Foundation For Different Translation
   The more Reasonable Translation
   Holy Ghost versus Adequate Attitude
   Falsely distorted "Biblical" meaning of Salvation

Paradisiacal Age

Paranormal Experience
   Telepathy, dream telepathy, awareness of distant death/trouble, the twin phenomena
  Visions, waling dreams, creation dreams, solution dreams, warning dreams
   Mass hysteria, Mass compulsions, mass hallucinations
   Split and multiple personality complex
   Partial complex seizure syndrome
   Schizophrenic voices and compulsions
   The near death experience
   Hypnosis and reincarnation memories, mass hypnosis and audience suggestion
   Automatic writing
   Reverse speech analysis and falsity and lie detection
Channeling communication from departed souls
Clairvoyance, remote and/or past viewing
Angel and/or apparition appearance
Devil or demon possession, exorcism/deliverance ministry
Telekinesis, psycho kinesis
Glossolalia or speaking in tongues
Curses, Hexes and spells
he  déjà vu experience
Cross-connected sensory experience
Personal colored auras
The gift of healing
Fever and/or drug induced hallucinations and psychedelic experience
Spontaneous psychic receiving of messages for neighbors and friends
Fortune telling, palm reading
Visitation by Incubus or Succubus
Spontaneous ecstasy and euphoria

Parousia Aspects
   Parousia Definition
   Parousia and End of the Age
      Prologue: Leaving Jerusalem
         Not one stone upon another
         Three big questions
      Important Answers
         Answer to first question
         Standing before councils
        The end of the political age
     Most important answer
        God as son revealed
        The sign of the son of man
    Epilogue: Parables of Advice
       Answer of the fig tree
       The time of God's glory
       Parable of unfaithful servant
       Last warning to escape death

Parthia, empire of
   Parthia as Persia - ref in Star of Bethlehem
Parthia and Rome

Passover, Jewish Passover

Pathway to Truth
The Path to Truth
   Accessing Truth
   Recognizing Truth

Peace, Jesus' sayings on

Pensée Journal Issues

Perception, definition

Personal Anecdotes

Personal Authority

Personal Conclusions?
Romantic Beginning of All Things
   Original Sin as Failure
   Start over or defend the faith

Personal Experience
   Symbiotic Relationships
   Human Condition
   Spiritual Fragmentation
   The Flaws of Christian Fundamentalism
   Old Testament unsound
   New Testament unsound
   Seneca's plays as Gospel basis
   The Jesus Seminar scholars
   Authenticity Challenging books
   Remarkable Men losing their faith
   Cacophony of Confusion
   Apathy and lack of engagement
   Denial of ancient planetary catastrophes
   Suitable paradigms explaining paranormal phenomena
   The inertia and paralysis of science
   Visions and messages from God
   The five Laments of John
   Lack of Tangible Affirmation
   My answer

Personal Relationship with God
    The vacuous relationship
    Arrogant stance
    Limited and minimal
    Love one another

Perspective on Christian and Gnostic
    Christian tendencies
    Gnostic tendencies

Peter and Paul
Christendom's Twin Pillars

Phallic worship

Phantom Periods & Retro-calculation

Philosophy, definition
   Philosophies and Terms, addressed on site

Philosophy and Aspects
Philosophical Methods
   The Philosophical Branches
   Modern Philosophy
   Philosopher Schopenhauer
   State of Philosophy
   Value of Philosophy

Philosophy, Challenge for Modern
 Is it Knowledge or Just Information?
   The Immortalist Position

Philosophy, specific issues
   Banishing Subjectivity
   Belittling Humanity
   Besmirching consciousness
   The Body and the Mind
   Brain as Computer
   Bullying Nagel
   The Closing of the Scientific Mind
   The Challenge for Modern Philosophy
   Critical and Purposive Thinking
   The Flaws
   Fundamental Theological Consistency
   Games, philosophy of
   The Ground of Creativity
   The Iron Rod
   The Kurzweil Cult
   Meaningful Epistemology
   No other creature has a best self
   Power, the issue of power
   Religions, philosophy of
   Sexual Intinacy
   Zombie Argument

