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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Freedom Framework Philosophy 3 DVD set for USA  $30.00

3.5 hours of new answers to the ultimate questions including  ideas and arguments that contain a message of real humane goodness, not merely a shallow or superficial analysis of the human condition, and not merely a new way in which we can accept and cope with it. "God talk" is a turn-off to many intelligent people of good will. The material attempts to cut through this barrier by focusing on the real issues and defining the term in a way differing from the traditional one off being the center of power and control. The bottom line is that there HAS been a demonstration of a God worthy of the term, and yet it has been framed by scriptures of ancient mythology. We are still victims because we have not viewed this revelation in the context of the ultimate issues. Instead, we have remained shackled to ancient mythology and a wrong paradigm.

The Gospel of Thomas DVD for USA  $20.00

An 85 minute presentation including a verse by verse text display and oral reading, where each verse is explained by commentary within the Freedom Framework Philosophy. The manuscript was discovered at Nag Hamadi, Egypt in 1945. This important Gospel is just as authentic as the Gospel of John in that the content written by one of the disciples, and is an eyewitness account of some of the crucial things that Jesus said. The message of this Gospel so clearly parallels the Good News made so explicit in the other eyewitness account, the Gospel of John. Thomas is clearly implying that one must have the proper paradigm or framework conception of God in order to understand his recorded sayings.

The Gospel of Thomas DVD for Canada/Mexico  $35.00

The Gospel of Thomas DVD for International non-USA,Canada, Mexico  $38.00

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Freedom Framework Philosophy/The Gospel of Thomas combined 4 DVD set for USA  $40.00

Freedom Framework Philosophy/The Gospel of Thomas combined 4 DVD set for Canada/Mexico  $55.00

Freedom Framework Philosophy/The Gospel of Thomas combined 4 DVD set for International  $58.00
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