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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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The Awareness of "God"

Another pernicious doctrine in Christian theology is the teaching that "Some Person" in the heavens—usually thought of as the Father person and/or the J person—is watching and is aware of everything that we do. A corollary doctrine is we each have a personal "angel" watching over us, recording our behavior, and constantly deciding whether to interfere or help us. This, of course, would make angels little more than non-human, delegated, automaton agencies to do the bidding of God without regard for having their own personal life to live and pursuing their own fulfillment and happiness. Unfathomable!

Now, given that the whole universe is waiting for us to wake up and come to our senses, I am NOT SAYING that of their own volition that some of them don't take turns watching certain individuals that are seeking the truth, protecting them, and providing opportunity for the next step, but this would never be that obvious and should NEVER be publicly claimed.

Collective  Awareness

But I even doubt this because the universal collective consciousness is aware of everything,--review what the J-person said about the hairs on our heads being numbered andsparrows falling--and can alert the appropriate unfallen person to get involved without them being voyeurs, and without ever violating our privacy or personal sovereignty. Of course, we can give our permission for them to do WHATEVER they think is appropriate, and that gives them much more latitude.

Of course, they may take the liberty to get involved whenever the possibility of the human race's recovery is threatened, such as the outcome of things like famines, epidemics, wars, comets, solar flares, etc. The bottom line is that they must respect the prime directive, and ultimately their actions must be entirely justified to and defensible for every individual throughout all eternity..

At the very foundation of God's value system is the unbreachable ethic that every individual, family and the human race on earth has freedom, sovereignty, autonomy and volition. This literally means that God CANNOT override these without violating the very core of his character. It literally means that they are VERY limited in doing anything significant in our world without our approval and permission, and all the untold number of heartfelt but misguided prayers CANNOT CHANGE this. ONLY when we come into UNITY of purpose, values and paradigm and agree on a course of action can they most actively get involved and help the great healing to take place.

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