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Should not intelligent, reasonable men of good will be able to agree on all things that matter?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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All religions are founded on the fear of the
many and the cleverness of the few.
- Stendhal

The Judgment Dogma
Updated: 06/08/2021

One of the primary dogmas in Christendom that is almost universal is that in the "last days" we will come before the mysterious judgment of God, where we may not even understand the criteria used. At that time with our fate determined before all the universe, we will be Heaven or Hell bound. Given this, it became fashionable and necessary in the thinking and literature to accept that the Salvation offered by Yeshua meant being delivered from the judgment of sin and being made safe to be actually bound for Heaven at some later time after being resurrected. This is all hugely wrong; a fatal misunderstanding!.

The Present Judgment

The  present judgment on us, the judgment of death, is already automatic and cannot be further imposed, but can only be avoided. As in, “You will just die in your sins, unless you believe.”[*] Our forefathers inaugurated this judgment on us by their original sin and separation from the rest of the unfallen humans in the universe. Unfair? Evil isn't fair to anyone. If it were "fair", it wouldn't be evil! What's fair is that we can void, reverse and escape this judgment by becoming intellectually responsible and listening to and understanding Yeshua and his message.

How do we reverse this judgment? Not by accepting it! Yeshua told us plainly how we escape dying. The instructions are there.

God's Judgment Equals Salvation

Is the Creator capable of hate? Oh, yes! He hates the idea of losing any of his children in the universe that he designed and started. Is the Father  in the business of losing? Losing any of the brothers in the universe of which the Father entity sustains and controls? Oh, no! How could the citizens of the universe live throughout all eternity knowing that some of their brothers of infinite value were lost? There are ALWAYS options to try.

The Future Judgment

The future judgment takes place in the next age, the age of justice, where all will be revealed and made plain without volition to believe being involved. It will actually be the judgment of God by his children, not the judgment of the children by God. What will our judgment be of mercy that endures forever? For purely good intentions? For love that cannot be quenched?

[*] John  8:21-30. It is most noteworthy that when Yeshua used the terms "believe", "faith" or "belief", he was always meaning belief of the truth, not something untrue or partially true. One CANNOT believe, by his definition of the word, unless one has sought the truth and found it.

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