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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches
of evil to one who is striking at the root." -
Henry David Thoreau
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At the present time, is the perversity of the human mind
to cling to unworthy beliefs greater than the love of God?

The Problem of Belief

There are many people that would agree with the above question with a "maybe so", or at least admit it is only slight hyperbole, while they are somewhat smugly thinking that it applies to others but not themselves. After all, they are reasonably mature, spiritually grounded, schooled in the dogmas and doctrines of their religion. their thinking is that if they have a somewhat mainstream view in their culture, isn't it then mostly a matter of perspective?

It should be clear enough that Jesus came to engender belief. When the crowd on the other side of the lake asked him the great question of the time, "What is the work we can do to please God?," his answer was to believe in him whom he has sent. It should be obvious from the dialogue that followed and many other passages that this belief should not be a simplistic or shallow one, such as seeing him as the Messiah or as the savior. He is asking us to believe everything that he said and demonstrated, asking for our complete understanding. That is exactly what he promises the Holy Spirit will deliver. "That one will teach you all things" and "that one will lead you into all the truth."

It is hardly worth mentioning again that it is more important to believe rightly than it is to believe intensely. The kind of belief being sought in us by Jesus is the belief that will make THE difference, that will literally move a mountain into the sea if that were needed and productive. Obviously we don't find that level of belief in the disciples and followers, nor in the history of Christendom including today.

How do we get that kind or level of belief? That is a pertinent, valid, and pointed question, and the answer better not be complicated, obscure or unclear. This kind of belief does not come from ratcheting up the sincerity or intensity of our current belief. This kind of belief does not come from clinging to what we have been programmed to believe. This kind of belief does not come from confusion, misunderstanding or mysticism.

This kind of belief comes from being willing to challenge our current beliefs and to address everything that we don't understand or that we don't like. It comes from being based on a worthy foundation. This belief comes FROM SHEDDING OUR UNWORTHY BELIEFS and from operating in the faith that God is truly good while we continue to look higher and seek to UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH. This means that one should NEVER say, "I just believe...." We should be able to defend and explain WHY we believe the way we do. Understanding ALWAYS precedes genuine belief, and when we understand adequately and believe, then that belief will be reinforced by experience. IT DOESN'T WORK ANY OTHER WAY!

This kind of belief does come when every aspect of our understanding and belief makes sense!

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