C3 photosynthesis
   CAM photosynthesis
   World War C4
   C4 photosynthesis
   Earth is getting greener

Photon Theory
Wilhelm Wien
   Max Planck (1858-1947)

     The Issue of Physicality
      Mistake or Intention?
      Jesus affirms physicality
   Bodily Resurrection
      Resurrection and the Body
      Body is not Restrictive of Empowerment
      No One Believed
      Physicality was Ordained

Piercing in side symbolism

Pioneers of Catastrophism
   Catastrophism Pioneers
   Isaac de la Peyrère
   Thomas Burnet
   William Whiston
   Nicolas Antoine Boulanger
   Giovanni Rinaldo
   Johann Gottlieb Radlof
   Antoine Bernard Alfred
   Ignatius Loyola Donnelly
   William Comyns Beaumont
   Hans Schindler Bellamy
   Alexander Pavlovitch Braghine
   Elias Loomis
   Richard Anthony Proctor
   Osborne Reynolds
   Sir William Huggins
   Kristian Birkeland
   Immanuel Velikovsky
   Georges Cuvier

Planet Alignment Effects

Planet Name Changes

Plasma Composition of Universe


Plotinus as mystic

Pneuma as serpent wind


Polar Sun, The
   The Central, Polar Sun I
   The Central, Polar Sun II
   The Central, Polar Sun III
   The Central, Polar Sun IV

Popper, Karl

Popul Vuh

Postmodern science

   The Lord's Prayer
      Three Desire Sentiments
      First Valid Request - Sustenance
      Second Valid Request - Dismissal of obligations
      Third Valid Request - Temptation avoidance
      Final Valid Request - Kingship of the Heavens
   Prayer doctrine
   Sin of Fasting/Praying

Precept, definition

Predictions of Velikovsky

Predatory Competition
   Animal kingdom
   Predatory competition
   predatory competition
   predatory competition
   predatory competition system
   Violent preditory competition

Prehistory Puzzles
   Uniformitarianism and Prehistory
   Prehistory and Catastrophism
   The Anomalous Ape
   Protohistoric Problems
   Savage Behavior
   The Pan-Human Trauma
   Civilized Distress
   Progressive Dissociation
   Ethological Considerations
   Planetary Relocation
   Cultural Evolution as Recapitulation
   Puzzles, Solved and Unsolved
      Incest prohibition

Premises, Ultimate Paradigm
   Christianity Premise
General Premise
   General Premise 2
   General Premise 3
   First Primary Premise
   Major Premises
   Second Primary Premise
   Third Primary Premise
   Fourth Primary Premise
   Fifth Primary Premise
   Premise List
   Sub-Premise 1
   Sub-Premise 2
   Sub-Premise 3
   Sub-Premise 4
   Sub-Premise 5
   Sub-Premise 6
   Sub-Premise 7
   Sub-Premise 8
   8 Ultimate Issues
   Bottom line implication
   Unthinkable premise, the
   Remarkable premise

Pribram, Carl

Primordial Man

Promise of God's Tangible Support

Prophecy & Prophets
   Prophet definition

Proposition Categories

Psyche as Soul

Psychological Catastrophe Effect
   Cosmology and Psychology
   Phobia, Amnesia, and Psyche
   Microcosm to Macrocosm
   Myth and Mandala
   Schizo-World Destruction
   Velikovsky-New Science
   The Sin Control System
   Sin Control & Holocaust
   Emotional Impact of Disaster
   See Monster Movies

Psychological Scotoma

Psychological Sickness

Psychology - Cultural
   Cosmology & Psychology
   Failure of Psychology

   Punishment doctrine
   Punishment of the Ages

Purpose of Life

Pyramid of the Moon

   The Great Pyramid
   Precision Engineering
   High technology

Pythagoras, as mystic


Quasar Ejection

Quasi-Christian Sects

Questions better than Answers
Questions versus Answers

Questions for Humanity
   Who are we?
   What are we?
   Why are we here?
   How did we get here?
   Where are we headed?
   Can we trust previous answers to these questions?
   Who/What CAN we trust?
   What would it take for you to trust completely any outside agency?
   20 basic questions



