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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to
  one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau
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Empowerment versus Natural Law

Natural Law

Some that are initially exposed to the concept of empowerment dismiss it disdainfully as "magic" that negates natural law. What is being proposed here in terms of empowerment is not a wish to dispose of natural law, because that serves as a great, stable foundation for the forms, structures and activities in the physical universe. Natural law is wondrous in its design and scope of possible developments, and many scientists are compelled to study aspects of it for a lifetime.

However, many materialists inadvertently think that nothing can suspend or override physical law, and this is essentially a materialistic philosophy. Yet, if this were true, then we—including the very creator of natural law—must have surrendered to it and must live throughout eternity under it, live at the effect of it. Why, we may ask, would the creator ever do such a thing as create a system that could control or oppress even himself?

This elevation of natural law to being absolute or supreme also makes technology—the incremental solving of problems to improve life within natural law through techniques or technical machines and tools—the answer to every material challenge, and thus also our ultimate process for progress, ergo salvation.


The author's vision put forth is that in a healed reality where we have empowerment, we will rely upon and use natural law unless it is too limiting. Remember that for anything significant it will take the agreement and probably the involvement of all the other human family members affected. Constrained by common sense, we will in freedom have great latitude to conform to OR override natural law. It would seem that the overriding of natural law should never be capricious.

Every human being has a natural and legitimate desire for empowerment, not being TOTALLY subject to or the victim of natural law. It is the thinking of this site that natural law is not absolute, and it can even be changed if someone comes up with desirable improvements and the citizens of the universe agree to it.

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