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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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"Our concepts of God’s character absolutely preclude a decent relationship.  God, as portrayed by Jesus, has no interest in being the great controller in the sky, the “Lord”, the "King", the one who is above all, the oxymoronic “benevolent dictator”, the lawgiver, the final judge, the one being served, the center of attention, the one who can outvote everyone else, etc., ad nauseam.  Accordingly he offers us peership and, freedom just like I do for my son, yet we are so psychologically sick that we think even thinking like this is the ultimate sin.  Outrageous" - Michael Armstrong

Why is God Not More Involved?
Updated: 05/22/2020

As is often the case, Shakespeare put it simply but most eloquently. Hearing that Macbeth has murdered his family and household, Macduff cries, "Did Heaven look on and would not take their part?"

This question echoes down through time. Where was the God of Abraham or Allah when  the army of Rome under Titus destroyed Jerusalem and burned the temple, when Christian crusaders slaughtered 30,000 to 70,000 Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem July 13 through 15, 1099? Where was God in Auschwitz?. Where was God in countless other manmade atrocities and natural disasters?

Now, the latest American version is: where was God on Sept 11, 2001?

We have to have a cogent, meaningful answer to the question: Why is a loving God not more involved? Without this answer, theology just becomes lame and shallow.

The "Frontline" documentary "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero" features interviews with survivors, more footage of the disaster and a truly systematic attempt to phrase the question, place it in context and answer it meaningfully.

In Sunday school and catechism class the answer is so simple that the question need not be asked: God is everywhere at all times. Nothing is hidden from him, and to him the future is as clear as the past, but, "Who can know thy ways?", which describes an enigmatic God

Yet the bigger question spirals back to Macduff and an implied contract between the faithful and God, something along the line of why bad things happen to good people.  Many feel that the virtuous somehow earn–beyond the efficacy of the virtues itself–a long, God-protected, blessed, happy earthly life. If this isn't true, what is the point?

Thus some survivors of Sept. 11 are blunt in their disillusionment.  Episcopal priest Father Joseph Griesediech says, “God could not be counted on the way I thought he could be counted on.” You think? What world, priest, have you been living in?

Rabbi Brad Hirschfeld says, “Religion drove those planes into those buildings.” You think?

Monseignor Lorenzo Albacete says, “Religion can be a passion.  The same passion that motivates religious people to do great things is the same one that day that brought all that destruction.  There is no greater or more destructive force on earth than the religious passion.” You think?

Let's review what Will Durant writes about post-revolution Europe in his chapter about Schopenhauer in his book The Story of Philosophy:

...And in truth it was hard enough to believe that such a sorry planet as men saw in 1818 was held up in the hand of an intelligent and benevolent God. Mephistopheles had triumphed, and every Faust was in despair. Voltaire had sown the whirlwind, and Schopenhauer was to reap the harvest.
     Seldom had the problem of evil been flung so vividly and insistently into the face of philosophy and religion. Every martial grave from Boulogne to Moscow and the Pyramids lifted a mute interrogation to the indifferent stars. How long, O Lord, and Why? Was this almost universal calamity the vengeance of a just God on the Age of Reason and unbelief? Was it a call to the penitent intellect to bend before the ancient virtues of faith, hope and charity? So Schlegel thought, and Novalis, and Chateaubriand, and De Musset, and Southey, and Wordsworth, and Gogol; and they turned back to the old faith like wasted prodigals happy to be home again. But some others made harsher answer: that the chaos of Europe but reflected the chaos of the universe; that there was no divine order after all, nor any heavenly hope; that God, if God there was, was blind, and Evil brooded over the face of the earth. So Byron, and Heine, and Lermontof, and Leopardi, and our philosopher.

When we look at the world, how can we say that God is fully engaged and that goodness is winning? So, now that we as Americans have had our nose opened, AGAIN
–remember Pearl Harbor–, why IS God NOT more involved in human affairs?

The answer, if not flung like cold water in the face from several pages of this site, should at least be seeping into a growing awareness and acceptability. The central premise is that there HAS been a historical, fully dimensional demonstration of God , the essence of which has been reported by credible eyewitnesses. But, we have not listened closely to THE messenger, we have not understood HIS message nor THE demonstration! What we have instead is the same old tradition, but with new idols. New misunderstandings now hold sway. This does NOT bode well for the world!

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