Radiometric Dating
   Validity of radiometric dating

Rational, definition

Rationality, Logic and Reason
   China & Imago Viva Dei
   The Tao, the Way
   See Intellectual Responsibility

React, definition

Reason, definition
Reasonable, definition

Recovery: The Art of Paradigm Shifts

Red Sea and Salt

   Quasar in Front
   The Fingers of God
   Redshift Rosetta Stone
   Seeing Red Review


Reformation, About the
Reformation, Transformation

   Relationship Definitions

Relativism & scientific method

Relativity, theory of
   George Francis FitzGerald (1851- 1901)
   Lorentz, 1982
   Henri Poincare

Reification of Nothing
Reification of Space
Reification of Time

Relentless Indifference

   See: Key Term Definitions - Religion
   Foundation of Religions
   Religions, losing
   Religious Diversity
   Religion as a Product
   Religion description
   Religious Freedom

Reluctance to Address Human Condition

Remphan, as Saturn, Ramphan, Raphan, Raephan, Rephaim

Respond, definition

Responsibility, defintion

Resting Star


   Bodily Resurrection
   Body is not Restrictive of Empowerment
   Modern Scholarship is Accepting
   No One Believed
   Physicality was Ordained
   Resurrection Agency
   Resurrection and the Body
   Resurrection, Presumptive Scenario

Resurrection, Credibility of
    Evidence of the Testimony's Credibility
    Challenges to the Witnesses’ Credibility

Resurrection of Christ, Osiris


Revelation, definition

Rich Young Ruler Account
    The original question
    Jesus establishing credentials
    Question about the commandments
    The answer and invitation
    The response
    Questions and issues for us

Richat Crater

Ring Nebulae
   Nature of Ring Nebula

Rites and Ceremonies

Road to Saturn Thesis

Rome and Parthia

Rooted in self
   Parable of the sower
   Parable of sower explained

Ruggles, C.I.N. quote


Sabbath Day

Sabbath Star
   Sabbath, lord of the

   Rites and Sacraments
   Sacraments, origin

Sacredness of humanity

Sacred Writings
   Sacred Writings, context of

Sacrificial Lamb of God

Sacrifice and Amnesia

Safety and Security

Sahara Desertification

   Salvation, definition
   Salvation through unity
   Salvation, ultimate
   Salvation, corporate
   Salvation, corporate versus individual

Sanskrit, as a root language for English

Sanctuary was Moloch's Tent

Santa Claus

Satan, definition

Satisfaction of Man

Saturn as Heaven


Saturnalia festival

Saturn, children of

Saturn, God of the Jews
Saturn, as God of the Jews

Saturn, land of

The Saturn Model

Saturn-Jupiter Myth
Ancient Saturn Worship
Saturn & Christendom
The Saturn Hypothesis
The Golden Age
The Saturn Myth
The Universal Monarch
   Velikovsky Articles
Jupiter Worship Beginning
Saturn Worship Beginning
   Central Polar Sun
The Central, Polar Sun I
The Central, Polar Sun II
The Central, Polar Sun III
The Central, Polar Sun IV
   Saturn Theory Series
The Saturn Theory I
The Saturn Theory II
The Saturn Theory III
The Saturn Theory IV
The Saturn Theory V
   Cardona Articles
Saturn Theory Demands
World with One Season-I
World with One Season-II
Saturn Capture Question
The Capture Question
Reconstruct Saturn Model
Saturn in Genesis
The Sabbath Star
Saturn, Sun of Night
Ultimate Polar Argument
By Jove

