Imminent Fulfillment, Immortality, Safety, Empowerment, Equality, Knowledge, Unity, Society

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches
of evil to one who is striking at the root." -
Henry David Thoreau
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The problem of belief
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Thoughts on unity
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Theology ABCs

Above all else, our thinking about God needs to be de-mystified,
because any Revelation from God is vitiated by making it
mystical and confusing, impossible to understand!

A.  The human condition is awful. We are immersed in an environment of uncertainty, competition, frustration, we slog through trials and tribulations, careen from one vicissitude to another, constantly at risk, all the while we are marching toward the grave, aging and dying.

B.  If there is a God, that God must be good.

C.  Why wouldn't God be all-the-way good?

D. Who gets to define good? I do, we do.

E.  If you can describe a better package of goodness than what is proposed on this site, let me know what I have left out.

F.  If God is good, then he must offer the totality of our needs and legitimate desires to us in our lifetime.

G.  There is just one issue left to settle in the Universe, and that is whether the human race has enough spiritual virtue to care enough to choose to believe God is this good and to listen for his instructions. So far, we haven't demonstrated this.

H.  The instructions must be simple, reasonable, and pleasant, not arduous, daunting, risky or complicated. As in, "My yoke is pleasant, my burden is light."

I.  Jesus defined sin as missing the mark in terms of our CONCEPT and understanding of god.

J.  Jesus IS the paradigm, showing that God is, was, and always will be totally and only human, that he is the servant NOT the sovereign potentate..

K.  The Truth that is rational, logical, and reasonable will set us free.

L.  The "God spirit" or attitude of seeking the truth will lead us into all the truth.

M. The life, deeds, and message of Jesus are the final arbiter of what is true.

N.  God WANTS to be understood and CAN be understood better than we can understand each other.

O. "And this is eternal life (salvation), that they understand you and he whom you have sent."

P. Seek to come into unity of paradigm, purpose, and values with others.

Q. We are the children of God, especially when we seek the truth about him and ourselves, and children are NOT inherently inferior to their parents.

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