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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Guilty of What?

"Guilt is the soul killer, the insidious, debilitating spiritual disease, the slow death."

Guilty of What?
Updated: 04/17/2021

What are you really guilty of? Designing yourself to be born imperfect, in a fallen world and under the deplorable human condition? Being raised imperfectly, being trained imperfectly by other imperfect human beings? Inheriting undesirable traits and characteristics from imperfect parents? Developing unconstructive habits? Being afraid of the MANY dangers and evils to which we all are subjected? Having needs and desires that others claim are inappropriate? etc., ad infinitum? Being a fallible HUMAN?

Let's get down to it. Outside of the oppressive religious political leaders--Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes on many occasions, kings and governors on a couple of occasions--Yeshua, J-person NEVER implied guilt. He cast these religious leaders as guilty and railed at them when they confronted or challenged him for these things ONLY: 1) Hypocrisy, 2)  Promoting a false religion and keeping the people subject to it, and 3) Burdening and oppressing the people unnecessarily. Are you guilty of these things?

He hung out with the motley sinners, which included his disciples, NOT with the rich and respectable. These were the cheating tax collectors, the petty thieves, the adulterers and those with alternative sexual lifestyles, and the downtrodden. Why would the Creator of the universe DO this? Primarily for THEIR benefit, OR because he felt more comfortable with them?

It is clear that the J-person blamed people for two or three things, hypocrisy and false belief, essentially not waking up and listening to him. His focus was on inspiring people to become personally responsible for basing their beliefs on what HE said and did. And he forgave them and healed them regardless.

Fear and guilt as motivators

We should all easily see that fear and guilt are powerful motivators, and that those hawking products and services on television use a fair amount of these. What is also true is that these are the time honored tools of evangelists, preachers and proselytizers.

Virtually every Christian denomination and sect lays a burden of guilt upon its members, some a very heavy burden. Under this widespread approach we are made to feel guilty for our ego problems and all the attendant behavior that we use as coping mechanisms. Of course, we are made to feel guilty about our erotic dimensions, and this can be VERY powerful and destructive. Some even go so far as to make one guilty–in the eyes of the ever watching "Lord"–of eating between meals, dressing in a displeasing manner, and even thoughts that come unbidden, etc., ad nauseam. This burden of guilt is ever SO VERY WRONG and shameful for the promulgators, yet Christendom and other major religions thrive on this and the panacea of the patient "gracious forgiveness" of the "Lord". What an ugly, rotten, disingenuous game it is!

Likewise, generally, Christian denominations and sects lay a burden of fear upon their members. This comes in proposed forms ranging from being burned in hellfire for all eternity, to being burned up rather quickly, to suffering various lengths of time in purgatory, to just not being resurrected and just being left out for all eternity. I can remember as a child being bothered by the latter more than being burned alive.

You may be TECHNICALLY guilty of these many lesser things, but are you guilty of the SIN of fearing God? IF God is the great gracious healer, forgiver, savior, why all the fear and guilt? Maybe its time to challenge your most fundamental beliefs!

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