Saturnian and planetary catastrophism suppressed

The Saturn Myth

Saturn Worship
   Saturn Worship-Velikovsky

Sauropod dinosaur necks

Scalp, Scalping

Ancient Scholastics
   Schooling versus Education
   State of Western Academia

Schopenhauer. Artur
   The Age
   The Man
   The World as Idea
   The World as Will
      The Will to Live
      The Will to Reproduce
   The World as Evil
    Absurdity and perversity
    Misguided religion reward
    Preconceived opinion & prejudice
    Let us enter within
    The Will of Man
    We cannot will desire

Science, definition

Science, 12 major myths
   Special and General relativity
   Constant speed of light
   Absence of an aether
   Invariance of the random radioactive decay rate
   Validity of radiometric dating
   Universal Gravity Constant
   Galactic components revolve around center of mass
   Sun powered by internal nuclear fusion
   Redshift equals distance in cosmology
   Circular craters caused by meteoric impacts
   Canyon, rilles and river beds caused primarily by erosion
   Anthropologically caused global warming and climate change

Science and Technology

Science versus Religion
   Science and Religion
Smug versus Straw Man

Scientific American

Scientific Method, thoughts on

Scientific Intellectual Responsibility

Modern Reification
Scientism Religion
   Scientism as dominant religion
The Modern Mythology
Some Science Myths
   1. Relativity:
   2. Constant speed of light
   3. Absence of an aether
   4. Invariance of the random radioactive decay rate 
   5. Validity of radiometric dating
   6.  Universal constant of Gravity
   7.  Galactic components revolve around the galactic center of mass
   8.  Sun Powered by Internal nuclear fusion
   9. Redshift Equals Distance in Cosmology
   10. Circular craters are caused by meteoric impact
   11. Canyons, rilles, river beds are caused by water erosion
   12. Anthropologically caused global warming and climate change
Closing of Scientific Mind

Scotoma, psychological, spiritual

Scott, Donald - articles
Olber's Paradox
Stars: Nuclear or Electric

Sealed in the truth?

Seasons, ancient world
World with One Season-I
   World with One Season-II

Second Coming

Secret Knowledge

Seeing Red Review

   Self Defense
      Self defense doctrine
   Self Deception
   Self, rooted in
   Self as starting point
   Self Consciousness and Identity
Loss & Recovery of Self
      Three phases of inward journey
   Self Heed
   Self Interest
   Self Mutilation

Semitic, Northwest alphabetic inscription

Serpent Dragon
Serpents in the sky
   Cosmic Serpent in creation mythology
   "Living" powers of Heaven
   Serpent Dragon beard
   Serpent Dragon long flowing hair
   Serpent Dragon wings and feathers
   Serpent Dragon horns
   Serpent Dragon twin form

Sequence of Gospel Events
   Gospel's Events Sequence

Set, the Egyptian Devil

Sexigesimal math system

   Sex Bias in Medicine Practice
   Foreword-Pythagorus' Trousers

Sexism and Jesus
Institutionalized Sexism
   Male and female symbolism
   Truth that transcends sexism
   Thomas 114

Shamash, as light of heaven
Shamash as Ra

Sharing as transaction

Sheldrake, Rupert
    Ground of creativity
    Psychic connections

Shepherd as symbol

The Ship of Heaven


Simon the Cyrene

Silence of Jesus

   Fasting and praying bring Sin
   Jesus definition in John
   Meaning of Word Sin
   Military Definition of Sin
   Sin Paradigm
     The Sin problem
     Sin and sinning definition
     Sin paradigm problems in NT translation
     A foundation for different translation
     Original Sin
     Aspects of Sin
     Morality and ethics

Sin Control System
    Sin individualized

Sinclair, R.M. quote


Site Claims/Disclaimers

Site Purpose and Approach
   First Primary Premise
   Second Primary Premise – Creator vs God
   Questions are better than answers
   Ultimate issue
   Site Purpose
   Site Strategy
   Some pertinent   context in America
   Should We Care about a Creator?
   No neutral independent position
   Three following premises
   About the Reformation

Social Need and Society

Sol Invictus

Sol/Helios/Sun confusion

Solar Phenomena
   A “Doomsday” Stellar Flare

Soter as Savior

Soul and Psyche
   Soul term Definitions
   Soul Science Abuse

Space Definition
   Nature & Definition of Space

Sphinx, the Great

Spirit, definition

Spiritual, definition

Spiritual Growth
   Spiritual Growth
      Spiritual Growth Premise
   Spiritual Growth Stages

Spiritual Tachisme

Spiritual versus Material

   Spirituality in America
   Terminology blurred

Star of David

Steel, Duncan quote

Sterilized Jesus
   The Sterilized Jesus

Stephen Jay Gould

Stone Age
High Technology in Peru

Stove, David

Structuralism Rebuttal

Style and Approach

Style - Personal
   Issue of Style

Subversion of Christianity
The traditional God
   Chronological predetermination

   Source of Civilization

Sun of Night

Sun, The Polar
   The Central, Polar Sun I
   The Central, Polar Sun II
   The Central, Polar Sun III
   The Central, Polar Sun IV

Superstition, definition
Superstition & Myth

Support from God


Sword, carrying of
   Synoptic Text Combination - Luke 22:35-38

Symbols & Development
   Cosmic Symbol Development
   Memories of Plasma Discharge
   Memories of Squatter Man
   Chinese Longevity Symbol
   Astral Origin of Symbols

Symbolism of the Human Body

Symbols and Legends of Jesus

Synoptics Gospel Legalism Bias

Systems Approach, human design


Taking as transaction

Tammuz myth

   End of telepathic communication system
   Suitable paradigms explaining paranormal phenomena
   Further thoughts on telepathy

The Brothers Karamazov
      Temptation 1
      Temptation 2
      Temptation 3
   Temptation avoidance

Tenet, defintion


Terraformed Earth
Sequence Earth Life Forms

Tet festival

Theism, definition

The Great Terror

Theology, advanced
Theology, definition
   Defensive Theology
We Need a Fresh Theology?
   Common Theological Assumptions
   Criteria for Good News
   Consistent Theology
   Foundation of Science
   Major Theological Differences
   Major Theological Positions
   Theology ABCs
      The "Father"
      The "Holy Spirit"
   "Take up your cross"

Theology. do we need fresh
Simple direct theology
   Psychology and thinking flawed
   How badly are we stuck?
   Human Context
   What should a religion do?
   Can the veil be lifted?
   The Search for Truth
   The Nature of Belief and Knowledge
   Human Psychological Condition
   The Will of Man
   The Ultimate Questions
   Quotes from The Immortalist

Theological Assumptions, Common "Hidden"
   Disciples understood
   Disciples recorded
   God direct committees

Theological Basic Questions
   What is the Deal for us?
   New Testament
   Issues of Consistency
   Issues of Accuracy
   Intellectual versus Spiritual
   Categories of Communication
   Hidden Truths
   Agenda of Creator
   Behavior of Christendom
   Words of Jesus
   Free Moral Agency
   Testing of Believers
   Relationship with God

Theological Impertinence

Thought Laws
   Principle of non-contradiction
   Principle of identity
   Principle of excluded middle
   Principle of sufficient reason

   Thunderbolts-Myth & Symbol
   The Polar Thunderbolt
   Thundergods Celestial Marvels
   Thunderbolts of the Gods

Tillich, Paul

   Nature and definition
   Meaning is based on events
   Cyclical, quantitative events
   Arrow of Time based on sequence
   Four important aspects of timekeeping

Time and Ages
Definition of Time
   Time signified by Ages
   Dark Age of Greece
   The Tyranny of Time
   Parousia and Age End

Lake Titicaca

Thomas Jefferson on Judaism and the "apostle" Paul

Tobacco Corruption in AMA

Tornados, see Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Waterspouts

Tower of Babel
Tower of Babel, Mercury as
   Tower of Babel Language Development

Toxic Metals & Criminality
   Mineral Metabolism Disorder
   Prison Studies With Diet and Vitamins
   The Role of Food Allergies
   Think Zinc
   Cases from the File

Trading as transaction

Traditional versus True
    Needs and desires
    Conception construct materials
    God and goodness
    Interfering influences
    Demand for goodness
    Spiritual posture
    Faith and trust
    Resolution of human condition
    Intellectual posture
    Religious practices
    Social posture and relationships
    Sexual posture and romantic relationships

Translation Issues
   Paradigm problems in NT
   Foundation for different translation
   More reasonable translation
   Holy Ghost versus Adequate Attitude
   Falsely distorted meaning of "Salvation"
   Bottom line implication
   Confused Christian terminology

Tree of Knowledge


Trinity, defintion

Tripp, E. quote

Truth, definition
   Truth & the Path, what is
Freedom from What?
   The Path to the Truth
   Causes of Conviction and Belief
   The Two Territories
   Truth Barriers
   Truth, Can we Find?
   Narrow Gate to the Truth

Truth, Path to the
   Some Philosophy Concerning Truth
   Accessing Truth
   Recognizing Truth
   Listen to Your Heart

Twin Pillars of Christendom
   Twin Pillars never decoupled




   Key Term Definitions
   Understanding God


Unity and Harmony
   Jesus Teaching Unity

   The Case for Unity
      Salvation through unity
   Unity, solutions for lack
   Orthodox leader cites chasm
   Power in unity
   Unity Agreement Outline

United States Constitution

Universal Monarch, The

Universal Sun symbol

Universal Victimhood

Unthinkable premise, the


   Velikovsky Affair Journals
   Velikovsky and Jesus
   Velikovksy's Ghost Returns
   Velikovsky major claims
   Velikovsky Predictions

Velikovsky Biography
   Velikovsky Debate
   Velikovsky Defense
   Worlds in Collision Review Story

Velikovsky Articles
   Jupiter Worship Beginning
   Saturn Worship Beginning

Velikovsky Symposium
1994 Velikovsky Symposium

Venus-Mars Myths:
   The Star of Dawn
   Velikovsky & Catastrophe
   The Comet Venus
   Velikovsky's Comet-1
   Velikovsky's Comet-2
   Velikovsky's Comet-3
   Velikovsky's Comet-4
   Velikovsky's Comet-5
   Velikovsky's Comet-6
   Velikovsky's Comet-7
   Velikovsky's Comet-8
   Velikovsky's Comet-9
   Velikovsky's Comet-10
   Velikovsky's Comet-11
   Velikovsky's Comet-12
   Velikovsky's Comet-13
   Velikovsky's Comet-14
   Terrifying Glory of Venus
   The Warrior Athena
   The Birth of Vahagn
   Many Faces of Venus
   Mercury as Tower of Babel

Verschuur, Gerrit quote

Video-lecture links

Vision to Die for


Visit to the Tomb Gospel Comparison
   Tomb Visit Comparison

Voices in the head

Volition, definition
   Volition Issues
  Aspects of Volition
   Levels of Volition
    Choosing is not retaining
      Masters of desting
   A Call to Consciousness
   Free Will Article
   Human Volition
     Volitional hierarchy


Waiting for the "Lord"

Warped Space-Time

Warrior Hero
Localizing the Warrior-Hero

Water as symbol

Waterspouts, see Hurricanes

Weapons, carrying of
Synoptic Text Combination - Luke 22:35-38

Wensinck, A.J.

Westscott, Roger - articles

Whelton, Clark  - articles

Where Christianity went wrong
   What Went Wrong?

Will of Man, the

Will versus Intellect
   Will-Body Analogy
   Will, the indefatigable
   Will as Essence of Man
   Will as Ultimate Reality
   Will, primary focus of
   Will and Determinism

Wickramsinghe, Chandra quote

Wisdom, definition
   Genius versus Wisdom

Wisdom symbols

Wolfe, Irving quote

World as Will and Idea, The

Key Term Definitions
   of Jupiter
    of Saturn

Wounded Knee Massacre


Xenophanes of Colophon



Zwemer, Jack D.
   Birth and Death of the Renaissance

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